Monday, January 1, 09:30:15 PM

Loved it!

Monday, January 1, 05:09:12 PM

Very delightful movie...very well done...enjoyed it much and thinking about going back and see it again.

Monday, January 1, 04:19:14 PM

Great music and great performances!!! This is a masterpiece!

Sunday, December 31, 08:44:54 PM

Loved the singing, dancing and the storyline.

Sunday, December 31, 08:07:07 PM

nice injoyable move I found myself singing alonge

Sunday, December 31, 03:05:13 PM

Really enjoyed this...nice change from the shoot em up actiin films(which i also enjoy!)..but this was totally different..well done!!!

Saturday, December 30, 08:52:33 PM

Excellent music, dancing, singing and story line!! I loved it.

Saturday, December 30, 07:53:54 PM

One of the best movies I've seen this year.. the music was amazing and the story was uplifting.

Saturday, December 30, 07:35:18 PM

Just wonderful!

Saturday, December 30, 06:14:52 PM

Great Movie kept my attention the whole time Loved it !

Saturday, December 30, 04:57:25 PM

This is a great movie. It teaches us to be like Mr. Barnum and accept those who are different or unique.

Saturday, December 30, 03:00:29 PM

I loved this movie, laughed and cried

Saturday, December 30, 01:37:09 PM

Awesome show.

Saturday, December 30, 12:09:37 AM

It was lively and fun. Music was uplifting. Great for any age'

Friday, December 29, 09:58:04 PM

Excellent! Best this year!

Friday, December 29, 05:47:22 PM

very fun to watch music is great. take the family

Friday, December 29, 03:53:26 PM

This is an exceptionally good movie. The music should be nominated for awards, along with the cinematography. All very artistic and clever. My husband said he thought it was so entertaining that he would see it again! I have emailed many friends to suggest they see the Greatest Showman.

Friday, December 29, 02:11:44 PM

A treat for the eyes, the ears, and the soul alike! A feel-good movie with good family values, solid casting and amazing music! The super talented cast of singers and dancers makes this movie musical a delight for all ages! Recommended to all dreamers and entrepreneurial spirits and to those who might need their spark rekindled a bit.

Friday, December 29, 02:05:35 PM

Everything about this film is spectacular. Seen it twice now... seeing it for a 3rd tomorrow and already have plans to see it for the 4th time and have had the soundtrack on repeat for two weeks now! It's not just another film or musical .. it reaches in and grabs you by the gut, opens hearts and lifts spirits so high that it takes awhile to come down. If you love musicals, you will undoubtably love this... but if not your cup of tea, skip it. It's not for everyone ... especially not for the people who are stuck in their intellectual heads like most of the critics that have reviewed it.

Friday, December 29, 01:54:25 PM

Acting and music are top notch!!!

Friday, December 29, 11:52:29 AM

great how to torture animals with song. no thanks

Friday, December 29, 11:42:54 AM

Hugh Jackman was fantastic. Wonderful music, with great singing and dancing performances. Deserves to be viewed on the big screen. Worth seeing as a family outing.

Friday, December 29, 12:00:32 AM

Amazing......way better than I ever expected. Hugh Jackman is outstanding.

Thursday, December 28, 07:49:01 PM

Captivating entertainment! Loved it!

Thursday, December 28, 06:03:21 PM

Great entertainment without sex and foul language. Great music

Thursday, December 28, 03:41:37 PM

Incredible, best movie I have seen all year!

Thursday, December 28, 01:14:58 AM

This movie/musical is right up there with the classics like Wizard of Oz and others. Highly recommend to all. Its big an vivid with a bunch of Talented Actors and Singers. If you are looking for a night out and are looking for a great show filled with entertainment and music. Please go out and watch "THE GREATEST SHOWMAN"

Wednesday, December 27, 11:03:36 PM

Magical, fast moving, and a visual feast. This story moved fast, the music was great and I was completely entertained through the entire movie. I highly recommend for a feel good movie.

Wednesday, December 27, 07:29:28 PM

Excellent movie - thoroughly enjoyed the talent. Great entertainment.

Wednesday, December 27, 12:15:10 PM

Leave it to a liberal Leftist to comment on animal rights. Let’s just sanitize the world and watch politically correct nonsense. It’s a movie. Watch cnn if you want to be outraged and expect everyone else to change to address your offended ness

Wednesday, December 27, 11:54:09 AM

Where people learned to torture animals to entraining people. Circus was the place where animals were used or still used to make money. Musical? Lol

Wednesday, December 27, 10:43:25 AM

Great story and very feeling. Very good for families.

Tuesday, December 26, 05:13:11 PM

Costuming, music & choreography are amazing !

Tuesday, December 26, 02:20:24 PM

Loved it. Very entertaining, from the singing, dancing, costumes, performances. So very glad We saw it.

Tuesday, December 26, 08:00:59 AM

"The Greatest Showman" is fun - and I enjoyed it! I left smiling and would recommend it to others.

Tuesday, December 26, 02:41:23 AM

I pass. Movie was little boring. The man who created the greates show?

Tuesday, December 26, 01:42:38 AM

I loved everything about this movie. If you like music,dance, & Broadway,you will like this movie. Who knew Wolverine could sing & dance. I am going to spread the word that this movie is not one to be missed.

Monday, December 25, 06:30:31 PM

so fun! loved the music and message. go see it.

Monday, December 25, 05:10:10 PM

I like musicals, and this musical was the first one that I can remember in a long time that I felt privileged to be in the audience. Their music made we want to stand up and applaud. I can't wait to see it again and I hope it makes a lot of money.

Sunday, December 24, 11:18:04 PM

Musicals are not my favorite, but Jackman is a class act and good message, and supporting cast. Well directed, produced, music and coriographed.