Friday, April 6, 06:43:10 PM

Terrific acting on the parts of everyone---both kids and adults. Childhood is the most critical time of anyone's life, and this film shows how kids cope in difficult circumstances. Poor parenting here shows how poverty of spirit is as damaging as material poverty. I thought about the film long after seeing it last fall.

Friday, March 2, 10:45:56 AM

Anyone who has children , especially that age, and doesn't feel an absolute sense of helplessness at the end of this movie cannot pretend to have a heart. It opened my eyes on how lucky some of us are and how children are so beautiful inside and out. The innocence and vulnerability is pretty powerful here and if you don't get the point of this movie then you may be oblivious to the things that matter in this world. Loved it and I can't stop thinking about Moonee and her friends. Powerful ending. Acting and cast was bang on. My two cents...

Monday, January 15, 12:22:41 PM

This is a very bad movie. Please don't waste your time.

Friday, November 24, 01:50:05 PM

So unusual // So "Tell it like it is" (how she people live)// Its sadness, to see generations developing // Its amazing acting by the children, and Dafoe and lead female.

Saturday, November 18, 07:48:08 PM

This movie had no redeeming qualities about it.Kept waiting for it to get a foothold never did, Was going to leave half way through,but thought it would turn..toward something,anything. Thankfully it ended..Better suited to make a documentery about people living on the edge than pan this off as a movie

Tuesday, November 14, 08:58:24 PM

Very humanistic representation of how children can be oblivious, or are simply too young to understand the things that are happening around them. On top of that, the cinematography and colors are amazing!

Sunday, November 12, 06:43:22 PM

Wonderful! This takes you into the world of children and their families who live on the margins--paycheck to paycheck. Handled with affection and finds joy where you might not think much could exist.

Thursday, November 9, 12:33:54 PM

One star is too much but nothing lower available. 90 minutes of a few kids running around. Felt like two days and we left with ten minutes to go. Kept waiting for something to happen and it was just several obnoxious kids doing kid things screaming and learning from a mother how to be dishonest and sponge off of people with good hearts. Dafoe had a bit part with very little to do with the outcome. The only good thing was we had a coupon for the admission and popcorn so we didn't actually waste our money on this piece of trash. We did waste a free coupon though. May it rest in peace.

Friday, November 3, 08:03:02 AM

pure trash!!!!!!!!!!!!! poorly written

Saturday, October 28, 10:36:14 PM

Wonderful film, a must see.