Saturday, March 3, 06:58:36 PM

Best action/comedy movie in years. Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L Jackson make a great team. This movie is a must see. I can't wait to see it again.

Tuesday, December 5, 05:42:49 PM

Batman there is a bounty out on you! So because Hollywood can't come up with original story-lines any longer, they have to sugar-coat with attempted use of comedy, choreography, and/or CGI. Comedy did keep me going through this. The cursing was a little too much/unnecessary. Expect no crazy twists although I didn't see this one coming, but that's me. A good mix to keep interesting but definitely a 'rental'.

Thursday, November 23, 11:11:53 PM

Very violent.

Thursday, November 23, 10:22:13 PM


Tuesday, November 21, 09:03:43 PM

Been a long time since i laughed so much. Was first in line today when the DVD came out.

Sunday, November 19, 12:22:27 PM

This movie was awesome. Better then wonder garbage and justice trash. A must see

Friday, November 3, 09:59:18 PM

Very good Reynolds & Jackson make one hell of a team lots of action and laughs

Sunday, October 29, 06:43:27 PM

Terrible movie...don't waste your money !!!!

Saturday, October 14, 09:17:07 AM

Just delightfully refreshing and funny!!!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 08:37:39 PM


Thursday, October 5, 11:58:18 PM

Best comedy in years ! Great it !

Wednesday, October 4, 01:38:37 PM

Action, hilarious and great acting .... I truly loved it!

Saturday, September 30, 04:40:23 PM

Good movie but the volume was Way too loud, did someone forget to set the proper volume?

Friday, September 29, 11:29:15 AM

When you paid to see this film, I hope you don't expect to see something like "The Sound of Music" as the movie title tells it all. If you are 18 or older and/or have a grade 8 or higher education, you expect action and extremely likely with violence because it's about "hitman" and "bodyguard ", and ridiculous humour ( a hitman needs a bodyguard?!). With all those seemingly not-making-sense elements and excellent actors (male and female), voila, this movie is a hit with a 5+ star rating , can't wait for the sequel!

Tuesday, September 26, 01:01:30 PM

Well, if you crave inane action, this is your movie. Car, foot, motorcycle and boat chases with lots of bullets and bodies flying everywhere. I liked it, but it was just your usual two guys who dislike each other and bond to be "brothers" in the last scenes. I totally dislike Jackson....but I gotta admit I never saw him in a bad acting role yet.

Tuesday, September 26, 12:09:50 AM

If you like action and comedy mix, this movie will work for you. Just over all fun. A few "F" bombs used. Could bother some. My Wife and I are in our Fifty's and we enjoyed it. Thumbs up!!

Monday, September 25, 03:28:31 PM

Too much action. Both of these guys should have been dead in the very first of a 1000 stunts.

Sunday, September 24, 04:36:08 PM

Love this movie! Action and humorous all wrapped in o e movie

Sunday, September 24, 10:28:22 AM

Absolutely loved this movie. Action packed and funny! Lots of violence and fighting but appropriate for the plot.

Sunday, September 24, 01:34:18 AM

Way too violent for me. Have never walked out of a movie before...but there's a first for everything, and this was it. Didn't find it funny at all.

Friday, September 22, 01:26:13 AM

A hilarious action comedy. Reynolds and Jackson have good chemistry. A fun nonstop ride. Not for the faint of heart, strong language, if you are not a snowflake you’ll love it.

Tuesday, September 19, 08:51:36 PM

This was a fun and hilarious movie...we needed this to forget about everything crazy in the world today. Ryan Reynolds was impeccable on his line delivery and Samuel L. was his usual brilliant self. Refreshing. Would see it again!

Tuesday, September 19, 06:23:02 PM

This movie was really good. Lots of action, and fun. Some parts where the movie camera was moving back and forth too fast is not cool, kind of made me dizzy, but all in all I would watch this again on dvd.

Tuesday, September 19, 04:17:15 PM

craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. go see wonder woman instead. GAL IS HOT

Tuesday, September 19, 12:45:36 PM

OMG I laughed so hard. This is such a fun movie.

Tuesday, September 19, 12:35:46 AM

Rezy says ... worth watching :) funny . Good action

Sunday, September 17, 01:51:23 AM

If you don't want to see an action classic with a lot of funny & irreverent scenes, choose another movie. This has classic Samuel Jackson reparte' and Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as the hitmans bodyguard who is haplessly in love with Elodie Yung's character, but doesn't know how to effectively convey his true feelings. Great action scenes and no lulls. A great date movie or friends who can appreciate this type of humor.

Friday, September 15, 10:48:34 AM

Absolutley terrific entertainment ... this one got all the marbles lined up ... don't expect intellectual gymnastics, though it is extremely clever, just a great fun ride for a night out at the movies ... and for all you naysayers: 'Lighten Up!' ...this one delivers exactly what it's meant to with perfection!! Sam and Ryan AND Salma, et al deserve a thank you: Job well done!!... Sequel Please

Friday, September 15, 10:12:21 AM

Totally enjoyed the movie....sound was a little loud for my tender ears!!

Thursday, September 14, 12:21:32 AM

I love those 2 actors together. Love Ryan always . This is a good comedy and lots of swearing . Made me laugh so much .

Thursday, September 14, 12:21:32 AM

I love those 2 actors together. Love Ryan always . This is a good comedy and lots of swearing . Made me laugh so much .

Thursday, September 14, 12:18:36 AM

omg this is so funny.

Wednesday, September 13, 02:38:12 PM

I liked it IN SPITE OF the violence, car chases, and predictability. Loved the humor!

Tuesday, September 12, 04:56:56 PM

Very funny in places. The constant chase scenes were boring.

Monday, September 11, 09:11:19 AM

Just awful. star power is there but what a waste! Nonsensical and silly, this disaster could have been better. Is it a comedy...action? Who knows or cares. Walked out half way through- which I have done VERY seldom. A loser...

Sunday, September 10, 11:39:34 PM

Action and funny

Sunday, September 10, 08:00:23 PM

Love Ryan Reynolds...did not like this movie...if you like car chase movies you're gonna be in 7th Heaven...2 hours of car chases...yuk!

Sunday, September 10, 02:09:59 AM

The swearing ruined an otherwise ok movie. If you're a Christian, they use God's name in vain a lot, so if that bothers you, you may want to skip this movie. It ruined the movie for me.

Saturday, September 9, 12:45:31 AM

How many movies do we need to see Jackson cursing the same words over and over again? Then the under the breath comments of Reynolds over and over again? I went in with a positive attitude and left with a full bag of popcorn for another theater.

Friday, September 8, 08:27:16 PM

This movie was Oscars here but it was funny, someone complained about the bad language and the fact that someone had their kids there...Well... shame on the parents for bringing them in the first place and Shame on the theater for leting kids to this movie...Money does talk and the theaters want as much coin as they can get but...parents should think the odd time...Just sayin