Friday, December 2, 05:22:09 PM

Ignore what the naysayers say and check it out for yourself. It's a wonderful series that lets us in to knowing just who the people of the bible were and the times they lived in. I've watched just about every movie/series that dramatize the bible and this is by far the best and most compelling. I urge you to read the bible and understand that no story is going to be exactly what you think it should be unless you make one yourself. We need more shows like this today and your negative comments that don't fit your individual taste are not going to help. God bless you all.

Thursday, December 1, 09:28:34 AM

The disciples were real people. The love of Jesus was powerful. Definitely in line with the Bible. Well done!

Wednesday, November 30, 10:34:57 PM

If you are a Mormon or a Roman Catholic then you will accept Dallas Jenkin's "prophetic" vision of Jesus that runs counter to the Bible. Evangelicals beware and stay away. Far away. This is a false Christ, not the Christ of the Bible. Look up "Angel Studios" and the LDS Mormon investors who own the majority rights to "The Chosen". These are the same Mormons who only 50 years ago said that black people could not go to heaven unless they swore to be a "slave" forever to a white Mormon. Search the truth for yourself. Don't take Dallas Jenkins' psychotic word for it.

Monday, November 28, 06:08:36 PM

I loved it and wanted more of it

Monday, November 28, 02:11:35 PM

I’ve been waiting for a TV series to come out that tells the story of Jesus’ life the way the Bible tells the story. I have watched The Chosen several times and when season 3, episodes 1 and 2, came to the big screen, there was no way I was going to miss it! I brought my daughter with me, even though she hasn’t watched both series yet, and she was moved. I cannot wait for the rest of season 3 to be released. I am so looking forward to seeing all 7 seasons. I just hope when it comes to the crucifixion the writers will show what really happened. Why some people want ignore what Jesus really went through is beyond me. This show brings me closer to Him and I am thankful for that! Everyone, believers and nonbelievers, should watch this. Who knows, people who walk in the darkness might see a glimmer of light.

Monday, November 28, 09:21:35 AM


Sunday, November 27, 06:31:06 PM

Incredible writing, acting, and so applicable to our journey/walk with Jesus! A must see

Sunday, November 27, 03:59:04 PM

Powerful, touching, and draws you in to the life and words of Jesus.

Sunday, November 27, 12:46:51 PM

I have watched every episode of the chosen over and over again. I have been waiting for season 3. This movie lets us get to know, Jesus and his apostles. We get to see how they lived and more insight into their personalities. I will watch The Chosen until the very last episode. It makes me want to read my bible and follow the word as it explains the Bible in a way I can understand.

Sunday, November 27, 11:11:45 AM

Masterful Jesus looks exactly as He should, having Bathsheba the black woman in His heritage and the Semitic people being dominant, He looks like all of us at the same time. Very cool having a prostitute among His followers having a prostitute in His ancestry (Rahab the harlot) ancestor to Boaz & Ruth(a gentile), ancestors to King David. The little James so called controversy, even today Jesus times & delays some people's healing for purpose. His explanation was plausible & brilliant directly applying to many today, me included. Ministered large to me. Thank you all the creators of The Chosen ( Bravo!), the critics of all of the above are just lacking in understanding in my opinion...

Sunday, November 27, 08:48:38 AM

Moving and well-done. The accents are easy to hear/understand and the lighting is better on the big screen. The acting is some of the best I’ve seen.

Sunday, November 27, 12:48:36 AM

I’d loved season one and two. Season three is starting off powerfully.

Saturday, November 26, 03:47:55 PM

I appreciated discussions of some tough subjects.

Friday, November 25, 06:16:10 AM

Have been watching this story for the past two years. Makes me feel as if I’m right there, at that moment. Life changing.

Friday, November 25, 01:18:37 AM

Awesome series. Brings the humanity of apostles and Jesus to us in relatable way. Got me interested in looking up things from Bible. That is an awesome thing in itself for these times when we often can forget God!! Keep up great work!

Friday, November 25, 12:28:59 AM

I love what Dallas Jenkins and all the people behind this movement have done to bring Jesus to life for this generation. The Chosen has inspired countless people to start or enhance their relationship with Jesus, and I am very grateful for that, as I assume Jesus is too. But I'm pretty sure that when the Jesus on the Screen, gave a long weird explanation to little John about why he wasn't going to heal him, I'm thinking the real Jesus sitting on His throne above all creation, who healed everyone that came to him, may have hoped that scene would have been left out. Artistic License in one thing, changing scripture to suite the cultural narrative or to please people, is quite a different story. Dallas, I hope you will apologize for this mistake. Unfortunately, it is a big mistake. It is a weighty thing to represent Jesus. Please be more careful. and please set the record straight. Dallas, you may have great motives, but that was a monumental mistake, that could allow millions of people to think Jesus may not want to heal them either... Big mistake Bro!

Thursday, November 24, 05:01:38 PM

Wonderful Christian movie!!!

Thursday, November 24, 11:43:44 AM

Very anointed, draws you in as if you were there. Gave more appreciation to those who paved the way for all christ followers

Wednesday, November 23, 10:56:37 PM

It was so much fun to see. It keeps in line with the first two seasons and terrific message. Glad to support this team and ministry.

Wednesday, November 23, 10:28:19 PM

Outstanding work sharing what disciples of Jesus experienced 2000 years ago....AND why we desire today to be devoted with all our hearts to Jesus. . This series offers deep glimpses of the culture of the day and the price disciples of Jesus willingly gave.

Wednesday, November 23, 10:26:52 AM

Quality everything! Going to see it again today!

Wednesday, November 23, 12:45:31 AM

Beautiful... inspirational... you can sense the depth , power, and beauty...that makes the stories in the Bible come alive. Really enjoyed it!! Wish it was on theatres longer than a few days!

Tuesday, November 22, 10:26:22 PM

Three years ago I decided to invest in this project not knowing how it would do. It has grown in leaps and bounds! God has really blessed The Chosen. For those wondering why Little James wasn't healed, I was thinking about the verse about God's power is made perfect in weakness. Since Little James was a leader, he needed to rely on God's power and not being healed yet makes sense because Jesus wants him to rely on God. God does not always give us what we want right away. I hope to see more Chosen episodes in the theater in the future!

Tuesday, November 22, 08:17:54 PM

I have watched every episode at least 3 times. I own season 1 and 2. Can't wait to be able to buy season three. This series has made my love for Jesus GROW so much. Seeing the love that He has for me is overwhelming! When He was on the cross , I was on His mind.

Tuesday, November 22, 07:05:10 PM

That is one reason why I like it - they ask a lot of questions and try to answer a few in the movie. Some are "Did Jesus heal everyone he met?" No. "Why did Jesus heal anyone" - Mainly to glorify the Father in Heaven and confirm he had the authority to heal and forgive sins (lame man lowered thru the roof). In the scene with Little James they said what is plausible - that there would be more faith from someone's testimony that had not been healed but still believes. And maybe that was a message ore for us than Little James. The scene of the meeting before sending out the Twelve was awesome. Putting the Zealot with the Tax Collector, etc. Describing what their journey would entail and advising them it could be torturous. All the questions we ask ourselves when we listen to Sunday school lesson they try to portray on screen. I think the 5 + 2 really equals the 5000 questions Dallas & team has asked and 2000 are their plausible answers on screen for us to ponder. Enjoy the journey and ask yourself some questions. Here is one I heard - did Judas think only false prophets were the ones killed and when he knew they were going to kil Jesus he threw in the towel so to speak?

Tuesday, November 22, 04:41:39 PM

It is the story of a real, loving, personal, compassionate Jesus! WE LOVE THE CHOSEN!! Some of you complained bc he didn’t heal little James but I ask you-have you been healed of every Problem in your life that you have prayed about? I doubt it! I haven’t. Sometimes the answer to our prayers is Yes, sometimes it’s No and sometimes it’s not now! Little James’ answer was not now, bc Jesus had a purpose for his malady. He promised he would be healed in the next life as many of our Christian faithful loved ones who were not healed of Cancer, or emotional trouble or whatever their problems might have been. The Lord was with them through it all but in His wisdom they were not healed in this life. My husband and I thought that scene with Little James was one of the most touching in the 2 episodes. The Lord is always mindful of us but sometimes the answers to our prayers is No and that is Life in mortality!

Tuesday, November 22, 03:03:41 PM

The story of the gospel transforms lives! It is by far the best story there ever was, is, and ever will be! This cast pulls you into the story of Jesus, and the love He shares with all who have an open heart...from the time He walked the earth until this very second. It is because of Him, we can take out next breath!

Tuesday, November 22, 01:10:59 PM

"The Chosen" offers a script that fills in, speculatively, the life situations of the first disciples/followers of Jesus. These scenarios and dialogue are organized around the scriptural accounts of the ministry of Jesus. As such, the episodes need to be understood as works of cinematic art rather than interpretations of the gospels. However, the storylines are fully compatible with biblical accounts. The visual aspect of the production is strong, with gritty environments and lighting effects that suggest the producers have consulted quite a bit of classic art, especially Baroque visual art (Caravaggio, Rembrandt, etc.). Acting is solid. Characters speak like real people, not actors pontificating scriptural quotations in overly formal ways.

Tuesday, November 22, 08:59:34 AM

Jesus never told anyone, "Today is just not your day to be healed." Jesus healed all who came to him (Matthew 15:30, 36). In the movie he turns Little James away. I get it that the creators of this series have artistic license. However, though the movie's not trying to be the Bible, it's certainly trying to be biblical. Which is the only reason I'm calling this scene out. It's a miss. It was painful to watch that scene as hope seemed to be sucked out of the theater. I wasn't the only one who noticed. In fact, at the end of the movie, a young woman stood up on a seat and started calling out truth. Brave girl.

Tuesday, November 22, 12:41:59 AM

Phenomenal!! It's hard to believe it could get better, but they've outdone themselves. The script is amazing. I think everyone can relate to 1 of the heart-wrenching, heart-warming scenes. It's so relatable, really to anyone, I think, even if you're not a Christian. I love the humor - so endearing. And I bet Jesus was funny and laughed a lot! A joy-filled evening - I'm still bathing in it all and still blown away! Definite must see!

Monday, November 21, 08:30:18 PM

This was fantastic!!! Great production and acting. I love that it is a Christian movie and portrays the life and ministry of Jesus and His disciples. I hope they will continue to offer movies like this!

Monday, November 21, 04:34:15 PM

Howdy! I got to see Season 3, Ep 1 and 2 yesterday! As a retired actor, I was looking for, well frankly, errors. The acting was superb!! The set decorations was amazing. The story line was riveting!! KUDOS!! Well done!

Monday, November 21, 03:18:26 PM

If white folks continue to tell LIES about the ethnicity of Jesus - does that mean Christianity is a LIE also? ZERO stars!

Monday, November 21, 12:53:25 PM

Reading some other reviews where they say The director took poetic license...he says such himself, but nothing that contradicts the bible. If you are a fan of the Chosen this will not disappoint. Exceeded my expectaions. If you have not watched the Chosen before, watch seasons 1 and 2 before to get way more out of this season 3 premier. Loved it!

Monday, November 21, 11:24:34 AM

I saw the season premier for the first two episodes of season three. I was looking forward to it, but also nervous because I really was hoping that it would be at least almost as good as the first two seasons. Well, I did not need to worry! It got even better, if that's possible. The whole thing was so breathtakingly beautiful and honest. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt, smiled so much my face felt like it would crack, and eventually found myself ugly-crying in the middle of the theater at the scene with Little James and Jesus. That really spoke to me. I think there will be a scene like that for everyone who comes and sees. The only warning I would give is that, in the first two episodes, there are some.. ah.... *interesting* scenes with Simon and his wife, Eden. Nothing explicit but um... well, uh, they are married. And they missed each other. I don't have a problem with one scene like this, but there were several. I didn't think that was very appropriate. Oh well. I think it'll go over the heads of most younger viewers but it is something to be prepared to discuss with older kids. Overall, beautiful premier and I can't wait to see the rest of the season!

Monday, November 21, 02:41:01 AM

Very disappointed! The writers to essay to much poetic license and created a load of fiction. From Matthew writing out the Olivet discourse to the inserted romantic interests ridiculous!!!

Sunday, November 20, 11:41:42 PM

He came to change the world and he did. Never had any One man, make such a profound change in this world. In this dark world The Chosen provides the light that over comes the darkness. Thank you Dallas Jenkins !

Saturday, November 19, 11:41:53 AM

I love true stories and this story is amazing!

Saturday, November 19, 10:04:01 AM

Cinematography was out of this world. A must see movie!

Saturday, November 19, 08:46:13 AM

Just love the depiction of Christ’s humanity and the very human struggles and concerns of the apostles.