Tuesday, August 24, 11:15:48 PM

No payoff. As with his previous movie THE WITCH, Eggers leads the audience on a road to nowhere. At least THE WITCH was engaging up until its infuriating copout finale. This one is just garbage from the start. Eggers has nothing to say and no story to tell. Stay away from this loser of a movie.

Wednesday, July 28, 11:44:05 PM

Director Eggers leaves the audience stranded with another non-ending. Lazy.

Friday, July 10, 10:09:07 PM


Friday, July 10, 10:08:44 PM

great film one of the best! A+++

Friday, December 27, 07:01:48 PM

It was original but too much Pattinson masturbation. Literally. It’s nasty and the first 10 times are sufficient to make the directors point. The other 50 jerk offs are unnecessary and I agree the dialogue is unintelligible at times. It’s all black and white for style purposes.

Thursday, December 5, 12:29:19 PM

This movie is in Willem’s wheel house, however Pattinson is out of his league. There came a point in the movie where the dialogue was unintelligible, sloppy and just plain stupid. Not ever witnessing someone go crazy in real life, I got both discussed and bored at the same time. I just left in the middle. It was good that I didn’t pay full price.

Saturday, November 30, 03:01:13 PM

What a wretched movie. Why?

Friday, November 15, 07:16:32 PM

pretty amazing

Wednesday, November 13, 12:12:57 AM

Where do I start. The cinematography, writing coupled with amazing director and talented actors set this movie apart. Best to brush up on mythology before seeing - the symbolism is off the chart.

Monday, November 11, 11:00:54 PM

Never insult a man's lobster.

Monday, November 11, 03:21:33 PM

Gaslight House?! lol! Yes, it was great performances, and beautiful cinema, but a little self-indulgent in the writing. I had to see it and am glad I did, but would not go see it again.

Sunday, November 10, 10:37:07 AM

Two men working in a lighthouse drive each other mad. It's well acted, well shot, ... well executed. A very good piece of film in terms of craft. But ... did I like it? No. I'm glad I saw it, but I don't need to see it again.

Saturday, November 9, 11:14:16 AM

What becomes clear early on is that rather than searching for stable truth or rational explanation, The Lighthouse is a film in which the only option is to give oneself over fully to its haunting, mesmeric dream-logic.

Friday, November 8, 09:21:43 PM

Stupid movie ..wish I never went ..only good thing about it was the end...I can't figure out why it's still showing...but hey why bring in a good movie to yarmouth...

Friday, November 8, 05:11:54 PM

Worst Movie I have ever seen.

Friday, November 8, 09:10:48 AM

It is dark, and a little difficult to follow at first.....but a great film. The acting is superb.

Wednesday, November 6, 04:42:36 PM

Great film

Wednesday, November 6, 07:51:11 AM

Robert Eggers' film The Lighthouse is one of those projects that leaves you pondering if you're sick for liking it, but at the same time, you might feel bad if you don't.

Wednesday, November 6, 07:50:51 AM

The Lighthouse features two very strong performances from both Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson in this beautifully shot movie.

Tuesday, November 5, 05:50:25 PM

It's as if this footage has just been unearthed after a century mouldering in a Scandinavian documentary film archive.

Tuesday, November 5, 05:50:07 PM

Channeling elements of German Expressionism, Franz Kafka, Herman Melville and a wild dollop of Greek mythology, this tale of isolation and insanity, is an ambitious and unheralded cinematic joy to behold

Tuesday, November 5, 05:49:49 PM

At least Pattinson and Dafoe's admirably invested work will linger, two actors losing themselves just a little bit as their characters lose it all.

Tuesday, November 5, 05:49:05 PM

Dafoe, especially, digs his maw deep into Eggers' stylishly, flavorfully archaic dialogue, in a performance that suggests a live-action version of the sea captain from The Simpsons.

Tuesday, November 5, 05:48:39 PM

thumbs up A+ great film

Tuesday, November 5, 05:47:42 PM

Probably the most delightful thing about The Lighthouse is that it gives Willem Dafoe the role of a lifetime

Monday, November 4, 01:52:34 PM

The actors are great, but why they chose to make this piece of **** I have no idea. I wish I could scrub it out of my head, it was a stinking pile of dog crap.

Sunday, November 3, 11:43:13 PM

Dark and boring. Nothing worthwhile about it and it's sad these 2 actors are now resorting to garbage movies.

Sunday, November 3, 11:14:51 PM

Just totally bizarre was like the guy who wrote it was trippin on some of the good stuff 2out of 10and i like those 2 actors

Saturday, November 2, 11:32:56 PM

Quality, plain and simple. Robert Pattinson is great. I'm not a cinematographer, but the camera angles, lighting, the inside and outdoor settings all were interesting and served the movie well. Quality.

Saturday, November 2, 01:29:24 PM

Brilliant acting. A thinkers’ pic

Saturday, November 2, 08:41:52 AM

Pure art, movie making at its best.

Friday, November 1, 09:06:18 PM

Ugh !

Friday, November 1, 06:39:36 PM

This movie is fantastic. Thoroughly tense and enjoyable.

Friday, November 1, 06:28:14 PM

....Speechless !

Friday, November 1, 06:21:37 PM

What is this???

Friday, November 1, 06:21:17 PM

Yarmouth NS deserves better than this ! I do understand that from a cinematography stance it may be good but I’m not sure how that is supposed to translate to joe public . Maybe if will win lots of awards and prove me dead wrong ....??

Friday, November 1, 06:20:24 PM

My dog could make a better movie

Friday, November 1, 06:13:56 PM

Still having nightmares of how bad it was !!!!! I was exited but now im disappointed

Friday, November 1, 06:13:53 PM

Life is short and at 49 years old I have limited amounts of quality time left . If I could go back in time I could possibly add 2 hours to the value of remaining life... So disappointed with my choice... I must do better .

Friday, November 1, 06:13:38 PM

Not everyone in Yarmouth is like this I’ve been there