Monday, May 28, 05:07:11 PM

Loved it! As satire of course. Must have a good working knowledge of this time in history and the players as well as an evolved and unimpaired sense of humor, otherwise you will be eclipsed by this film.

Sunday, April 22, 08:12:34 PM

For someone old enough to remember the death of the second most prolific mass murderer in history behind Mao Tse Tung and who later took Russian political history as part of his political science degree and who served five years in the stultifying bureaucracy of Trudeau 1.0 in the early 70s, this movie was tailor made for me. In any case, I gave it five stars and consider it the funniest film I've seen in several years. It showed the mindless hilarity of bureaucracy and the fear and cover your assets hilarity of a dictatorship. The acting was superb with Tambour and Buscemi the best of a strong cast. If you have worked in and escaped from the hell of mindless bureaucracy then this is the funniest and the best film you'll see this year. If you voted for Trudeau and still support him, not so much.

Monday, April 16, 09:13:48 PM

Truly an absolutely love it or absolutely hate it type movie. I personally loved it! It was different and very funny. It brought out just how ridiculous politics can be when everyone is terrified for their life. It kind of reminded me of the cabinet under Trump. As you well see most people gave this 5 stars or 1, this tells you something.

Monday, April 16, 09:06:54 PM

I enjoyed this movie far more than I ever anticipated. It was delightfully funny. The humour was dry and satirical but had in me in stitches on a number of occasions. The acting was terrific! The fact that everyone was so terrified that they couldn't even think straight caused absolute chaos. Not for everyone but I believe if you are a fan of Monty Python and keep in mind that this movie is based on historical events you find it truly entertaining.

Saturday, April 14, 05:20:32 PM

Would not even give it a 1 star--but you have to put at least 1 down. Horrible movie. Did not watch the whole thing! Awful. Save your money. It's not even good enough for home entertainment.

Friday, April 13, 08:41:19 AM

It’s impossible to consider Stalin and comedy in the same thought. Pathetic movie, couldn’t stay.

Wednesday, April 11, 02:07:24 PM

Who thought this was a good idea?

Monday, April 9, 03:03:04 PM

Terrible movie and bad casting.

Monday, April 9, 07:56:30 AM

The movie is a political satire that is perfectly cast. The actors weren't all hot studs but seasoned character actors. If you like the cable series "Veep", you'll better understand this movie.

Saturday, April 7, 06:35:41 PM

I’ll be the first to give it one star I guess. The type casting was poor as was the storyline. I only found a couple of scenes amusing and I went because the movie had good reviews. So, “to each his/her own” applies here.

Saturday, March 31, 01:57:11 PM

You know it is good when Michael Palin isn't the most funny one!

Friday, March 30, 03:54:44 PM

Disappointing. Certainly does not live up to the reviews. Remarkably bob........40/100

Wednesday, March 28, 09:12:04 AM

I loved this movie, it combines humor with historical fact. It takes awhile to figure out who is playing Beria, Krushchev etc. I highly recommend this movie. By, the way "The Man of Steel" has exiled all the actors and actresses, the producer and director of this film. He rules from the grave for some especially for Mr. UN in N. Korea.

Sunday, March 25, 06:29:27 PM

A comedy made for men with f bombs, horrid comments about women, and repetitive dry jokes. Waste of time.

Saturday, March 24, 11:48:30 AM

The Death of Stalin is a comical yet subtly scathing look at totalitarianism and the few people whose decisions affected millions.