Wednesday, April 11, 07:03:03 AM

The stunts and hypermodern stuff were too much and I didn´t like what they did with the character of Shaw who was previously badass killer, here reduced to mostly comical relief.

Thursday, March 1, 04:30:49 AM

It was over the top even in this genre and this franchise. It´s still watchable but definitely not as good as the first and the fifth movie.

Wednesday, November 15, 11:23:23 PM


Monday, July 17, 06:41:23 AM

EXCELLENT, loved it. I want to see it again!

Saturday, July 8, 08:38:50 AM

It seemed weird with out paul walker as Brian in this latest movie though it did work well.

Wednesday, June 28, 08:28:34 PM

The Rock is huge in this movie. That's the only good thing I can say about this movie. I walked out about half way through. Same old same old.

Thursday, June 8, 07:54:38 PM

I love all the Fast and Furious movies

Sunday, June 4, 05:53:27 PM

I love this movie will go see it again.

Saturday, June 3, 01:13:55 PM

Great action scenes! Loved this movie!

Friday, June 2, 10:27:58 AM


Monday, May 29, 06:11:29 PM

My new favorite movie

Monday, May 29, 02:03:27 PM

The best acting you'll see all year.

Saturday, May 27, 05:11:37 PM

So much action and the story line is amazing

Saturday, May 27, 05:09:31 PM

Best movie they made yet! Loved Jason Statham at the end. Let's just say for a person who goes to the theatre at least once a week, being wowed by a movie happens only once or twice a year and I was wowed!!!! This year I give it to f8te.

Sunday, May 21, 10:38:01 PM

This movie is to movie theatres same as the 'bachelor'/'bachelorette is to cable TV! Cheesy Unrealistic Motion sickness action Stupid!

Friday, May 19, 08:50:21 PM

Great movie I enjoyed it!

Friday, May 19, 05:56:54 PM


Friday, May 19, 02:39:29 PM

Loved it best one yet keep it coming :)

Tuesday, May 16, 11:01:19 PM

Excellent action and wonderful entertainment with great acting.

Monday, May 15, 06:35:12 PM

Love it. A lot of action, and Vin Diesel!

Sunday, May 14, 10:14:35 PM

This 8th offering in the Fast & Furious series is one of the best... Loved the casting of Scott Eastwood! He played the part very well... And Vin Diesel is beyond terrific! Keep 'em coming, guys!

Sunday, May 14, 07:37:37 PM

Very good movie, action and funny specially Jason Statham.

Saturday, May 13, 08:23:22 PM


Saturday, May 13, 12:27:24 PM

Loved it

Tuesday, May 9, 09:42:06 AM

Early Oscar contender!!! Vin and Rock poppin steroids like M&M's! And that ending ! Wow!

Sunday, May 7, 05:03:33 AM

I like the family team work

Saturday, May 6, 10:18:19 AM

Very different from previous Fast and Furious movies. However, it was still good despite Paul Walkers character that was the center of attention the last movie. If you are a Fast and Furious fan, not all the movies focuses on one character. Some did not include Vin Diesel or Paul Walker, etc in the film at all. Lots of action and twist along with a new female villain that keeps the "Fate" of the Furious still racing at the top of the movies ratings.

Thursday, May 4, 11:20:08 PM

Really bad movie a complete waste of money. Van Dilsel should have shot everyone the end.

Thursday, May 4, 04:29:26 PM


Wednesday, May 3, 09:24:56 AM

It's Shakespeare on Wheels.

Wednesday, May 3, 05:34:47 AM

Awesome, brilliant, entertaining, and action filled cgi edited fantasy F&F flick. Enjoyed actors portrayal and interaction with each other, funny, humorous, and straight-faced comedic. Great battle scenes of high tech reconstructed turbo nuclear powered sea, air and land vehicles.

Monday, May 1, 12:11:26 AM

Now is the time for heroes.

Sunday, April 30, 08:16:44 PM

Think they make these for 14 yr old boys Seems to be working for them and who doesnt love a lowered honda civic with a noisey muffler

Sunday, April 30, 08:10:51 PM

Dont see this

Sunday, April 30, 08:10:19 PM

Have you ever seen a good vin diesel movie?

Sunday, April 30, 08:09:21 PM


Sunday, April 30, 08:09:08 PM


Sunday, April 30, 08:08:53 PM


Sunday, April 30, 08:07:42 PM

I cant not believe youre still giving these guys money these movies are cheezy one liner films SEE YA! (As i push the nas and leave you in my dust)

Sunday, April 30, 07:35:49 PM

Amazing movie! Never get tired of this series. Probably one of my new favourites!!