Saturday, February 27, 08:46:27 PM

Very predictable. Denzel is better than this movie.

Tuesday, February 23, 03:59:33 PM

It was decent, but not one of Denzel's best. There was some good acting in it, but practically little else.

Sunday, February 21, 12:37:42 PM

A mind workout on who is the serial killer as the Deputy (Denzel Washington) tries. Surprise ending. Mystery for sure. Need a bit of a strong stomach for some scenes.

Wednesday, February 17, 03:34:44 PM

Nice to have a movie with a good story line, without cursing and disgust. Enjoyed it thoroughly. Need more movies like this, again. A break from all the weird stuff out there.

Monday, February 15, 03:47:51 PM

Was very surprised the story line was so LOST in the final edit with these two excellent leading actors! It was so poorly done you wondered if you missed something. Disappointing!

Sunday, February 14, 06:22:18 PM

the main actor "Queen" pulled the whole movie down

Sunday, February 14, 01:48:13 PM

Do you need a reservation?

Saturday, February 13, 09:16:58 AM

After the movie I was thinking of so many things that made me wonder if they actually got the right person. Loved this movie and maybe there will be a sequel.

Saturday, February 6, 10:26:00 AM

A waste of a good actor's talent .It seems the producers themselves did not know where to go with the story .

Monday, February 1, 09:31:19 AM

The trailers for this film portray it as a movie about detectives looking for a serial killer. But the actual film can't decide if it's about finding a killer, or about the detectives looking for him. The end result is a weak "catch the killer" movie and a weak "PTSD drama", doing neither very well.

Saturday, January 30, 11:46:24 AM

Values evinced by script. Washington brilliant as usual.

Friday, January 29, 10:41:47 PM

Denzel is too good of an actor to have taken part in this movie. This movie jumps around and around and around, makes no sense and fails to deliver any excitement at all. Save your $$$