Friday, March 4, 04:37:42 AM

Great movie!

Thursday, March 3, 03:21:28 PM

I have spent much of my life as a professional mariner. This movie left me with chills - it was great! I thought the effects were quite realistic (more so than say The Perfect Storm).

Tuesday, February 16, 06:30:07 PM

Excellent action packed movie!

Monday, February 15, 12:58:41 PM

Great movie about true hero's.

Sunday, February 14, 04:47:11 AM

Very good excellent cast a hell of a story makes you think about the ocean

Saturday, February 13, 01:34:56 PM

Really entertaining.

Thursday, February 11, 10:32:48 AM

The action scenes were good but a lot of time was spent watching boats being thrown about on the sea.The story line was a bit thin.

Monday, February 8, 12:04:41 AM

Respect to those who work at sea. Apart from the actual rescue mission, there were too many minutes of the film taken up with mundane dialogues that were well acted.

Sunday, February 7, 05:12:51 PM


Saturday, February 6, 03:20:55 AM

Excellent special effects and photography. Captures the time period. The angry sea is terrifyingly real. That was one tough little rescue boat. Acting is good. Hardly a dull moment.

Friday, February 5, 06:24:47 PM

Saw this movie on Tuesday. Read the reviews before i left, really an awesome movie that kept me in suspense from the first 5 minutes. This was so real without 3-D, the A-list actors were very polished and proficient. My deepest respect goes out to all who work on ships and even more to the very brave people who rescue those in life or death situations. Thank you Richmond Hill theater ever...Suzanne.

Thursday, February 4, 07:31:58 PM

It is a very powerful movie. Great insight to living on a coast, and the peril of living, and earning a living off the sea.

Sunday, January 31, 01:23:37 AM

The best part of the film for me was when the 4 man rescue crew were first heading out toward the break which they needed to get over in order to make it out to the open sea. I know that roar of the break having experienced it myself ( though not to the same degree ! ). Effects were terrific - the only downside for me were the somewhat stilted portrayals of the main characters. I just never felt they really gelled well. The musical score was also a little too predictable for me. But I'm probably being a little too critical here - it IS a good movie and definitely worth seeing on the big screen.

Saturday, January 30, 07:06:22 PM

Certainly not the finest hours I've ever spent in a movie theater, that's for sure. :(

Saturday, January 30, 08:10:47 AM

Really good story and must see

Saturday, January 30, 01:11:25 AM

Way ahead of anything nominated for an Oscar this year. Great story, well acted!

Friday, January 29, 10:36:55 PM

Great movie!

Thursday, January 28, 11:17:39 AM

Terrific portrayal of terrifying events during this heroic rescue. I was disappointed at times with the 3D effects though.

Wednesday, January 27, 10:39:44 PM

Great story and visuals! I would recommend watching this movie.

Wednesday, January 27, 01:18:46 PM

I love true stories and this is a very good movie and everyone should see it.

Tuesday, January 26, 08:50:21 PM

I went in knowing little about the film and was glad because it turned out to be quite a fun, surprising action movie. Too, I'd never put these actors together in a film, and yet they were amazing a solid 4 stars!

Monday, January 25, 04:11:03 PM

Very suspenseful and fairly realistic; went home and googled the actual facts about the true story depicted in the movie since I thought more people wouldn't have survived such an ordeal. Made me think twice about going on a small or large boat in the winter!

Monday, January 25, 02:39:59 PM

I thought the Finest Hours was a good movie and the 3D element made for stunning visuals, that made you feel like you were right inside the film. It had the elements of suspense and thrill which was contrasted with some humour and a love story. I also thought it was super interesting that it was based on a true story of the most successful rescue in US coastguard history.

Monday, January 25, 12:26:30 AM

The fact that this is based on a true story made the peril all the more intense. The characters seemed quite believable.

Sunday, January 24, 08:32:54 PM

The Finest Hours is a thrilling story, with great performances. It is a memorable recollection of the triumph of a group of simple coastguards taking on a mammoth, near impossible mission. Their humility contrasted with magnitude of their accomplishments is inspiring. The action is authentic and all in all, a sensational, intriguing tale, illustrating the embodiment of human resilience, love and a sense of duty.

Sunday, January 24, 03:18:17 PM

Great story of the human spirit. A tale the whole family can enjoy.

Sunday, January 24, 02:53:54 PM

I enjoyed the movie very much. Chris Pine was great in this movie and so was Casey Affleck. The movie was very well done and it was very good portrayal of the events that happened in 1952.

Sunday, January 24, 12:55:15 PM

Excellent movie.

Sunday, January 24, 09:11:09 AM

..."THIS IS A TRUE STORY." Without these words onscreen,and then seeing proof as the credits roll,it would be impossible to believe what happened. THE FINEST HOURS is THAT amazing a tale. Heartbreaking and chest-pounding. Cast is crucial in this movie and couldnt be topped; each of them commit, and all pull together to carry the weight and make us feel the odds and the sacrifice that's in front of those who go out there, and those left behind. Smart use of 3D and seamless effects work make us feel that we're there as well. 4 STARS.

Sunday, January 24, 08:38:57 AM

great story but the outdoor scenes in the sea don't look real

Saturday, January 23, 09:27:36 PM

especially good considering it is a true story

Saturday, January 23, 08:42:14 PM

Lots of action. The subject matter was not what I would usually go see but the movie draws you in and before you know it, you are loving it. Great actors too.

Saturday, January 23, 05:19:26 PM

It was a great movie overall. It was intense, moving and makes you feel good after watching it. I recommended it. I like it especially it is regarding a true story.

Saturday, January 23, 05:13:01 PM

I enjoyed it

Saturday, January 23, 04:15:01 PM

I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. I highly recommend it.

Saturday, January 23, 11:25:40 AM

The Finest Hours is a great date movie, it has a little bit of everything, some romance and some action/adventure. It’s based on a true story that will really makes you appreciate the work the coast guard performs in saving the lives of people in distress on the water. The acting is good, I like Chris Pine he plays the main character really well. All in all you will enjoy the movie, while watch the movie you really hope everyone on the boat gets off safely.

Saturday, January 23, 10:24:30 AM

Beautiful tribute to amazingly brave men who remained stoic throughout a desperate rescue mission. Very good special effects with nail biting scenes. A movie for the whole family, another Disney quality production !

Saturday, January 23, 10:22:07 AM

This film was Absolutely wonderful. It was heartfelt, jaw dropping, and seat gripping all the way through. The story was honest and emotionally thought provoking, a film I will definitely recommend.

Saturday, January 23, 10:15:33 AM

Great movie. Very well acted. A refreshing role for Casey Affleck. A gripping story made even more intriguing because it's true.

Saturday, January 23, 09:44:24 AM

If these events had not occurred in real life I would have a hard time believing this story. The 3D experience seemed underwhelming but the ship scenes were exciting.