Saturday, March 12, 12:01:31 PM

Huge let down.

Thursday, March 10, 05:42:43 PM

Couldn't really decide between 3 or 4 stars but... there it is. It was like watching 3 or 4 smaller shows, tied together, in succession. Enjoyed the story, the music score, the characters, and the twists. It's extremely rare I make an actual physical gesture in reaction to a surprise event, and this movie caused one.. and held it for like 5 seconds. Shocker for sure.

Thursday, March 3, 01:08:32 PM

This prequel was more enjoyable that the first two instalments!

Thursday, February 17, 05:29:52 PM

Of the three Kingsmans, this was the superb one. If you like intrigue, unforgettable character studies, and being whisked away from a dreary world, this is your movie.

Friday, February 11, 10:24:10 PM

Very enjoyable! Also insightful history lesson as well. Stay for the extra scene at the end that leads into a second prequel to the storyline. Looking forward to see it.

Thursday, February 10, 11:22:44 AM

Compared to the last King's Men this was really a good movie to watch.

Thursday, February 3, 11:23:08 AM

Just did not find the humor or charm of the first two. Will not rewatch on tv either.

Tuesday, January 11, 10:04:50 PM

Unusual Interpretation of major events in history. Like to see again

Saturday, January 8, 11:07:39 AM

This is incredible! Have you ever seen the like?!

Wednesday, January 5, 01:27:30 PM

Fast paced adventure; good acting; liked much better than I expected. Enjoyed the previous Kingsman also

Thursday, December 30, 03:38:21 PM

So much action, loved it!

Thursday, December 30, 03:36:36 PM

So much action, loved it!!!!!!

Monday, December 27, 04:25:23 PM

While Indiana Jones combined action with archeology, The King's Man combined action with history.

Monday, December 27, 04:19:25 PM

It took to long to tell a very short story.

Monday, December 27, 10:29:31 AM

Would have liked more connections to present day.

Monday, December 27, 09:59:57 AM

The one film you must not miss this Holiday Season!

Monday, December 27, 09:59:04 AM

The best!

Thursday, December 23, 06:48:32 PM

Was impressed how they followed much of the actual history that happened in our world during the film leading up to and during WW!, Interesting and quite factual and believable to watch. Loved the first 2, and really enjoyed this one.

Tuesday, July 16, 12:32:26 PM

Third entry in the popular series makes for irresistible fun. Really enjoyed this one!