Monday, November 11, 09:41:32 AM

Hated it. Just nothing but stupid violence, and I mean stupid. A king believes he was insulted and so thousands have to die and they have to take over an entire country whose people don't want them? Stay in your own country folks! Shows the absolute stupidity of men.

Saturday, November 9, 06:54:52 AM

One of the best movies I've seen in years. The gritty reality of combat, real combat, not those silly Hollywood crap movies where all the "stars" don't wear helmets and toss their coiffered goldylocks hair around while trying to act manly is over! The acting was incredible! The familiar story had a more realistic undertone. No politically correct "moors" inserted un-historically either. The intensity level was astounding, and my eyes never left the screen during the whole 2+ hours.