Saturday, September 17, 01:25:53 AM

Spent the time watching a movie in a theater with no A/C. The whole movie was long, boring and we could have seen the whole plot in the last 20 minutes. Film was poor quality and was too dark to see.

Tuesday, September 13, 06:28:52 PM

It is just plain woke garbage. I can't believe people fall for this and rating it more than on star!

Saturday, September 10, 10:06:05 PM

It was quite woke, which bugged me. But the actual horror isn't there. Not to spoil anything, but honestly there was like a little bit of blood and guts and all that, but that is only on the screen for like 10 mins top through the whole movie. It just felt like a romance movie. Where this girl goes to a random country and meets a guy and falls in love with him and tries to get married to him. The trailer spoiled the whole twist, which I found out after I saw the movie.over all a very boring movie with a few jumpscares and a bit of blood. nothing scary, or haunting

Saturday, September 10, 01:38:20 PM

Little goofy, but was entertaining

Wednesday, September 7, 02:32:01 AM

The movie was a little woke and kinda had potential but was a major let down

Tuesday, September 6, 12:48:09 PM

The characters were well developed, the plot was solid, and the denouement was extremely satisfying.

Sunday, September 4, 08:43:33 PM

The storyline wasn't necessarily unique but the acting and the cinematography made this a fun experience.

Monday, August 29, 02:56:47 PM

Woke, bad plot, horror cliche, basically bad

Monday, August 29, 07:05:16 AM

I like the way it turns out .

Sunday, August 28, 06:55:34 PM

The trailer was better than the movie. Don't waste your time or money on this one.

Sunday, August 28, 10:37:42 AM

Nothing good to say about this movie at all -had a promise and failed to meet any expectations at all. Was not scary at all, just stupid