Wednesday, January 24, 12:58:02 PM

I love the movie. I normally go to the theatre for only sci fi and action movies but went to see this with my wife and kids and end up enjoying the movie. The music is awesome and Hugh should win an award for this movie. well done.

Tuesday, January 23, 10:47:50 PM

Fantastic and creative choreography; outstanding theme: we are all somebody!

Tuesday, January 23, 04:07:51 PM

It was a great musical 😁

Tuesday, January 23, 09:39:20 AM

Move was absolutely fantastic. Hollywood should take a lesson from the clean, family style, entertaining movie this was. No swearing. My husband and I loved it and he usually doesn't like musicals.

Monday, January 22, 11:27:45 PM

Good acting. Not too much singing and dancing, but just great when it was part of the scene. So entertaining. My favorite of 2017.

Monday, January 22, 10:09:36 PM

This is the first movie I've ever gone to see in the theatre twice - and I plan to go next weekend as well. I'm not even a huge theatre fan - would rather wait for DVD/rentals.

Monday, January 22, 07:38:58 PM

Pure entertainment. We loved this movie!

Sunday, January 21, 07:38:16 PM

Very entertaining movie.lots of talent in this movie

Sunday, January 21, 07:28:23 PM

liked it entertaining but not a movie I would go see again till on T.V. good for a bored night out not many good movies to choose from. Sorry don't think it is worth an award which it will be up for

Sunday, January 21, 06:22:56 PM

Excellent movie. As a kid, I tried seeing the circus show whenever came to town. As an adult I took my grandson with me to enjoy the variety of shows this type of entertainment offered, never suspected that it will disappear eventually. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to see how it all developed. I’m even thinking about purchasing the DVD whenever it gets available.

Sunday, January 21, 11:53:12 AM

Very well done. Keep one interested all the way through the film. The music well done an also the story. The breaded lady had a voice in a half. A movie is one you would watch again and again.

Saturday, January 20, 09:18:16 PM

Best movie ever! Wonderful story. No profanity. Words to songs meaningful. Cinematography amazing. Have seen it 8 times. Highly recommend it.

Saturday, January 20, 08:46:25 PM

Over rated like LaLa Land Ok if you're into musicals

Saturday, January 20, 01:42:01 PM

Absolutely LOVED this movie! Just everything was fabulous!

Friday, January 19, 09:14:33 AM

Was absolutely great, so much so, I've seen it 3 times. It is such a feel-good movie, with such great messages. I hope it finds it's way to broadway!

Friday, January 19, 08:08:35 AM

It was one of the most entertaining, and yet historical at the same time, movies we've seen in quite a while. The music and history of the circus was excellent, as were the actors.

Thursday, January 18, 09:59:58 PM

Fascinating, well acted movie. Great music.

Thursday, January 18, 02:59:55 PM

Best movie I have seen in years!!

Wednesday, January 17, 07:18:31 PM

The music the acting it was one of the best movie I have seen in a while Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron were outstanding.

Tuesday, January 16, 07:26:38 PM

Fantastic movie - actors, choreography, and music!!!! Loved it. Hugh Jackman, and Zac Efron were superb!!!

Monday, January 15, 01:14:26 PM

Absolutely a fantastic movie. Superior choreography and music. Actors are top rated.

Monday, January 15, 10:04:33 AM

Simply put, it was breathtaking. Went last night and I am going to again tonight with my daughter who is 8, it is a clean movie for her to see which is refreshing.

Sunday, January 14, 08:51:11 PM

Great clean movie. Sad in parts but very good.

Sunday, January 14, 06:32:27 PM

I loved the movie but sad at some parts

Sunday, January 14, 05:11:33 PM

I enjoyed the great group of actors/actresses, the illumination as well the photography. The first actor, as always, shows his splendid performance with on reserves. The hostile father performed surpluss, his daughter (girl) wonderful, the adult one has drama in her, she is natural. The direction is superb!

Sunday, January 14, 12:38:00 PM

Really enjoyed this movie. Hugh Jackman is Great as always. Loved Zach Efron too. Lots of Singing so if you don’t like musicals you might be disappointed.

Saturday, January 13, 09:26:44 PM

I wasn't sure about going to see this movie, but my daughter talked me into it and needless to say, I'm so glad I did! I found myself lost in the movie and it was a great story. I really liked it and I may even go see it again before it leaves the box office.

Saturday, January 13, 07:32:53 PM

Loved this movie. How refreshing to see a movie that was reminiscent of the old song and dance movies that some of us enjoy watching. Zak Efron was a big surprise, nice to see him all grown up! If you like musicals this one is a must see!

Saturday, January 13, 03:42:59 PM

Really good movie, great dancing, camera work and sets. The script and story line were a little sappy but it's what movies are supposed to be.... fantasy. Hugh Jackman is fabulous as always and the bearded lady was a great character. Definitely recommend.

Saturday, January 13, 02:33:37 PM

Uplifting, wonderful family entertainment. Happy to recommend to anyone of all ages!

Saturday, January 13, 01:58:38 PM

Fabulous...was like attending a Broadway musical

Saturday, January 13, 01:43:55 PM

Absolutely loved it!!! The music, dancing and story line were all great! Such a good movie!

Saturday, January 13, 01:19:04 AM

Absolutely loved it!!

Friday, January 12, 06:18:33 PM

Great entertainment. Great acting! Loved it!,

Friday, January 12, 06:08:37 PM

Very entertaining, great music, I loved the story.

Friday, January 12, 05:33:37 PM

Good Clean Movie and great sound track. Love it is a True story I googles after. The cast did a great job.

Friday, January 12, 12:43:43 AM

this movie is a MUSICAL, so if you don't like musical just get out of here. The production is wonderful, beautiful photography, all the actors performing great and dance routines very well done along with good music. The kind of movie you leave the theatre feeling light and pleased. I loved it.

Thursday, January 11, 05:58:13 PM

Absolutely loved this movie! The music, dancing and story line were great!

Wednesday, January 10, 05:34:05 PM

Loved the music, story line and choreography! Fabulous!

Wednesday, January 10, 04:02:48 PM

Emotional, beautiful, exciting -- a great musical with a wonderful subject. Totally worth going to see at the theater.