Friday, February 3, 05:28:59 PM

I`m 78 years old, spent 33 years plus in the front lines of law enforcement. I have worked undercover, but not in situations like those depicted in this movie. I know the actual history of the real people who are portrayed. My 50 year old son and I go to the movies often, and we agreed. In all of 2016, we never saw a movie that deserves more praise. It`s a shame The Oscars never look at this type movie.

Sunday, October 23, 11:17:25 AM

really good movie, highly recommend, 2 thumbs up

Sunday, September 4, 11:17:15 AM

Outstanding!!! Bryan Cranston kills it, as does John Leguizamo. One of the BEST this year.

Saturday, September 3, 04:06:42 PM

Coming from a police background, an having some knowledge of undercover operations, I thoroughly enjoyed the realities of this movie. Based on true life operations, this is intelligently written and performed. Very entertaining! Worth watching and possibly award winning.

Saturday, September 3, 09:41:02 AM

This movie succeeds in taking you along for the ride for an undercover bust. Where the performances on both sides of the law or so believable you feel the tension. Cranston is brilliant and oscar worthy..and the bad guys so very unpredictable and in character that it's scary A great movie and I would recommend it to anyone..a must see.

Friday, July 22, 09:48:16 PM

Really, really good. At times, it was hard to keep track of who the bad guys/good guys were. Very believable. A knuckle chewer. Bryan Cranston is a brilliant actor.

Tuesday, July 19, 07:58:29 PM

Well done. Crime thriller. Not one area that I would cut. Edge of seat, believable. Good cast. The bad guys were really good, all of it was well done.