Friday, May 24, 06:46:03 AM

lots of fun

Saturday, October 13, 03:25:18 PM

Terrible lol, all the funny stuff was in the trailer.

Sunday, September 23, 01:56:10 AM

The year's #1 comedy!

Thursday, September 20, 11:48:12 AM

It tried too hard, a few laughs, but not too many. Was very disappointing.

Friday, September 7, 12:06:12 AM

I plan on watching this a few more times, so let me know if you'd like to see it.

Thursday, September 6, 11:56:36 PM

A few funny one liners , crude and crass , Good thing I only paid $5 , watch it showtime next month if you have to.

Thursday, September 6, 11:52:15 PM

This movie is so bad they couldn't get real actors to play the parts. A sad attempt at humor or whatever this was !!! This movie is a fail , Big time

Thursday, September 6, 11:42:36 PM

Sad, sad , sad, sorry Melissa I love you but this movie is just BAD . Maybe 13 year olds might find this funny. Lame sex jokes and swearing with muppets ????? Jim Henson's rolling in his grave.

Thursday, September 6, 11:45:08 AM

Don't waste your time and money. This movie sucks.

Thursday, September 6, 03:34:59 AM

That's a chunk of time I'll never get back. In spite of a few funny lines, there aren't enough "stupids" to describe it. Who would have thought that a script written for muppets would be so raunchy and quasi porno? Melissa McCarthy must be desperate to lend her name to it. I can only speculate on the demographic who thought it was a 5 star.

Thursday, September 6, 01:52:48 AM

My partner and I decided short-term to go and see "Muppets for Adults". I must say we laughed from the beginning to the end. The jokes kept coming and coming (reference to the PI and his client intended). I recommended this movie to colleagues of mine. They also fell in love with it. It's one of those movies that will divide the audience into two groups, the ones that enjoy it and the ones that don't. If you don't like it "all street", then don't go! Otherwise you will be in for a treat.

Wednesday, September 5, 05:52:17 PM

I suppose you either love it or hate it; not my cup of tea, and I struggled to not walk out. I am not a prude....but this movie sucks; literally.

Wednesday, September 5, 05:07:01 PM

Demand a REFUND , or save your money

Wednesday, September 5, 05:04:07 PM

1st Movie I ever walked out of. FFFFFFFFFEN SUCKED !!!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 12:43:13 AM

Yes it's crude, but it has its share of tender moments, too.

Tuesday, September 4, 02:19:50 PM

It's still the best movie out there.

Tuesday, September 4, 12:17:35 PM

A couple funny spots,It wasnt quite what I thought. I consider this a Filler movie. Something to watch when youve already seen everything else.

Monday, September 3, 09:33:41 PM

Uh, not even worth my time rating it....raunchy adult trash.

Monday, September 3, 01:52:19 PM

Go see it, Worth it! I've gone twice already and still laugh.

Monday, September 3, 08:44:46 AM

The best who done it? in years.

Saturday, September 1, 09:04:59 PM

Great acting and loved the twist at the end,

Saturday, September 1, 08:20:33 PM

It's hard to make a long entertaining movie with puppets alone, well almost.

Saturday, September 1, 01:21:51 PM

Slightly left of puppet pornography. Does have some off color fun humor. Twist at the end. Hopefully Melissa cashes her checks quickly.

Saturday, September 1, 12:39:40 AM

Best movie she made to date!

Saturday, September 1, 12:38:33 AM

Hilarious, Loved it. Would give it more stars if i could

Friday, August 31, 04:11:37 AM

Worst acting and plot from this movie.

Thursday, August 30, 03:25:28 PM

A mystery worthy of Chandler and Christie.

Thursday, August 30, 03:26:18 AM

Arthur Conan Doyle would be so jealous.

Wednesday, August 29, 12:15:10 PM

Her role was terrible. Movie was boring.

Wednesday, August 29, 12:14:43 PM

I was shocked at the preview and loved it even more when i watched it. Great movie!

Wednesday, August 29, 12:10:30 PM

Great role for her, she keeps getting funnier. Nice to see a movie that is not catered to babies who are offended by vulgar language or porn. Seen it twice and going a third time.

Wednesday, August 29, 08:11:46 AM

Terrible! Just, terrible!!

Tuesday, August 28, 08:59:50 PM

Unbelievable to see this good actress star in a vulgar showing like this. Pathetic. Crude. Crap. Too bad I can't give it MINUS five stars :(

Tuesday, August 28, 04:19:47 PM

I was not so sure which movie I was watching. Lol She is so vulgar and loud. Her new role did not work for her.

Tuesday, August 28, 12:03:08 PM

Excellent movie, going to see it again.

Monday, August 27, 03:54:56 PM

A cantankerous puppet and an annoying whale team up to solve a series of murders. A few vulgar laughs are scattered here.

Sunday, August 26, 09:57:37 PM

Great movie, very funny. Laughed a lot. This movie is for adults, not whinny babies who have no sense of humor. Even after leaving the theatre this movie still put a smile on my face, go see it.

Sunday, August 26, 06:16:43 PM

Lame. She is already getting boring.

Sunday, August 26, 01:20:12 PM

I'm just rating it 5 stars because I feel bad that it got 1 stars from a bunch of wimps.

Sunday, August 26, 09:41:40 AM

Don't waste your time and money