Saturday, April 1, 01:27:03 AM

The story is based on the awarding novel by Japanese author Keigo Higashino. Both the novel and the movie shares the same name. This is the 3rd version of the novel, after the Japanese & Korean version. This movie is second movie for the director Alec Su. Keigo Higashino(the author) requesting the Chinese adaptation must be different than the Japanese's and Korean's due to the copyright. All 3 casts are very experienced in the industry.This is the 1st movie for Wang Kai (Professor Tang)as major male character. Last movie, he was one of the main characters in Jacky Chan's movie (Railroad Tigers) in Christmas 2016. With the director's experience, there are total of over 50 years of acting experience between them. Plot: Without reading the book, I am not sure what is the difference between the book and the movie. The director used the first 10 min to introduce all casts and their characteristic. Then the movie starts to unfold with a murder case where Chen Jing is a suspicion. When Tang Chung realize his friend Shi Hong might involved in the case, it turned into a emotional and psychological battle. He always thinks he understand Shi Hong, but he under-estimate what love can do to a person. Music: More than the script and the acting, the director use the background music to express the atmosphere and enhance the visual, for example, the use of the metronome represent the end of the life of the ex-husband and the oboe practice represent all character's life back to