Sunday, May 12, 07:17:59 PM

Very suspenseful.

Thursday, May 9, 08:53:07 PM

Decent thriller with good actors. Ending is a bit predictable but there are some surprises along the way. Loved the scenery and beautiful house.

Thursday, May 9, 12:42:21 AM

To the dude who called this “a slasher movie”, this is not a “Slasher” movie, lol, go watch Friday the 13’th or Halloween...those are slasher movies. Good thriller, good acting although the wife should have been taught not to talk to strangers...??

Thursday, May 9, 12:25:27 AM

C r e e p y fun with a nod to...wait for it...The Shining...good job done by Dennis Quade, yikes.

Wednesday, May 8, 09:28:03 PM

A generic, bland, predictable and boring slasher movie that is nothing but a cash grab

Wednesday, May 8, 05:13:07 PM

So, so, like a TV movie, predictable.

Wednesday, May 8, 05:12:40 PM

Ok thriller, very predictable, nothing new, Dennis McQuaid was the best part of the show.

Wednesday, May 8, 02:57:40 PM

Dennis quiad was good playing a deranged phyco the plot was good and had good acting the black couple worked together and if you like these kinds of movives youll like this one did say i loved the movie but it was good .

Tuesday, May 7, 04:31:14 PM

Awesome. Kinda knew what to expect, but Bravo! Very entertaining...Quaid at his best! All the acting was good in my view. By the way...the so called movie critics? They haven't a clue and provide only biased and reserved opinions - ignore them and go see this good flick!

Tuesday, May 7, 09:41:56 AM

Loved it!,,

Monday, May 6, 01:24:53 PM

Loved Dennis Quaid in this thriller.His appearance and acting made it the frightening movie it is.A not to miss movie

Sunday, May 5, 08:04:24 PM

Yes predictable but not a bad movie. Dennis Quaid certainly had that Jack Nicolson "Here's Johnny" look. Being a realtor, he reminded of me of sellers who get so emotionally attached to their property and just can't let go, so the movie was a typical day for me, lol.

Saturday, May 4, 01:15:37 PM

I thought Dennis Quaid was really good in the part he played! As for the movie itself, it was a bit slow to start but really picked up halfway thru. Somewhat predictable but very entertaining!

Friday, May 3, 03:29:36 PM

Worst movie!! Horrible plot and ending!!

Friday, May 3, 01:08:29 AM

I liked Cold Creek Manor .... oops, I meant The Intruder

Wednesday, May 1, 04:15:50 PM

Utterly predictable and lacking in scope and depth of great film making. Maybe one day we will get the likes of a Kubrick again with films like The Shining but for now, we are give such low fare of crude filmaking.