Friday, November 3, 06:38:14 PM

Holy demonic plague Batman! I don't usually like young actors in any film but they weren't annoying in this one. Never read the books so apparently this may be an advantage. Understood the premise but the character development was not deep enough, so no able to empathize. Enjoyed the ending but it made me wonder where it would go from here as it seemed Alpha male vs Alpha male. Guess we'll see.

Tuesday, October 10, 01:58:19 AM

Follows the first book very well can’t wait for the next movie

Saturday, September 16, 09:19:00 PM

I enjoyed the movie, story line and action scenes.

Monday, September 11, 02:00:01 AM

When you walk out, you'll be trying to figure out all the loose strings. The movie is uneven, detached, and superfluous. Everything that is has no explanation, and the bad guy has no story. It's pitiful to say the least. Stephen, get a ghost writer.

Saturday, September 9, 05:55:06 PM

Of all the 2 hour sequels out now, this is one of the few that could have constructively used 2 hours and a couple sequels. It just didn't get it. I came in with no preconceptions and enjoyed the movie, but it's obviously a cut down version of the real story. In what might be a back-handed compliment, it caused me to buy all the novels right after I saw the movie. Steven King is an amazing writer, but rarely sees his work translated to movies with the brilliance of his original work.

Saturday, September 9, 09:36:20 AM

A surprising twist and great acting, yes even from the young stars. Well worth seeing 8 stars but the don't allow that many. An avid movie goer.

Thursday, September 7, 05:22:11 PM

I enjoyed the movie, story line and action scenes.

Thursday, August 31, 11:01:18 AM

The Dark Tower movie is a continuation of the Dark Tower books. People who have read the books and are looking for the movie(s) to depict the events in the books will be disappointed. This movie has taken elements of four books in his series. The movie has also changed some important elements in the book that hard core fans will hate. Was the movie good? The movie seemed rushed. This hurts the development of the characters. i also think the changes in the movie don't help the movie or the characters. This movie could have been 2.5 hour event.

Tuesday, August 29, 10:52:39 AM

This movie is OK. Wait for it to come on Netflix, it's not worth getting a babysitter so you can go see it.

Monday, August 28, 05:42:42 PM

The only thing in common with the books.. were the character names and a very slim relationship with the storyline. Any continuation of the story would be out of some screenwriters fantasy world and not Stephen Kings.

Monday, August 28, 01:47:22 AM

Loved it! Felt too short. But all awesome actors and acting, storyline was great.

Sunday, August 27, 08:41:26 PM


Saturday, August 26, 10:01:55 PM

Went to see it because Idris Elba was in it but enjoyed more than I thought I would. Good movie, will suggest it to others.

Thursday, August 24, 06:06:03 PM

It was a great movie. Super interesting and different then other movies. Action packed and a great story.

Sunday, August 20, 06:24:39 PM

Good movie, Matthew McConaughey play the Good evil villain.

Saturday, August 19, 09:20:08 PM

If you are a fan of the dark tower series and have read all the books, do not go see this movie. So disappointing on so many levels.

Saturday, August 19, 04:39:52 PM

Pretty entertaining but way too short. Of all the new boy actors this summer Tom Taylor does an excellent job. McConehey as usually was pretty bad but Elba very believable. Story line kinda corny but i was entertained!

Friday, August 18, 09:03:45 AM

After seeing this movie I didn't feel anything. I wasn't blown away by the CGI, the story was old, the acting consisted of a lot of staring. I wasn't moved in any way.

Thursday, August 17, 04:59:59 PM

I have read The Dark Tower series more than once. It is a beloved world that I love to visit. My mistake with this movie was looking at the "star" rating system and not reading the actual reviews. That being said... This movie is the absolute worst movie I have ever sat through. Waste of money, time and intelligence. If you Love the books DO NOT SEE THIS FIASCO!!!!! If you still just have to see it for yourself like I did .... All I can say is... I told you so.

Wednesday, August 16, 04:13:58 PM

As a #1 King fan there was Just soooo much missing from book. It was expectef tho cause no way can all that is told in the book can fit into a movie time span. I am hoping for sequels. What was there was interpreted very well. Loved loved loved all the images inserted thru out the Dark Tower movie from other King books/movies that only a fan would spot!

Wednesday, August 16, 03:03:06 PM

The movie was too hokey. Just a way to get out of the heat.

Tuesday, August 15, 10:59:35 AM

I never read the books but will now. The movie was great and the three main characters were well cast. I have talk to friends who have read the book and it sounds like the movie deviated from the story but what's new. I recommend people see this one on the big screen.

Tuesday, August 15, 03:03:37 AM

Too short for the story it is trying to tell. Rushed arcs, hurried development, and rapid resolutions. It should of been at least two and a half hours but they crammed it into 95 minutes. It will leave you wanting.

Monday, August 14, 11:41:06 PM


Monday, August 14, 08:08:52 PM


Monday, August 14, 06:46:56 PM

Knew it couldn't capture all of the books. They did get the spirit of Jake and the gunslinger. I actually enjoyed the movie despite some bad reviews.

Monday, August 14, 03:45:23 PM

I didn't read books, but I thought the movie was fantastic! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Sunday, August 13, 05:08:13 PM

It was awesome!! Just the start to more stephen king!!

Saturday, August 12, 12:04:30 PM

Boring and slow. I actually fell asleep at one point. Very little character development and back story. I think Ron Howard fell asleep when he was producing it. Stephen King's epic story was botched here and I am very dissapointed with this result.

Saturday, August 12, 12:04:23 PM

Loved it! I hope to see sequels to help scratch the surface of what the books offered.

Friday, August 11, 10:26:09 PM

we enjoyed the movie it was very very good

Friday, August 11, 08:55:57 PM

I loved the movie it was an amazing film !

Friday, August 11, 07:41:50 PM


Friday, August 11, 04:29:08 PM

Always liked Stephen King, this is one novel I didn't read, but it is a fantastic movie, action packed, good special effects, total fantasy sci fi.

Friday, August 11, 03:57:55 PM

I love anything Idris Elba is in. A must see

Friday, August 11, 10:30:07 AM

Excellent story and effects.

Thursday, August 10, 10:33:19 PM

This movie is very very cool!!!!!

Thursday, August 10, 10:23:02 PM

Wonderful job capturing the feel of the book.

Thursday, August 10, 06:05:30 PM

This movie was really great and awesome!!!

Thursday, August 10, 04:00:38 PM

Enjoyable non-stop action.