Monday, September 30, 09:49:47 PM

AMAZING!!!! Great documentary, me and my man went he eats meat and drinks a lot of milk and he really enjoyed the movie as well and has even started making some changes! I really enjoyed the fact they brought up issues with erectile distinction aswell and covered athletes with no problems now that they switched to plant based.

Saturday, September 21, 01:07:42 PM

Very informative and dispels a lot of myths about eating meat which has been propelled by the Agriculture/Livestock insdustries. You can get everything you need on a plant based diet and it addresses how eating animals products is adversely affecting your health and the planet. It looks at the performance of top world class vegan athletes. Note that just when you think the movie is finished and credits are rolling, there is more movie that follows.

Tuesday, September 17, 12:08:13 PM

Honest compelling well done!!!