Monday, November 27, 11:04:09 PM

It was ok. Not on par with previous Hunger Games movies but still worth a watch.

Monday, November 27, 02:27:14 PM

Spoiler Alert, the ending is confusing and it helps to have read the book. 10 years ago we were treated to J Law and the first HG's. But did you ever wonder, "How the heck did this bizarre idea ever come about"? Well in this movie you will discover that the initial HG's was crude, it was not well thought out, it was managed by narcissistic psychopaths (OK well one major psychopath), it's promotion was really rank (they used the weatherman) and, without a whole lot of oddly assorted pieces of the puzzle all falling into place; there would not have been a HG's. This story follows and defines the introduction and evolution of the eventual "President Snow" that we all know and hate from the J. Law movies. Tom Blyth is sensational as a young Corialanus Snow, but Rachel Zegler really steals the show. It's very hard not to fall in love with her flirty, sassy, spunky character. Far more than one of the actors from this movie evolve into characters that travel through time to appear in the J Law series (sorry that's my definition of the original movies from 10 years ago). If you are not a HG's fan (which I suspect is the reason for the bad reviews posted here) then don't bother with this movie. But if you are, you will really like this movie. PAY ATTENTION because this movie is fast, it's deep, almost every little nuance is important and do yourself a favor, go to the bathroom first :).

Saturday, November 25, 11:58:45 PM

My wife and I really did enjoy the movie. It was certainly worth the admission, but we did get in for the Seniors rate. Not sure that it needed to be that long, the first 2 hours was excellent and kept you guessing what would happen next. However, the later part strayed from the main theme and didn't really add much to the movie. Definitely worth a watch or rent when it becomes available. Just remember to pee before you start watching, as it's a long movie!

Tuesday, November 21, 07:52:02 PM

horrible movie -even my grandson (13) hated it

Tuesday, November 21, 06:37:36 PM

Better than the book. It was so good

Sunday, November 19, 02:39:59 PM

Don't like the brutality (not adults), but overall, thought was good

Sunday, November 19, 01:57:27 PM

I read the book and actually like the movie better.

Friday, November 17, 04:08:30 AM

Trailer looks hideous, and I'm guessing it's another woke joke.

Friday, November 17, 01:48:25 AM

It's Guys and Dolls for a new generation.

Thursday, August 24, 03:42:42 PM

Movie of the year. Star cast, all so talented. A prequel which is not so different from the originals to be completely alien, but which is unique and powerful enough to still stand strong on its own. It’s a very different story and perspective to the others but done equally as masterfully. Whether you’ve seen the first 4 movies or not, you will love this.

Monday, February 6, 05:44:50 PM

What can be said about a HUNGER GAMES movie even Jennifer Lawrence won't appear in...?