Monday, April 27, 12:28:46 AM

I liked this movie! I see the obvious many trolls here: The 10 star "I loved it" and the "I hate it". I wouldn't pay money to see it, but for free from torrents? Hell yah!

Thursday, April 9, 10:52:57 AM

People who don’t get this movie, only like things explained in slow words and pop ups to be entertained, then go watch a shitty fast and furious movie or one of the rocks movies, they are for the dumb people..... Guy Ritchie is brilliant, am so happy he went back to his original roots, this movie can join his other masterpieces like snatch, revolver, lock stock and two smoking barrels, great cast, Hugh Grant and Matthew McConahey were the scene stealers, another thing is people just don’t get British humor

Friday, March 6, 12:28:04 PM

The gutter language was not necessary to tell this story. It was awful.

Wednesday, March 4, 06:13:54 PM

I liked this movie just as much as the rest of the Guy Ritchie movies. Can't wait for the next one. Plus who doesn't like Mathew McConaughey :)

Tuesday, March 3, 09:51:47 PM

Ah well...never cared much for crime type stories set in England. There was some action, some well known actors but for me it was just stupid.It seemed like they just threw it together to get a paycheck.

Monday, March 2, 06:27:24 PM

Absolutely great movie. Don't let anyone kid you, if you like thrillers and mysteries this is great.

Monday, March 2, 11:23:58 AM

probably the best film of the year so far

Sunday, March 1, 10:16:27 PM

Just terrible

Sunday, March 1, 06:46:51 PM

Interesting movie... Very entertaining! Great cast and great acting.

Friday, February 28, 02:17:17 AM

Violence-yes, non-stop swearing-yes, Guy Ritchie-yes, it's what he does as a film maker you should know that going in, it's not Disney ! Aside from the profanity 6 times over in every sentence I liked the story within a story told cleverly on screen. Certainly a mod podgy of characters and rap going on yet it didn't feel out of place - a hint of predictability and still enough twists to keep one interested. It's a movie ppl, relax, some will like it and others won't! ??

Thursday, February 27, 11:01:06 AM

Excellent action movie. Drug dealers killing each other. Doesn't get any better than that.

Wednesday, February 26, 02:59:33 AM

This was such a terrible Downtown Abbey spin-off!!! Only one actress from the show stayed on to do the movie. I love Mathew McConaughey and Hugh Grant and all, but they were nothing like Gentlemen in Downtown Abbey. I know they always need to escalate to keep things interesting but I was not expecting so much violence and drugs from a show like this. And there was iphones! The director clearly didn’t do any research into the time period they were supposed to be filming in. So dumb! How did no one fact check that!

Sunday, February 23, 01:24:54 PM

Terrible movie save your money nothing funny about this movie

Saturday, February 22, 12:23:26 PM

Worst movie I have ever been to. We walked out 30 minutes after it started. If I ever see a movie produced or directed by Guy Richie I will not go. We also could not believe Mathew McConahey would consent to do such a piece of crap.

Monday, February 17, 02:00:05 AM

A proper return to the roots for Guy and some of the actors he chose. Well done and fare play mate. Recommended

Monday, February 17, 12:31:39 AM

The is extremely boring with a poor plat and this will definitely get an Oscar for the worst movie of 2020

Sunday, February 16, 11:13:27 AM

I loved this movie. If you love Mr. M., he's at his best. Lady Mary shows how multi faceted she is. Such twists, turns. Get ready to hear the c*** word used as a verb, adjective and a noun more times than you can count, but other than that it was awesome!

Saturday, February 15, 07:56:59 PM

Very boring, poor plot, very little humor.

Friday, February 14, 04:54:45 PM

Will win best picture Oscar.

Thursday, February 13, 09:56:37 PM

This is a brilliant Guy Ritchie movie. Similar style and pacing to Lockstock and Snatch. If you like Guy Ritchie, you'll love this. If you're expecting a shoot'em up, stay home and watch John Wick.

Wednesday, February 12, 09:36:03 PM

Definitely not entertaining. Definitely Boring

Wednesday, February 12, 10:14:45 AM

Very entertaining

Tuesday, February 11, 09:56:03 PM

Thoroughly enjoyed it! Hugh Grant was excellent, as were Matthew, Charlie & Michelle (loved her accent!) Could have done without so many 4 letter words, they weren't necessary as plot was good

Monday, February 10, 09:15:15 PM

Action adventure movie I think not. Story time and play out scenes get out of here. Not good at all just terrible.

Monday, February 10, 09:13:25 PM


Monday, February 10, 09:11:46 PM

I also fell asleep not because I was tired but because this was a pathetic movie. Not good at all. I guess you could call it trash like a lot of other people have on here and I do agree with that comment. To the people who enjoyed I am glad you did just wish I could have. Trailer over sold this movie

Monday, February 10, 08:23:59 AM

I saw this move 3 times,and actually liked better each time I saw it.The last time was with my wife who liked it also.If you fall asleep you won't be able to fallow the plot.Get some sleep before you go and stay awake!!.Quite humorous and I thought it had a good plot.Geat acting,but they could have eased up on the swearing.

Sunday, February 9, 05:27:37 PM

Best movie I’ve seen in a long time. Classic Guy Ritchie. If you’re one of the negative reviewers you either had no idea what you were going to see or you should stick to superhero movies where you don’t need to think and just be wowed by the cgi and sparkly super suits.

Saturday, February 8, 11:17:31 PM

Definitely boring for sure

Saturday, February 8, 09:01:38 PM

Stylish, funny and absorbing. Definitely not boring.

Saturday, February 8, 09:16:05 AM

Great dialogue, great storyline. I love the way Guy Ritchie writes and directs movies. One of his best.

Saturday, February 8, 12:04:22 AM

Great humour yeah I think not. Just straight up trash. The humour in this movie is how terrible it is. Walked out after an hour and a bit. Just couldn’t take it anymore. When the gangsters show up and the fight part of it was just terrible and as for the story telling part it just gets in the way. Willl never ever watch this garbage again or want to finish it to find out what happens in the end because I don’t care unless I want to fall asleep and catch some zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzs Save your money and go see 1917 or something

Friday, February 7, 05:10:27 PM

Great movie, great performance from everyone, great british humor, Guy Ritchie is a master in telling a good story.

Friday, February 7, 03:15:26 AM

The humour is great, the people who don't have a sense of humour just miss the point.

Thursday, February 6, 10:09:13 PM

Terrible movie.

Thursday, February 6, 09:00:44 PM

Nice to see this getting lots of negative reviews. I just saw this and it is terrible. The story telling is in between scenes so it just gets in the way. CAPITAL TRASH LOL. That is hilarious. I should read reviews more often because I have never scene anything like this before

Thursday, February 6, 08:56:34 PM

There is nothing gentlemen about this movie. Plot is everywhere and story telling come on and the special effects are just pathetic. Waste of 2 hours. Should have seen something else because the trailer hyped this movie quite a bit for me and it is quite a disappointment. CAPITAL TRASH. I support what that person under that called this trash. Props to you buddy

Thursday, February 6, 02:28:18 PM

I don't understand all the one star ratings. This was a great movie. Yes, there was swearing involved. Definitely not for younger children. You'll want to be in the theater when the movie starts so you don't miss anything. Otherwise, you will find it confusing.

Thursday, February 6, 10:59:38 AM

Nice to see Guy Ritchie return to form. Great movie. Like most of his movies it's violent, most the characters have accents that Mid-Western audiences find difficult to understand, there's a good deal of foul language and the plot isn't nearly as straight forward as a Marvel Movie or one of those Fast and Furious travesties. But, that's what makes it great.

Tuesday, February 4, 04:57:31 PM

Terrible swearing and violence throughout. Nothing gentlemanly about it. No callibre of actors could save this movie. Shame on the writers, producers, directors..... Nothing soul inspiring! What a waste of time and money!