Wednesday, September 20, 09:36:56 PM


Tuesday, September 19, 08:51:36 PM

This was a fun and hilarious movie...we needed this to forget about everything crazy in the world today. Ryan Reynolds was impeccable on his line delivery and Samuel L. was his usual brilliant self. Refreshing. Would see it again!

Tuesday, September 19, 06:23:02 PM

This movie was really good. Lots of action, and fun. Some parts where the movie camera was moving back and forth too fast is not cool, kind of made me dizzy, but all in all I would watch this again on dvd.

Tuesday, September 19, 04:17:15 PM

craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap. go see wonder woman instead. GAL IS HOT

Tuesday, September 19, 12:45:36 PM

OMG I laughed so hard. This is such a fun movie.

Tuesday, September 19, 12:35:46 AM

Rezy says ... worth watching :) funny . Good action

Sunday, September 17, 01:51:23 AM

If you don't want to see an action classic with a lot of funny & irreverent scenes, choose another movie. This has classic Samuel Jackson reparte' and Ryan Reynolds is hilarious as the hitmans bodyguard who is haplessly in love with Elodie Yung's character, but doesn't know how to effectively convey his true feelings. Great action scenes and no lulls. A great date movie or friends who can appreciate this type of humor.

Friday, September 15, 10:48:34 AM

Absolutley terrific entertainment ... this one got all the marbles lined up ... don't expect intellectual gymnastics, though it is extremely clever, just a great fun ride for a night out at the movies ... and for all you naysayers: 'Lighten Up!' ...this one delivers exactly what it's meant to with perfection!! Sam and Ryan AND Salma, et al deserve a thank you: Job well done!!... Sequel Please

Friday, September 15, 10:12:21 AM

Totally enjoyed the movie....sound was a little loud for my tender ears!!

Thursday, September 14, 12:21:32 AM

I love those 2 actors together. Love Ryan always . This is a good comedy and lots of swearing . Made me laugh so much .

Thursday, September 14, 12:21:32 AM

I love those 2 actors together. Love Ryan always . This is a good comedy and lots of swearing . Made me laugh so much .

Thursday, September 14, 12:18:36 AM

omg this is so funny.

Wednesday, September 13, 02:38:12 PM

I liked it IN SPITE OF the violence, car chases, and predictability. Loved the humor!

Tuesday, September 12, 04:56:56 PM

Very funny in places. The constant chase scenes were boring.

Monday, September 11, 09:11:19 AM

Just awful. star power is there but what a waste! Nonsensical and silly, this disaster could have been better. Is it a comedy...action? Who knows or cares. Walked out half way through- which I have done VERY seldom. A loser...

Sunday, September 10, 11:39:34 PM

Action and funny

Sunday, September 10, 08:00:23 PM

Love Ryan Reynolds...did not like this movie...if you like car chase movies you're gonna be in 7th Heaven...2 hours of car chases...yuk!

Sunday, September 10, 02:09:59 AM

The swearing ruined an otherwise ok movie. If you're a Christian, they use God's name in vain a lot, so if that bothers you, you may want to skip this movie. It ruined the movie for me.

Saturday, September 9, 12:45:31 AM

How many movies do we need to see Jackson cursing the same words over and over again? Then the under the breath comments of Reynolds over and over again? I went in with a positive attitude and left with a full bag of popcorn for another theater.

Friday, September 8, 08:27:16 PM

This movie was Oscars here but it was funny, someone complained about the bad language and the fact that someone had their kids there...Well... shame on the parents for bringing them in the first place and Shame on the theater for leting kids to this movie...Money does talk and the theaters want as much coin as they can get but...parents should think the odd time...Just sayin

Friday, September 8, 04:21:42 PM

This was quite funny.

Thursday, September 7, 09:18:00 PM

This movie was way better then atomic blonde. Atomic blonde sucked and it never did get better

Thursday, September 7, 07:31:15 PM

LOVED IT !!! Seriously...there is going to be a lot of swearing, considering the subject matter. Why surprised? Actually they could have cut back on the MF swears tho. Most definitely much, much better than Atomic Blonde that didn't even start getting interesting until half way thru.

Wednesday, September 6, 01:28:23 AM

Just a really bad movie.

Tuesday, September 5, 05:16:50 PM

If you didn't exspect swearing in this movie then you are a moron because this movie was pretty predictable that it would have it in it. Stupid humour for sure. Definitely better then WONDER GARBAGE. If there was an option between this movie and WONDER GARBAGE for the oscar then it will go something like the. Attention everyone I would like to announce the winner for the oscar and the oscar goes too hitman's bodyguard not that wonder garbage of a movie

Monday, September 4, 08:33:02 PM

Very funny. Great chemistry between the leads. Salam hayak was beyond funny. Loy's of swearing which some will have to get over. Laughed out loud so may times!

Monday, September 4, 01:06:06 PM

filthy, bad language, sucks, wanted to give it less than 1 star!

Monday, September 4, 02:08:31 AM

This movie was rad

Sunday, September 3, 06:58:57 PM

It's OK, Nowhere near a 5

Sunday, September 3, 06:08:42 PM

Great movie cool plot and nice action

Sunday, September 3, 04:38:57 PM

Horrible movie .... decided to leave because it was not at all funny, every other word was "F" this "F" that... and some people brought their kids in...

Thursday, August 31, 01:08:40 AM

Good movie, glad a friend dragged me to the theater to see it. I am not big on movies with a lot of swearing in them, but in this one the swearing usually leads to making you smile or laugh.

Tuesday, August 29, 09:03:25 PM

I would definitely recommend seeing. It's a joy ride. If you don't like sweating in a movie then don't see this but if you don't mind then you will enjoy it. It is a great action movie. It is definitely better then wonder garbage because that one was terrible. This walks over that movie a thousand times over. I would watch this one again in a heartbeat. Wonder garbage definitely not

Tuesday, August 29, 05:50:19 PM

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” was very unpleasant initially because of the abnormally loud volume. How come theatre’s cant’ figure this out? The decibel level was deafening and dangerous. With fingers in my ears, I was able to weather the beginning of the film. Then there was the girl in front of me checking her phone every 5 minutes with it’s bright distracting screen. Let’s learn some etiquette! Now that I have my complaints out of the way, let’s get to the film. There were motorcycles, cars, vans, buses, trucks, trains, boats, helicopters and more. In this action packed, high-speed film, I could not understand everything that was said or done. Luckily this did not distract from the linear story line, great acting, with eye candy for every taste (Elodie Yung, Ryan Reynolds, Samuel L Jackson). Impressive and amazing views of London, Amsterdam and the Hague, makes me want to visit and travel. There is plenty of humour, in a film that did not take itself too seriously. Let’s not forget love and the preaching about what is important in life. Intellectual, it is not. Yes there is a lot of violence, swearing and action, enough to make your head spin, but at the same time, it allows for pure escapism. Shockingly for me, I did enjoy this film.

Tuesday, August 29, 03:28:41 PM

Preictable, kinda korny humour, a few stupid parts, some unbelievable parts...A ton of fun and lots of action...well worth seeing ...

Tuesday, August 29, 03:15:39 AM

Sick movie. Very funny, great chemistry between lead actors.

Tuesday, August 29, 03:10:25 AM

Theatre was full and everyone erupted in laughter many times. Exciting and funny.

Tuesday, August 29, 03:09:05 AM

If you don't like the word Mother F****** being said over and over don't see this movie. Despite this it is a fun movie. the chemistry between the actors is great.

Tuesday, August 29, 03:05:49 AM

This is such a good film. It made me laugh throughout the movie. Love the actors.

Monday, August 28, 08:19:03 PM

Great, over-the-top, action movie that had many funny moments. Strong language concerns, but about what you'd expect from these two actors. Thoroughly enjoyed. RAN