Thursday, August 22, 03:27:19 PM

Violent & gory but very powerful. Uplifting to see such power emerge out of mistreated women. I loved the dialogue! Elisabeth Moss is a relatively new, and rising star --- so very talented. She is going to go places fast in the realm of acting, right up there with Meryl Streep -- there is not a role she is not capable of. I love her! Melissa McArthy was terrific in her first very sombre, serious role of acting. Didn't know she'd be capable of it but she was superb & pulled it off perfectly & convincingly. Excellent movie.

Tuesday, August 20, 05:00:47 PM

Cheesy ending. Interesting actors.

Tuesday, August 20, 03:22:21 PM

Entertaining, action packed and lots of interesting plots.

Sunday, August 18, 12:59:10 PM

An insult to our intelligence. Good music cannot coverup poorly executed and unconvincing story line. Too many loop holes. Moss and McCarthy's acting excellent Haddish overacted.

Sunday, August 18, 11:26:29 AM

So much violence and gore,,,do we really need to know how to cut up a body? No redeeming qualitry. I hated it!

Saturday, August 17, 07:29:52 PM

i enjoy all of this move the three ladys action part was well played

Saturday, August 17, 04:03:57 PM

Pretty slow and boring.

Saturday, August 17, 09:05:47 AM

We liked this movie. The acting, yes acting, not special effects, was good. Nice twist at the end.

Friday, August 16, 03:16:50 PM

Terrible acting. 0 star

Friday, August 16, 01:27:13 PM

Ok, but rather weak. I'm not sure but I think in light of all the shootings Hollywood thinks they are playing it safe by having women rather than men having the guns in their hands. I guess I was disappointed- I mean 40 years on can't anyone top films like the Godfather? This film is watchable but hardly memorable. A year or so from now I hardly will remember having seen the film.

Friday, August 16, 06:29:59 AM

Did not like it. To much violence especially with what is going on in this COUNTRY. Save your money for buying a ticket

Thursday, August 15, 11:41:19 PM

The acting in this movie was outstanding - who knew Melissa McCarthy and Tiffany Hadish could do such a great job acting in a dramatic role rather than a comedy (and Elizabeth Moss too, but that wasn’t a surprise). Definitely violent, but it’s a mob type of story, so to be expected. I really enjoyed it. I think it would appeal to both men and women.

Wednesday, August 14, 04:54:07 PM

Thank goodness it wasn't any longer!

Monday, August 12, 11:28:53 PM

It had some surprises and stayed interesting throughout

Monday, August 12, 02:18:53 PM

This movie has too many boring parts in it with some unnecessary swearing in it. The ending is terrible. Save your money.

Monday, August 12, 12:32:36 PM

If this movie is rated more than 1 star. Excuse me people but you need to get out more and watch movies that are worthy of 4 or 5 stars. This is not one!!!

Sunday, August 11, 06:36:03 PM

I liked the movie and how it shows how its a dog eat dog world and if you dont stand up for your self youll be stepped on

Saturday, August 10, 10:01:48 PM

This movie shows how women have walked in fear of attack or abuse for a very long time. It was actually uplifting to see how strong the women became in a very male-oriented (under)world. Not pro-violence, but when the choice is running and hiding in fear all your (potentially short) life or fighting back and taking charge....well.

Friday, August 9, 11:56:35 PM

This Kitchen sizzles with fine performances and clever plot twists. 5/5

Friday, August 9, 11:31:01 PM

OMG next to Tag this has to be the worst movie ever

Friday, August 9, 08:06:02 PM

Not the most exciting movie.

Friday, August 9, 08:05:05 PM

Seemed to drag on and on Great cast but fell short