Sunday, January 21, 02:01:34 AM

Excellent movie -the comment - don't waste your money - everyone has a chance to read the critics review before going to a specific movie - this way one saves their money and time if the reviews are unfavourable.

Saturday, January 20, 10:16:24 PM

Despite the few plot holes, Liam Neeson does NOT disappoint.

Saturday, January 20, 08:15:05 PM

I like Liam Neeson but setting is just inside the train they could have added more settings. I like the suspense 👍

Friday, January 19, 05:57:42 PM

This was such a good movie. My husband loved it too. Totally enjoyable and we did not figure out the ending at all. You will not waste your money on this movie. 5 Stars

Thursday, January 18, 06:55:00 PM

Great movie Liam Neeson was great held my attention full of supense action

Wednesday, January 17, 04:41:24 PM

Great movie!

Tuesday, January 16, 10:39:03 PM

Loved it.

Tuesday, January 16, 01:17:09 PM

good action, and acting. However! falls short in the story and the predictability of the movie is almost cheesy. Could almost have been a made for TV movie. Just poor execution.

Monday, January 15, 05:22:44 PM

very interesting,

Monday, January 15, 11:33:13 AM

My husband didn't want to see this movie, but he decided to come along and he really enjoyed it.This movie is very entertaining and definitely not boring. It has plenty of action, some thrilling scenes and most of all suspenseful.

Monday, January 15, 10:28:05 AM

It's Liam Neeson. It is what you action movie that delivers.

Monday, January 15, 09:59:55 AM

Awesome movie .

Monday, January 15, 01:32:05 AM

Stupid, violent, far-fetched, disappointing garbage. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONRY OR TIME ON THIS STUPID MOVIE. Almost empty theatre. People must know ...

Sunday, January 14, 09:57:34 PM

Absolutely great movie. Enjoyed it thoroughly, beginning to end.

Sunday, January 14, 09:44:26 PM

The best ,,,

Sunday, January 14, 09:23:19 PM

very poor premise for a movie with minimal reason for the story line to unfold as it did. Unrealistic!

Sunday, January 14, 07:51:51 PM


Sunday, January 14, 03:52:36 PM

The storyline was a bit slow developing but once it did you were on the edge of your seat the rest of the way. Non stop action. Perfect role for Liam Neeson

Sunday, January 14, 12:35:05 PM

Saw this move in Dolby theater and it was great. The screen and the sound were great. The seats reclined and the isles were wide. With this said the commuter was a great movie to see in this kind of theater because of all the action. Acting was great and the seats even viabrated in the action filled parts on the train. Kept your attention the whole time. Full of suspense

Sunday, January 14, 01:20:14 AM

All Liam movies are the same

Saturday, January 13, 11:26:16 PM

Liam - rules. Awesome movie.

Saturday, January 13, 02:54:44 PM

Awesome action, mystery, thriller, keep makin' em Liam!

Friday, January 12, 11:40:19 PM


Wednesday, January 3, 02:25:29 PM