Monday, December 16, 07:41:33 PM

Excellent. This came out of the gate great. *But finished badly. ;)

Sunday, September 15, 12:57:21 PM

Worst movie in a very long time .

Tuesday, July 23, 07:31:33 PM

A positively different take on the zombie genre. If you enjoy "outside the box" thinking then this is a worthwhile endeavour.

Thursday, June 27, 03:58:14 PM

I was all in for a great Jarmusch flick and Zombie camp... I couldn't last though, it was so bad i walked out, wasn't even good camp, it was bad bad bad bad bad. Poor Tilda, you old bag.

Wednesday, June 26, 06:18:29 PM

Liked the first few minutes, but that’s about it. The lines were used over and over. It just wasn’t funny. First time I ever walked out before movie was over.

Monday, June 24, 06:06:32 PM

best movie since Rocky

Monday, June 24, 06:05:51 PM


Monday, June 24, 06:05:09 PM

Its a classic

Saturday, June 22, 04:52:10 PM

Easily the best movie of the year. This is destined to become a cult classic.

Saturday, June 22, 10:17:21 AM

Slow and boring. Adam Driver and cast were excellent but I don’t buy Jarmusch genius. This movie had potential w great cast but absolutely no plot.

Friday, June 21, 01:12:17 PM

I kept looking at my watch, at first waiting for it to get going and later waiting for it to end.

Tuesday, June 18, 06:29:47 PM

I am a big fan of quirky movies with odd characters but how in the world did this waste of time get made? And how did they suck some great actors into damaging their reputations by appearing in it and mumbling the atrocious dialogue? One reviewer compared it to the masterpiece “Fargo”? Really? I’m not going to waste anymore time discussing this mess. Do not waste your money.

Monday, June 17, 02:42:56 AM

No excitement, no interesting characters anemic plot with no real ending. The best parts are in the trailer. If it had not cost so much I would have walked out. Save your time and money this movie is DOA from the start.

Sunday, June 16, 09:36:13 PM

Very quirky movie . Along the same lines as Fargo . If you're a fan of offbeat humor like that ,you'll like this , if not maybe choose something else.

Saturday, June 8, 02:21:00 PM

Always good with Bill Murray in it!