Thursday, November 2, 01:53:53 AM

I thought it was hilarious lmao

Tuesday, October 17, 09:01:29 PM

I liked it. Really crazy . Funny chit.

Saturday, October 14, 09:46:18 PM


Saturday, October 14, 10:06:39 AM

Really funny movie, watch it

Tuesday, September 26, 03:23:53 AM

Will Ferrell n Amy Poehler never disappoint!!! D combo of them n Baby Girl that plays their daughter!!!! I LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!!

Monday, July 31, 07:05:20 AM

Wow !!! This has got to be, without a shadow of a doubt, the WORST movie I have ever seen. I wanted to give it 0 stars but 1 was the lowest option. Subtract 1 star from the score I gave and you will have the accurate score.

Monday, July 24, 07:18:08 PM


Wednesday, July 19, 01:39:07 AM

So, movies are probably made to make money.....not to be funny, entertaining, enjoyable etal. You put two old SNL characters together and roll the dice that people will pay their money. your money and miss this feeble attempt to earn same.

Tuesday, July 18, 12:09:00 PM

best movie of the summer! way better than spider boy

Monday, July 17, 07:13:02 AM

A new comedy great with overtones of the comedy classics from the 1980's. Not a mainstream film for the average audience. My wife and I loved it, my kids didn't!

Monday, July 17, 07:13:00 AM

A new comedy great with overtones of the comedy classics from the 1980's. Not a mainstream film for the average audience. My wife and I loved it, my kids didn't!

Sunday, July 16, 05:52:34 PM

Wtg, just watched this cause Spidey was sold out. How did this get made ???

Sunday, July 16, 08:18:42 AM

Not a laugh in the whole film. Unless you count when my buddy pointed out that Will Ferrell's bottom teeth look like a picket fence, don't they have Orthodontists in Hollywood ? That was the only laugh we had.

Sunday, July 16, 01:01:07 AM

Wow they think a 401 K means they have $ 401,000. Who wrote this, a 5 year old ? They old dude looks like he needs to go potty and the old chick is flipping you the bird .

Saturday, July 15, 07:07:31 PM

like, he is not a good acktor, note fuuny

Saturday, July 15, 06:04:09 AM

never even came close to laughing...I did not hear anybody laugh during the screening either...

Friday, July 14, 10:12:06 PM

So many bad reviews dis this movie. I watched it and realized I should have listened to the reviews

Friday, July 14, 06:42:33 PM

Sure to win an Oscar...wait they don't gives Oscars for least funny attempt at a comedy

Friday, July 14, 03:42:52 PM

GhostHOUSE! I'm revoking your charter!!

Thursday, July 13, 05:40:51 AM

Would have given it 15 Stars if I could, Will Ferrell is the funniest person on the planet ! Wait I actually watched the movie, make that 1 star.

Tuesday, July 11, 11:30:55 PM

This was better than expected. Not hilarious but got some laughs. Overall enjoyable. Probably 3 1/2 stars!

Tuesday, July 11, 06:18:42 PM

oh wow, should not have watched this. some guy said it was good and I believed him, big was terrible

Tuesday, July 11, 02:14:00 PM

No stars! Absolutely stupid movie! Can't believe these actors were in it. Don't waste your money....or time!!!

Monday, July 10, 02:51:43 PM

Ferrell's best in years!

Monday, July 10, 11:31:21 AM

Just about the stupidest movie I have ever seen. Does nobody read the script before they make these films ???

Monday, July 10, 10:34:41 AM

worst movie of the sumer

Monday, July 10, 03:36:03 AM

Well, the daughter was hot anyways. And to the person asking for Ferrell to shower: I'll get Will to bathe if you stop repeating yourself. Deal?

Sunday, July 9, 09:41:04 PM

watched this stinker, did not laugh once

Sunday, July 9, 05:47:10 PM

Not very funny. I laughed about three times and I left after an hour. Should have gone to see Spidey

Sunday, July 9, 08:55:51 AM

boring, feel asleep instead of laughing

Sunday, July 9, 06:34:40 AM

I want my 2 hours back, should have seen something else. typical ferrell crap, trying way too hard to be funny and not being funny at all

Saturday, July 8, 10:57:11 PM

worst movie I have ever seen

Saturday, July 8, 04:43:30 PM

Sooo not funny

Saturday, July 8, 01:15:31 PM


Saturday, July 8, 12:17:28 PM

how is this movie still in theatres ? it has the worst reviews I have ever seen, yes I saw it and it was sooo bad

Saturday, July 8, 09:57:21 AM

Not even remotely funny

Saturday, July 8, 06:26:45 AM

I did not laugh once

Friday, July 7, 09:59:57 PM

What a waste of time. Not funny at all.

Friday, July 7, 03:44:42 PM

The year's worst movie

Friday, July 7, 02:30:24 PM

They keep grinding them out to make money, film it, put it together and then on its presentation the movie is lousy. OK, thirty years ago on Saturday Night Live these "actors" were cutting edge. Times have changed, but they have not. OK, I realize movies are just entertainment and escape, but, there should also be some standards. Not funny.