Tuesday, February 14, 03:15:47 AM

One of those movies that didn't live up to its hype, not quite what it was sold to be.

Monday, February 6, 06:51:39 PM

I couldn't even finish the movie. Predictable and lame.

Wednesday, January 4, 01:24:34 PM

Didn't see much comedy as it was rated as such. Gives children watching mixed messages about life.

Thursday, December 29, 03:37:30 PM

She was good in True Grit. After that, not so much. Supporting cast outshone the lead.

Wednesday, December 14, 09:02:09 AM

Very authentic and a good perspective on human problems. However, the main character is very annoying and selfish which is frustrating.

Saturday, December 10, 03:30:54 PM

5 stars for excellent movie - deserved an Oscars nomination for those who got bored with the movie is because you used to watch happily ever after with lots of dramatic twist. This one is more intellectual and realistic drama happens most every family. The confrontation and dialogue is believable. They say sometimes - being a teenager is a tough journey . Amazing performances to all the cast members . Cheers Brandon Peet

Wednesday, November 30, 06:23:13 PM

Not much to say about it. Just an okay movie.

Saturday, November 26, 10:57:11 PM

Loved every minute of it

Thursday, November 24, 10:47:32 PM

Great coming of age dilema issues, reminiscence of teenage years

Wednesday, November 23, 04:44:53 PM

It is good, if you read description and watch trailer you know what type of movie it is. It is about teenager finding self. Fun, Worth seeing.

Monday, November 21, 06:30:50 PM

really? this got good reviews? so boring

Saturday, November 19, 10:36:07 PM

Cute. Best part was Hayden Szeto (not sure if I'm spelling that right, but the guy who had a crush on Nadine in it).

Friday, November 18, 10:01:54 PM

I was pleasantly surprised how good this movie is. The storyline is really smart. Hailee Steinfeld was amazing.

Thursday, November 17, 11:59:16 PM

Hailee Steinfeld - you can't be this brilliant at only 19. Fabulous movie - outstanding!!!