Tuesday, January 8, 01:39:50 AM

For those who didn't like the movie that's fine. The real thing is nothing like what you see in the movies, and I hope you never have the chance to see it in life. The more gore you see the less it hits you and makes it so much easier to disbelieve. I will say the ending of the movie was a waist. Being filled with demons is a very lonely personal thing. Remember this. Every day you more than likely come into contact with a person that is possesed and you won't even know it. Problem is neither will they.

Monday, March 14, 08:24:53 PM

what a big "FAIL"

Saturday, January 29, 01:55:43 PM


Thursday, January 27, 10:51:10 AM

wasnt nearly as good as i thought it would be, all the best parts were in the trailer

Sunday, January 16, 01:36:46 AM


Wednesday, January 12, 01:55:33 AM

wasnt evil enough it was stupid and didnt look real

Thursday, January 6, 03:32:43 PM

Simply awful. The acting, the script, the directing, the filming, the editing. ALL AWFUL. They weren't kidding when they called this one the "The LAST Exorcism" - I'll never watch another one again. Did they create this over a weekend or what?

Thursday, January 6, 10:05:57 AM

expected a lot better,

Tuesday, January 4, 10:45:33 PM

The worst movie ever, sure a couple twisted scenes. None the less it's terribly bad!!!!

Saturday, November 13, 09:41:46 AM

Waste of money

Friday, November 12, 10:38:05 AM

Very scary. I am a huge fan of Exorcism movies and this one is very different but incredible. I love the way it was filmed (sort of like in the Blair Witch Project). It adds a very personal touch. You feel right in it. Use of humor is of very good taste. Definitely a movie to be seen if you appreciate classic movies of this genre.

Saturday, November 6, 09:33:11 AM

Not really what you'd be expecting. Different kind of movie, but not terrible.

Tuesday, November 2, 07:59:46 PM


Friday, October 29, 11:11:26 AM

Interesting movie...with a crazy ending.

Sunday, October 10, 05:12:05 PM

Yikes. Waste of life

Sunday, October 10, 11:31:38 AM

Movie was alright until the end...

Saturday, October 9, 12:34:53 PM

Interesting movie. Very interesting end.

Thursday, October 7, 11:46:58 AM

Odd movie, but good time killer.

Monday, October 4, 08:52:11 AM

Not bad at first, turned strange.

Friday, October 1, 11:48:18 AM

was not worth the money to go and see it.

Wednesday, September 29, 11:13:33 PM

anybody know what happened, sucked

Monday, September 27, 03:38:43 AM

Interesting take on a viewpoint. But the documentary style was almost too over the top. Not the best film, but worth taking a look.

Sunday, September 26, 11:18:14 AM


Saturday, September 25, 04:28:02 PM

it was amzing

Friday, September 24, 10:26:49 PM


Friday, September 24, 03:33:35 PM

Not engaging and really bad ending ... I wanted a good scare but we've all seen it all before. The characters were so 2-dimensional and silly, really.

Friday, September 24, 09:20:14 AM

there was some really scary parts but the rest was just weird and awful!it was not even scary and i am only 11!

Wednesday, September 22, 07:02:10 PM

I agree that the promotional movie poster itself is scarier than the movie itslef. The movie begins and you think you are watching a documentary not a thriller. Half-way through the movie things start to get creepier and shocking and then the end sucks...

Wednesday, September 22, 11:26:00 AM

Kinda dragged, some quick scary scenes that made my girlfriend jump then laugh.. otherwise she didnt like it and neither did i!

Monday, September 20, 03:53:18 PM

It's funny because I liked the movie and aparently everybody else hated. It's a fair B movie with scary possessions scenes, almost dsiturbing

Thursday, September 16, 06:34:07 PM

The movie poster is scarier than the actual movie, huge disappointment.

Thursday, September 16, 11:38:14 AM

Thought provoking, educative, creepy and haunting!

Wednesday, September 15, 08:01:54 PM

i love the movie so much

Wednesday, September 15, 03:16:19 PM

I really don't know why they make movies like this!

Saturday, September 11, 11:32:40 PM

im giving this movie one star because that is the lowest i can go, not worth the 20 bucks folks, not even worth to rent, its the worst movie i ever went to see at the theaters, i cant believe some actually like this movie, do yourself a favor and dont waste your money on this one

Saturday, September 11, 08:23:55 PM

NEGATIVE 10 do not watch this movie because it was a waste of money

Saturday, September 11, 06:29:07 PM

TERRIBLE!!! It was so bad it turned into a Mystery Science Theatre episode. The entire audience was joking about the film... excpet for two ladies with garage movie taste. Annoying them was more interesting then the movie itself. Please save your money. ---Princess TruLuv

Saturday, September 11, 06:04:42 PM

super sick

Saturday, September 11, 03:53:11 PM

It wasn't necessarily scary... weird film, wouldn't waste my time again.

Friday, September 10, 09:34:55 PM

B movie horror; ie. house of the devil, rosemary's baby, etc. the title tricks the real exorcist fans. not a bad movie as everyone seems to be saying.