Wednesday, July 11, 04:48:14 AM

The film was amazing, James Franco performed it very well! A movie that has never been done is worth watching! On my boxing software, I always find such premieres.

Saturday, January 6, 03:18:53 PM

It was simply hilarious

Saturday, January 6, 04:47:57 AM

Brilliant! James Franco's portrayal of Tommy Wiseau was Oscar worthy. A must see for anyone who liked The Room. (It has us wanting to revisit that old Room DVD asap.) The entire cast was perfectly hysterical.

Saturday, December 30, 07:27:57 PM

Original story, well told, wekl acted. You cringe and smile continually.

Friday, December 8, 10:45:10 PM

Fantastic flick! I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish .A very funny movie ,the whole theater clapped at the end .

Friday, December 8, 05:49:07 PM

This film about the making of a cult film is going to become a cult film. James Franco is brilliant as the quirky Tommy Wiseau. The movie is funny, and it's fun.............89/100 gurubob

Friday, December 8, 03:58:56 PM

This was a great movie, thought provoking and interesting how the original movie was made. James Franco was great portraying the original person, Tommy with a little bit of heart. A dream that can come true!!!

Wednesday, November 29, 11:26:01 PM

To this day it remains a mystery how Tommy Wiseau actually got the funding for the movie.

Friday, September 22, 10:59:14 PM

The budget of THE ROOM was not $6000; it was $6000000.