Tuesday, September 17, 10:55:05 AM

excellent animation..brought grandkids. they enjoyed it.

Saturday, September 14, 05:06:53 PM

I loved EVERYTHING about it and couldn’t stop thinking about it- can’t wait to own it again

Friday, September 13, 10:05:50 PM

I Like This Movie better of Cartoon and Real Life Movie is The Best Year 2019 I Like It

Friday, September 13, 04:02:36 PM

not a big deal

Friday, September 13, 10:24:23 AM


Thursday, September 12, 02:49:35 PM

Don't waist your money

Sunday, September 1, 02:07:48 AM

Typical storyline but very enjoyable. Good family movie.

Saturday, August 31, 11:57:19 AM

The memories we make with our children can be lived in once again long after they’ve grown in movies such as The Lion King. The remake is as delightful as the first edition, if not more so.

Friday, August 30, 11:33:57 PM

When I first saw the commercials for this movie I was thinking this movie is not gonna be very good but once I heard who was all in it I was thinking it might be better than I thought, finally got around to seeing it tonight and it was amazing! I loved it more than the original to be honest and there was so much comedy added to the film which made many people crack up in the theater, 5 out of 5 from me no doubt, will be a must own for us when it releases on 4K!

Wednesday, August 28, 06:10:47 PM

The original animated Lion King was great! The attempted realistic animals in this movie who's mouths did not match the voices was like a movie made over a hundred years ago.

Tuesday, August 27, 11:41:55 AM

My daughter and I never saw the first version of The Lion King. We loved this movie. The cinematography and the animation was amazing. We would see this movie again.

Tuesday, August 27, 10:32:05 AM

The teaching.

Sunday, August 25, 01:41:15 PM

Shameful endorsement of lethal patriarchal and cisgender norms. The people who identify as women who like this should be particularly ashamed. Disney is run by men. There is blood on all of our hands!!!

Friday, August 23, 10:10:30 PM

Better than the original !!

Wednesday, August 21, 01:44:54 PM

Terribly made copycat movie

Sunday, August 18, 03:00:03 PM

Changed the story and makes the girl the sultan not Aladdin as in the real story

Saturday, August 17, 04:41:16 PM

Trying to copy the original was a big mistake. Should have been made starting at end of original movie and should have been animated like the original.

Friday, August 16, 06:52:17 AM

Loved It! The live action was cute! Almost pretty close to the original cartoon version! And the simba and nala as lion cubs were so adorable! Im going to watch it again when it comes to my town!! Its always good to get a second glance at the movie you like! Love disney! And this was by far an Awesome remake! But just Like aladdin ,scar was not as evil as the scar in the cartoon,so that made it sad! They should have picked a more evil charachter,voice and looks and all! The guys voice did not have it! Jeremy irons was the best for that part in the cartoon! :) and the “ be prepared” song was way to short and changed alot of lyrics! Haha but thats all that made it sad to watch! But other then that Great Job disney!! I will be seeing this soon!! Loved it!!!!!! Shame on any haters against the disney movies! They are trying ! And not trying to impress just you! Great movie! Hoping to see tangled or tarzan as a musical remake!! ????

Thursday, August 15, 09:32:42 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. Not as good as the original but still entertaining.

Wednesday, August 14, 04:27:06 PM

Very realistic, full of action, funny & heartwarming. Don't understand what's not like, those that give it a negative review would do the same with any movie no matter how good it is. Children may prefer the original one better but my wife and I enjoyed it very much.

Tuesday, August 13, 07:33:01 PM

To be honest I was bored. It is exactly like the animated film almost shot for shot. Will kids like it? Probably but it is sad the Disney can only come up with a remake of a previous film. What's next? Robin Hood? The rescuers? Perhaps Im being a grump but this did not work for me. Disney brought back James Earl Jones but did they run out of money for Jeremy Irons? Now he had the bad guy voice.

Tuesday, August 13, 03:54:16 PM

Animated feature still better...

Tuesday, August 13, 02:51:59 PM

We liked everything about this movie! By far one of the best ever.

Tuesday, August 13, 02:04:34 PM

Lugubrious and artificial. A cynical cash-grab from an evil corporation,

Tuesday, August 13, 01:19:35 PM

It was a wonderful movie. I might go see it again it is that good. Great for people of all ages.

Monday, August 12, 08:44:26 PM

I loved this movie so much! My 10 year old son, my husband, and myself saw it. My son said that it was one of the best movies he's ever seen. I was worried that it would be a bit slow in the beginning but the momentum picked up pretty quickly, and the movie flew by. This film just has so many meaningful meta-themes – and these themes are beautifully and engagingly played out from beginning to end.

Sunday, August 11, 04:10:15 PM

The cartoon was better - I enjoyed the fact that it was so real like but for the most part the cartoon was better

Sunday, August 11, 01:23:13 AM

I loved everything about this movie. Very good movie

Saturday, August 10, 10:36:41 PM

I thought this was beautifully done - the animals are amazing and there was just the right amount of music and humor. There were a couple of places that would be scary for young children. I felt that it followed the plot of the play and the Disney animated version, both of which I have seen. I loved it!

Saturday, August 10, 12:27:36 AM

It was made pretty badly. Animals are too life like. Which actually makes them very unexpressive. Disney should have thought about that. Some really bad voice acting. Particularly young simba. And scenes don't take the time to let the emotion actually happen, they just sort of rush through them. It was pretty bad.

Friday, August 9, 06:53:42 PM

My daughter and I went to see this movie. We used to watch the animated movie a lot when she was little, she is 21 now. We both thoroughly enjoyed it.

Thursday, August 8, 11:58:46 AM

Awfully made movie. So bad it would take pages to bring out all the bad areas .

Thursday, August 8, 07:58:17 AM

Beautiful and Amazing movie! Stop comparing to original! It would be a waste of money if it was exactly 100% to original. Be open minded! It is just another way of telling this amazing story. So many underlining messages about life if you pay attention.. Soundtrack music is awesome as well.

Tuesday, August 6, 07:20:02 PM


Tuesday, August 6, 06:48:21 PM

Delightful in every way. GuruBob says 96/100

Sunday, August 4, 05:04:00 PM

Not for young children as it is scary. Seth Rogen does a terrific job. Beyounce needs to stick to singing. Her speaking voice is annoying.

Sunday, August 4, 03:29:43 PM

Loved the digitalized version-very real- almost 3 D like. The original animated Verizon was cute & funny-great for young kids. The new version might be a bit scary for young children (under 8-9 years). The new version was very life like. Great movie-better on theater screen then DVD at home

Sunday, August 4, 12:00:03 PM

Don't waste you money on a copy cat attempted movie remake with attempts to make realistic animals speak. Not only was this a bad idea but it looked so stupid especially when the lips moving did not match the voiced sound. The movie would have been much better if it was animated like the original and started where the original left off. But it's too late for that now as this movie has ruined the chance of that ever happening.

Saturday, August 3, 02:02:08 PM

I loved it :)

Saturday, August 3, 12:26:59 PM

It was an amazing movie the scenery was amazing. Went with my aunt who has never seen this movie not even the original