Sunday, April 21, 05:09:58 PM

Had to fast forward. ... Nuff said

Saturday, February 23, 06:30:34 PM

I loved the movie because it was fantasy

Tuesday, February 19, 11:29:13 PM

Great clean entertainment with great messages I recommend maybe scary in some scenes for small children

Saturday, February 2, 04:26:18 PM

Great family movie! Not to be missed. Something hopeful for the winter blahs.

Saturday, February 2, 12:48:53 AM

My friend and I really liked and enjoyed this. I thought those kids were very well talented. Some Scenes were fun to see. It's British Accents for youth they may have to listen to the words carefully. I don't recommend this to very young kids some parts are a little scary.

Friday, February 1, 04:33:44 PM

This movie not like super movie but it was fun to watch.

Thursday, January 31, 07:51:25 PM

We had a good time watching this movie.

Wednesday, January 30, 08:01:30 PM

I actually loved this movie. The actors were great; the villains were scary and looked cool; the message was one that I think a lot of people need to learn. Thumbs up!

Monday, January 28, 06:32:22 PM

Cool story.

Sunday, January 27, 05:42:49 PM

I liked everything

Saturday, January 26, 05:39:31 PM

It gets the kids out if the house.. Meh

Saturday, January 26, 10:23:57 AM

Silly movie to watch. I found this movie very funny. I had good time watching this movie.

Friday, January 25, 05:36:38 AM

This movie is funny. Better than the Shyamalan’s movie.

Tuesday, January 15, 09:00:32 AM

Painful; even fans of The Emoji Movie will find this hard to sit through.