Tuesday, June 22, 11:06:08 PM

In horror movie history, the ‘Part 3’ of the series is usually awful or boring as the producers are trying all the trick or treats from the first 2 films. Not the case here. This one is generous with the scares and remember, these characters are based on real people who witnessed all kinds of demonic stuff in old houses and haunted places. Most of what they saw and observed cannot be defined or explained by our modern experience. There is a very spooky scene deep in the woods someplace that will creep you out. And the ‘entity’ in the mourgue? Oh my God! Check out the third and (probably not final ) chapter of The Conjuring!

Sunday, June 20, 04:13:44 AM

Just as terrible and unscary as the other films. James Wan's incompetence and stupidity are all over this even if he didn't direct it.

Thursday, June 17, 03:12:28 AM

Not the scariest Not the dullest Still worth watching

Monday, June 14, 12:55:22 AM

Best horror movie I’ve seen in years. Definitely lived up to the hype. Highly recommend

Saturday, June 5, 02:55:39 PM

I've watched the series of movies leading up to the devil made me do it and I can tell u this, I was on the edge of me seat most of the movie by far hands down love horror movies this one sure did fit the bill

Saturday, June 5, 01:06:20 AM

The devil made me watch it. It was terrible.

Thursday, June 3, 12:57:46 PM

I really enjoyed this movie and it was fun to watch with my adult sons. We love haunting scary movies and this fit the bill. I cant wait to watch the entire conjuring series together!!! Enjoy the show and buy popcorn cause this movie is a nail biter.

Thursday, June 3, 12:01:37 PM

Loved this movie! Kept me at the edge if my seat and was a great addition to the Conjuring Movies. Even a little better. Anyone who enjoyed the Conjuring will love this movie!!! Simply Awesome!!!

Thursday, June 3, 10:31:42 AM

I don’t know what the other 2 reviews are on about in April this WASNT even released.... this movie was really good, in my opinion it was the best out of the conjuring movies and even “universe” it was very good and put you on the edge of your seat the entire time

Saturday, May 29, 09:37:16 AM

Every knee will bow. Every time the devil reminds you of your past remind him of his future.

Friday, April 23, 12:38:22 AM

The devil made you make a terrible movie?