Friday, February 2, 03:35:40 PM

Still very good but I put one star down for annoying Catwoman who looks like from another movie - from the typical comic version, not from this more realistic Nolan´s universe.

Monday, September 25, 09:56:11 AM

This movie, or should i rather say this propaganda piece would appeal to a people with very low IQ and some really die hard Batman fans.

Monday, September 25, 09:55:46 AM

Throughout the movie i had a feeling that i was watching some stupid piece of propaganda how wonderful all super rich people are and how dumb are the rest of us. That orphanage in Bruce's house almost made me puke.

Monday, September 25, 09:55:33 AM

Gotham painfully reminded me of LA and NY. I mean really painfully.

Monday, September 25, 09:55:18 AM

There are A LOT of long, boring, brainwashing , cliché dialogs.

Monday, September 25, 09:55:01 AM

1. This movie is almost 3 hours long. Out of this 3 hours Batman was sick and crippled 2 hours. He was in his batman suit and did his batman stuff 15 minutes.

Monday, September 25, 09:54:13 AM

he movie was so boring and lengthy that I considered to leave the cinema. The script was predictable at some points and the acting was so poor amongst some of the actors. Anne Hathaway was horrible, she was not convincing at all and her outfit looked like a cheap Halloween costume. Bane, the main villain of this movie was killed in a split second and everything was forgotten about him, that's it. It's like the script writers wanted this movie to end quickly as possible at this point.

Monday, September 25, 09:52:16 AM

such a depressing movie

Friday, April 11, 11:29:15 AM

Happy 75th Anniversery of Batman

Monday, April 7, 03:05:18 PM

If you like action, drama, and suspense... with some amazing special effects (all of batman's toys), you're going to love this movie!!!

Tuesday, February 25, 08:46:07 AM

Outstanding! The best BATMAN movie and the best comic book movie of all!

Friday, June 14, 05:35:40 AM

There won't be a better comic book movie this summer.

Monday, June 3, 08:56:22 PM

Excellent movie, best trilogy ever. So much more than a superhero movie

Sunday, January 27, 05:23:06 PM

Typical Batman movie, full of plot holes and bad acting.

Tuesday, December 4, 07:40:32 AM

great end to the trilogy - maybe the best trilogy ever!

Thursday, November 22, 11:29:52 PM

This was an exelent movie

Thursday, October 25, 03:26:32 PM

#1 movie of all time The best batman movie yet amazing epic momentable abrilliant masterpice I cant wait to see it again!!! I love it

Wednesday, October 24, 12:30:13 AM

Superb.Should've received more respect than it did.

Sunday, October 21, 01:40:10 AM

Impressed always with Batman! The ending is a special surprise I did not expect, so it definitely left me wanting more and hoping and expecting for the next film. This movie was chock full of drama, action, history behind the characters and why they are the way they are. It's darker and the way the Dark Knight should be! Two thumbs up!!

Friday, October 19, 10:22:31 AM

a good end to a great franchise..not as good as the Dark Knight, but that was one of teh best movies of all time and too much to live up to. This was still an excellent film.

Thursday, October 18, 10:25:35 AM

Amzing Incredible Fantastic A Brilliant masterpice I love it One Of The TOP TEN MOVIES OF THE YEAR

Friday, October 12, 04:42:41 PM

amazing film!!

Thursday, October 11, 09:46:34 PM

The best one yet! Totally loved this movie...

Thursday, October 11, 09:10:21 PM

this an awesome epic movie it was really grest i can not belive how good it was there was also a true leson to it a great movie for families to enjoy very exitinggreat movie i love it

Tuesday, October 2, 02:04:18 PM

awesome...simply awesome!

Monday, October 1, 10:15:15 PM

Great movie.

Monday, October 1, 09:53:41 PM

Unbelievable way to finish the Nolan franchise!

Monday, October 1, 09:48:45 PM

Amazing, very well done.

Monday, October 1, 09:44:29 PM

Quite entertaining

Monday, October 1, 09:37:30 PM

great movie!

Monday, October 1, 04:51:47 PM

Unfortunately this BAT^"^MAN did not deliver as originall billed with all the hype. Ann Hathaway was wonderful as Catwoman and Bale did what he had to do...however with the 2nd BAT^"^MAN, heath ledger raised the bar so high thatanything that followed would be hard to follow. It is too bad that this is the end of the Dark Knight series. Pity. Not great but still a must see. Terrific CGI and must commend Tom hardy's portrial as Bane. Great actor. Come on NOLAN...give some more BAT^"^MAN movies; go on.

Monday, October 1, 03:15:30 PM

Fantastic movie!!!

Monday, October 1, 11:54:47 AM

I thought this was the worste out of the entire trilogy, the characters were laughable, Anne Hathaway was a terrible choice and Banes character sounded like Sean Connory with a Gin and Tonic Problem.

Monday, October 1, 11:00:10 AM

Good Movie Lots action!

Monday, October 1, 10:06:21 AM

Good wrap-up to the trilogy.

Monday, October 1, 06:11:53 AM

A must see movie for action fans.

Sunday, September 30, 06:13:59 PM

I did not enjoy this movie as much as I did the one with the Joker.He was a much more fascinating fellow then this guy with the grill on his face.The sound track was deafening.And Batman could really use some lozenges to alleviate his hoarse whispering.All and all I did not like this film.

Sunday, September 30, 02:54:20 PM

Excellent ending to a triology. Long running time barely noticable.

Sunday, September 30, 11:46:43 AM

Interesting Movie

Sunday, September 30, 10:19:49 AM