Sunday, August 27, 10:25:18 PM

Meryl Streep was great in it but so was Anne Hathaway. It was funny, but yet inspiring towards being a caring person. And I loved the fashions.

Sunday, August 27, 06:07:09 PM

The must-see summer movie!

Sunday, August 27, 04:01:37 PM

***** great movie

Sunday, August 27, 01:42:56 PM

I loved the combination of humour and fashion... what a mix!!!

Sunday, August 27, 11:49:14 AM

Excellent Movie!!!

Sunday, August 27, 09:18:30 AM

A great movie, good for some laughs!

Saturday, August 26, 11:01:10 PM

the ending was ridiculously terrible

Saturday, August 26, 09:12:07 PM

excellent theme and love meryl streep

Saturday, August 26, 07:28:55 PM

amusing...three very entertaining actresses

Saturday, August 26, 04:44:31 PM

fun to watch

Saturday, August 26, 02:00:02 PM

Hilarious!..Meryl Streep was great! Loved her role and she outclassed the rest of her cast. Good story and full of laughs.. but weak ending....

Saturday, August 26, 11:34:26 AM

I thought Meryl Streep was brilliant!! i loved it

Saturday, August 26, 09:14:10 AM

I think its a great movie, its heart-warming, it make you laugh, it makes you cry, and its something everybody can relay on! Its a simple story but i think that`s what we need by the end of a hectic day.

Saturday, August 26, 07:26:35 AM

A fantastic movie - Meryl Streep has class.

Friday, August 25, 11:54:13 PM

very entertaining movie . lots of funny parts

Friday, August 25, 10:59:46 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. Meryl Streep was brilliant as the imperious and demanding fashionista, and Anne Hathaway did a great job of showing the transformation from shy young journalist to worldly sophisticate. Gorgeous, with a nice message as well.

Friday, August 25, 08:50:14 PM

Very entertaining. Meryl Streep was perfect for the role. Even though I am male and would consider this movie a chick flick I still enjoyed it very much.

Friday, August 25, 07:49:25 PM

It was a cute story, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Friday, August 25, 07:12:01 PM

I absolutely loved it. Meryl Streep was convincing as both the boss, and the human outside of the office.

Friday, August 25, 06:37:06 PM

Very entertaining movie, showing the power and cutthroat business of the fashion industry. Meryl Streep is fabulously evil. Worth thr price of a ticket.

Friday, August 25, 04:10:39 PM

It was a great movie Meryl Streep was fantastic

Friday, August 25, 04:10:02 PM

Great comedy, great entertaiment, Merryl was superb. and Ann Hathaway is the best thing around ,what a lovely and talented girl she is, she fantastic is Brokeback Mountain here she shines.

Friday, August 25, 03:40:09 PM

Loved it!

Friday, August 25, 02:25:30 PM

I thought it was fairly entertaining, Meryl Streep is so good in anything she does.

Friday, August 25, 01:43:27 PM

A guilty pleasure!

Friday, August 25, 01:22:17 PM

I have seen it twice. Meryl Streep was awesoms as ever. Great story infused with some great learnings. On a lighter note, for a shoe lover, where were those awesome red shoes as posted in the ad?! Not enough shoe shots!!! Ha Ha Oh and by the way, a dream prize would be tickets to a film festival and a meeting with a star i.e. kevin Costner, Meryl Streep, Jennifer Aniston, Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn, ... I`m sure your readers would concur.

Friday, August 25, 12:36:00 PM

Aburdly funny flick.

Friday, August 25, 12:16:17 PM

The Devil Wears Prada was not my favorite movie but it wasn`t all that bad. I think of it as a movie that is mostly all negative with one redeeming scene at the end. There were are few positive moments sprinkled infrequently throughout. I did think that the acting was very good - just didn`t like the story line so much.

Friday, August 25, 11:37:24 AM

Excellent - saw it twice!

Friday, August 25, 10:50:10 AM

While I enjoyed the movie for what it is I found some parts seemed quite a departure from the book. If you haven`t already read the book and plan to... see the movie first to avoid pulling yourself away from the expectations of seeing the `real` book on the big screen.

Friday, August 25, 10:12:22 AM

Meryl Streep portrayed the head of the fashion industry realistically, and ruthlessly. It was a sad thing to see someone so driven that they forgot about what life is really all about-good relationships!

Friday, August 25, 09:19:41 AM

pretty good movie,read the book . the book was better

Friday, August 25, 08:48:51 AM

Its a movie that is a pleasant watch my girlfriend loved it with all the shoes and fashion. Not a bad watch.

Friday, August 25, 08:48:35 AM

meryl streep - she made the movie better than the book - a first

Friday, August 25, 08:43:50 AM

Fantastic movie. Meryl Streep was incredible. Hope to see a sequel.

Friday, August 25, 08:21:47 AM

Purses and shoes and meryl oh my!

Friday, August 25, 08:18:04 AM

Meryl Streep, excellent performance. Better than the book!!

Friday, August 25, 07:38:42 AM

Worth every penny.....see this move now

Friday, August 25, 07:15:16 AM

Anne Hathaway what a sweet heart loved her in this movie just as much as in the Princess Diaries (both)...All the daughter loves her and what an amazing role model for teens...whata ya know no belimia in sight....SHOCKER...Keep up the good work and you can make it in hollywood without resourting to such drastic measures a eating disorder....Anne did it....look at who she is starring with Julie Andrews (WOW) and Maryl Streep (holly @@@@). Good movie I really liked it.

Thursday, August 24, 10:10:29 PM

Not bad, have alwasy disliked the devil.