Friday, April 12, 06:16:55 PM

Very good nice and funny & refreshing

Saturday, March 23, 04:51:28 PM

Not quite as fresh as the first movie but still clever and fun!

Wednesday, March 20, 11:59:28 AM


Thursday, March 14, 04:18:50 PM

It's a "noisy" movie. It has a bit of humour, which is appreciated. Went with 4 year old. By the time we sat through car ads, movie ads and so many other ads, she was tired. After watching the movie for an hour, she wanted to go home. We left. I suggest that for children's movies, you drop the ads. Too much stimulus.

Monday, March 11, 09:43:42 PM


Sunday, February 24, 10:24:48 AM

it is garbage the story line makes no star

Friday, February 22, 10:09:12 PM

Everything is AWESOME!

Friday, February 22, 08:36:14 PM

Silly silly

Thursday, February 21, 09:28:20 PM

the characters!!! awesome the first one i saw!

Saturday, February 16, 02:38:45 PM

Maybe they can’t make a great sequel, but they sure can steal your money.

Saturday, February 16, 12:06:58 PM


Saturday, February 16, 10:20:13 AM


Thursday, February 14, 08:11:58 PM


Wednesday, February 13, 05:15:07 PM


Tuesday, February 12, 10:15:35 PM

Not exactly what it was lived up to be but was still enjoyable I guess.

Saturday, February 9, 03:48:45 PM

It was wonderful. It was funny and touching.

Saturday, January 26, 07:53:57 PM

Everything is not awesome! Not as good as first but okay

Friday, January 25, 07:08:05 PM

I love that I am the first to rate this movie! So COOOOOOOOOOLLLL!!!