Tuesday, December 25, 06:56:51 PM

Too much political spin.

Thursday, November 22, 11:11:40 PM

Another left wing piece of garbage that attacks our soldiers and conservatism.

Tuesday, July 31, 12:53:31 PM

Awful with no redeeming qualities! The storyline had great potential to be entertaining but this is not it! The over use of n word and a major drug lord being the hero - really?!?

Saturday, July 28, 12:46:05 PM

not too bad. I could see this situation possibly happening in real life. Pretty intense in some parts

Friday, July 27, 11:26:01 AM

By KL... The reason why people are giving this a bad review is because their small brains were ONLY entertained by the vicious killings and gruesome sufferings of the past 3 Purge movies, and failed to hear and see what the director/writer were conveying to them. The past 3 Purge movies gave us a very clear message. This last Purge movie blatantly told us of their plan, but short attention spans and an inability to have thought made this movie boring for the mindless masses. For the woke movie-goers and readers who were able to see the KKK, guerilla masks, and black face masks "make America great again" through this purge in the inner city at the hands of the government walked out of the movie, which solidified what they already knew. Albeit the movie is a bit exaggerated, but it's just conveying an important message. Remember, America was built on blood sacrifice of the Native Indians, and black slaves.

Friday, July 27, 08:39:19 AM

What a pile of crap! Racist in every way to make everyone want to leave before it was over. Don't go watch unless you want to suffer through an awkward cringe fest.

Wednesday, July 25, 09:23:57 AM

It's time we stop supporting movies that say it's okay to kill each other. There's too much of that on our streets these days. It's not okay. It rips families in two and creates heartbreak that the survivors of victims can never recover from.

Tuesday, July 24, 09:30:47 AM


Sunday, July 22, 03:12:31 PM

What a sorry racist movie and the worst actors I have seen. Don't waist your time and money.

Saturday, July 21, 11:27:40 PM

I Love it.. The community of people Stands together..

Saturday, July 21, 11:33:46 AM

Wow...I could not believe what I was watching. Racist movie! White people were portrayed as horrible people. Being white, I was scared to leave. I waited until everyone was out. What a mess of a movie!

Thursday, July 19, 04:10:57 PM

This is the worst movie I have ever seen. I walked out. Racist liberal crap. Bad for black people: All black women (except one) are whores or women who dress and dance like whores All black men are gangster, gun toting, drug dealers Bad for white people All whites are either KKK members, corrupt gov’t officials, or bad intentioned cops. Whites are conspiring to make blacks look bad

Wednesday, July 18, 11:39:35 PM

If you are a fan of the Purge series, then you will find this mildly entertaining and a good prequel. A futuristic film with some social commentary (similar to the original Night of the Living Dead, in that certain classes of people are considered a big threat to society than flesh-eating zombies or murdering psychopaths). There are no winners, only scarred survivors, mercenary puppets, and the manipulative controlling puppet masters (the New Founding Fathers).

Sunday, July 15, 11:59:21 AM

Very entertaining.

Wednesday, July 11, 06:28:34 PM

kinda funny. unexpected parts.

Wednesday, July 11, 03:34:09 PM

was not up to what I thought it would be .not to great ,just good

Tuesday, July 10, 12:44:48 PM

I loved it!! It had action, suspense its funny I recommend it

Tuesday, July 10, 05:01:14 AM

Terrible acting they all knew where the camera was....they all wanted to be in the scenes glancing at the camera....Find another job folks.....acting isn't one of your qualities................

Tuesday, July 10, 04:57:14 AM

I found the movie slow and boring. I wont be going to any more of these movies .Couldn't wait till the show was over. Don't waste your time folks. It would be better watching a caterpillar cross the road.....

Monday, July 9, 09:27:25 PM

This is really funny

Monday, July 9, 08:56:09 AM

Weird and dumb. Run away from The Purge.

Sunday, July 8, 08:44:48 PM

What a stupid movie!

Sunday, July 8, 08:01:27 PM

Not that good compared to the first one. Skip it. A few audiences left the theatre before the movie finishes.

Saturday, July 7, 01:45:51 PM

A lot of action

Saturday, July 7, 11:25:37 AM

does every movie have to be full of ******* that can't act?

Wednesday, July 4, 11:39:31 PM

I have yet to see this movie but I’d like to point out that the last review—which states that the cast this time is mostly black and so the acting is not as good...???!!!!...is blatantly racist and completely ill-informed. Race has nothing to do with acting ability, and there are countless fine black actors in the public eye, now more so than ever as ignorant attitudes such as the one stated below are finally changing

Wednesday, July 4, 08:49:37 PM

It follows it's predecessors with a similar story. Most of the cast is black and so the acting is not as good as the previous ones. Otherwise, it accurately depicts a near future USA.