Saturday, April 8, 11:44:46 PM

It's so well down and natural, like every day life ..So easy to understand 😊

Saturday, April 8, 11:41:41 PM

It's so well done ,so happy to watch clean movies

Wednesday, March 8, 05:56:36 AM

tres bonne serie pour les chretiens. merci a son realisateur cependant je nai pas encore vu la saison 4

Monday, February 13, 09:59:03 AM

The Chosen powerfully reflects John 17:3, “This is (the way to) eternal life that they (you) might know (intimately, personally, profoundly, continually) You, the only true God and Jesus Christ whose You have sent”. The Chosen allows ordinary people like you and I to see the living God at work in people’s individual lives weaving a thread of His purpose and His sovereign will to make our past our friend thus establishing His purpose and presence. To know Him is to discover your identity is found in Him… your pure identity …thus avoiding the number one destiny buster, satan’s alternate plan. This is what The Chosen is doing in countless lives around the world. It’s God’s creation through this amazing team of directors and actors.

Monday, February 6, 07:25:57 PM

You will never sit in a theatre and watch a movie about Jesus' life as HE walked on this Earth and died for us...again. I cannot find words to describe what this series has done for so many. You have to see this on the big screen...but there are many other ways to watch...God bless

Monday, February 6, 06:15:47 PM

Visual treat, the Bible on screen - go see it!

Monday, February 6, 11:01:55 AM

Watched the last two episodes in the theater. POWERFUL.....especially the last scene with Jesus walking on water and his hand reaching down to Simon. It is a visual that I will never forget. Jesus extends His hand to us, too!

Monday, February 6, 12:12:45 AM

A unique and beautiful portrayal of the life of Christ. Unlike the Passion and Jesus of Nazareth, it is geared to modern audiences so people have a better understanding of the greatest story ever told. Is such a refreshing change from all the gore, senseless violence, profanity and sex saturating movies today. Here's something all can relate to and come away feeling positive. I encourage mom, dad, kids, the whole family to go and view this amazing production.

Sunday, February 5, 10:04:43 PM

Amazing 💖

Sunday, February 5, 06:32:23 PM

I love the storylines. I thought the opening of the season was a bit better. But these two episodes really had me thinking about how the sermon on the mount was really given. The characters and struggles…captivating!

Sunday, February 5, 02:14:17 PM

Saw it yesterday. I love how they write the storyline that leads to scripture and make the scripture scenes and lines amazing. They keep it real without all the hollywood lies. God is deffinately blessing all those involved in the Chosen series and movies. Keep doing what you are doing🙏🙏?

Saturday, February 4, 07:31:46 PM

Watched the finale last night at the theater and was blown away. Everything about it was incredible.

Saturday, February 4, 10:30:50 AM

Well done!

Saturday, February 4, 09:20:33 AM

Trade your temporary happiness for everlasting joy, your fear for love, your despair for hope, emptiness for fullness and your separation from GOD for RELATIONSHIP with Him. This series brings the scriptures to life with historical integrity and biblical accuracy while addressing "real" personal struggles in the cultural battle grounds of present day. Know Jesus and live a life forever changed!

Saturday, February 4, 06:24:42 AM

jonathan Roumie as Jesus and all the cast make the gospel stories live in my heart. What a thrill and privilege to witness on the big screen!

Friday, February 3, 10:21:31 PM

Just an awesome movie. I could hardly breathe for fear I'd miss one second of this wonderful movie. So well acted, so inspiring. It will make your spirit soar.

Friday, February 3, 05:12:25 PM

This movie has brought me closer to the Lord. And helped me to understand the bible better.

Friday, February 3, 12:15:53 PM

This is worth every minute. So describes who Jesus is, who we are and where we are going. A MUST SEE??

Friday, February 3, 12:11:55 PM

Thank you for showing this movie. We loved it! It brings to life Jesus and His ministry and shows the humanity of Jesus while He is also God. Excellent production and acting and a great message. We cannot wait for the next The Chosen movie to be in theaters!

Thursday, February 2, 10:07:43 PM

One of the best retelling of the love of the Lord.

Thursday, February 2, 09:04:02 PM

Common struggles, again, which 21st century living can grow through. Doubt, heartache, strife

Thursday, February 2, 07:13:42 PM

No way to say! LOVED IT!!

Saturday, January 28, 12:56:34 AM

The casting, the acting, the music, the filming, everything is right up there with the best Hollywood productions, but, unlike Hollywood's woke garbage, this is meaningful content with life-changing impact. Everything is perfectly done. There is something that will speak to everyone personally. Finally technology is being used to improve people's lives and save the world from the hate that is rampant.

Monday, January 23, 01:49:29 PM

The Chosen…ALL three seasons is done so beautifully. Ordering our advance tix . Best movie and series we have enjoyed ever! We guarantee you will be hooked and love as numbers show.