Thursday, August 24, 08:30:16 PM


Thursday, August 24, 05:56:57 PM

I absolutely loved it, and can`t wait for it to come out on DVD so I can buy it!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 06:25:45 PM

Meryl Streep is delicious in this sharp, sardonic comedy about life on the set of an iconic fashion magazine. Streep so perfectly embodies the role of Miranda Priestly, one wonders that she isn`t actually that person we see on screen. She is the one you love to hate. Anne Hathaway delivers a smart, if somewhat predictable, idealistic "ugly duckling turned beautiful swan" (though one does have to wonder when Anne will take on roles more suited to her talent - the ugly duckling theme is becoming tired). And Stanley Tucci, as always, sparkles. I laughed myself silly! Worth every penny to see this one in the theatre!

Wednesday, August 23, 04:39:58 PM

Meryl Streep plays a ruthless individual with such originality. She reminded me of an ex-boss. It was rather autobiographical for me for this reason. It`s much funnier to watch it than live it!

Wednesday, August 23, 12:35:42 PM


Wednesday, August 23, 11:56:27 AM

It was funny!

Wednesday, August 23, 10:22:17 AM

Loved it all but the ending

Tuesday, August 22, 06:33:00 PM

i thoughy it was an awesom movie one of my favourites

Tuesday, August 22, 05:42:00 PM

I thought meryl and her new secretary did a nice movie and I would watch them again.

Tuesday, August 22, 05:41:36 PM

Terrific film

Tuesday, August 22, 04:57:40 PM

Excellent, funny movie a must see. I`ve worked in the industry and they mimiced it to a "t"

Saturday, August 19, 08:23:09 PM

great entertainment

Friday, August 18, 03:59:54 PM

Great movie.

Friday, August 18, 03:19:40 PM

This movie had a absolutely great cast. Well scripted from the book and excellent acting. Although it may seem like a "chick flick" (from the title) my fiancée enjoyed a great deal.

Friday, August 18, 03:01:51 PM

Although the movie will not be hailed as a classic anytime soon I found myself smiling through out it. Meryl Streep`s performance was brilliant (as always). It`s a fun and entertaining movie. Worth a watch.

Friday, August 18, 12:05:18 PM

Funny. Anne Hathaway is super pretty!! A little different from the book, but still with its charms : ) TOo bad Christian isn`t as hot as in the book! WAAAY too old for her.

Friday, August 18, 11:09:03 AM

4 satrs! Meryl Streep gives another stellar performance!

Friday, August 18, 11:06:21 AM

Meryl Streep can even make an unpleasant character likeable. Her performance made this show one that will be remembered!

Friday, August 18, 09:10:10 AM


Friday, August 18, 07:42:55 AM

Although the characters were brilliant in their acting and the story line was interesting- It left me thinking huh! what a waste of time- My daughter and I felt the same- not entertaining at all

Thursday, August 17, 08:34:06 PM

good entertainment

Thursday, August 17, 08:20:21 PM

You really can`t beat Meryl Streep as an actress. Is there no role this woman can`t do? She was absolutely fantastic! Highly entertaining movie. :)

Thursday, August 17, 07:01:23 PM

Meryl Streep is such a treasure, this movie couldn`t manage to fail. It was good. Not particularly memorable, but good.

Thursday, August 17, 06:11:38 PM

Meryl Streep is always fabulous - but the movie was weak

Thursday, August 17, 05:38:45 PM

Fun movie but don`t expect a classic.

Thursday, August 17, 03:18:39 PM

I loved the movie because it shows alot of behind the scene fashion world that we don`t usually see. It was great!

Thursday, August 17, 02:59:03 PM

Meryl streep was great as usual, the movie is very entertaining, I loved it.

Thursday, August 17, 10:12:17 AM

Anne Hathaway was great and the clothes in the movie were fabulous! I haven`t read the book but now I think I might.

Wednesday, August 16, 06:15:16 PM

I thought Meryl Streep was amazing. She had such authority she never had to raise her voice. I loved the outfits Anne wore, she was cute. I never read the book but it was a typical, nice chick flick.

Wednesday, August 16, 04:30:05 PM

I saw the movie before I read the book. LOVED the movie. I think Meryl Streep`s portrayal was brilliant - she should get an Oscar! Totally different from the book, I actually preferred the move version (and that`s not usually the case). Would recommend it as well worth seeing and a definite FIVE++++ stars! Will but the DVD when it comes out - it`s a keeper!

Wednesday, August 16, 02:35:47 PM

I really enjoyed it.......have gone out to buy the book as well.

Tuesday, August 15, 07:29:44 PM

I took my 3 teens to the movie and my husband. I am sure that I laughed more than my kids. It was clean humour and really enjoyable. This is the type of movie I want my kids to see!

Tuesday, August 15, 04:45:48 PM

Good movie,funny ...a movie you like or don`t.

Tuesday, August 15, 12:46:49 AM

The movie made me want to go shopping after.

Monday, August 14, 03:32:19 PM

Slightly predictable, but fun and entertaining throughout.

Monday, August 14, 10:25:57 AM

Very funny yet thought provoking. Good chemistry between Streep & Hathaway. How about a sequel?

Sunday, August 13, 09:49:06 PM

Did Meryl Streep win an award for this! She is excellent! Her acting is so believable! Anne Hathaway does a great job as well. A nice twist to the ending and extremely funny! 5 stars! Go see this movie!

Sunday, August 13, 09:32:12 PM

Cute and funny story. Loved it.

Sunday, August 13, 03:46:39 PM

The Devil Wears Prada is a very good movie but I wish they had not changed some of the details from the book.

Sunday, August 13, 02:24:59 PM

I thought it was one of the best films of the year