Tuesday, July 8, 09:14:26 PM

The best movie of all time? Oh heck no! Not even the best movie of the year. Not only was it bad on its own, but compared to the book it was horrible. They made the central focus a 45 minute long battle that was never supposed to be the main focus (the characters were but since they made it plot-driven, a character-driven movie thus suffers). There was barely any character development, and they killed off characters that were NEVER SUPPOSED TO DIE! (Haldir) And what the heck were the elves doing at Helms Deep? Sure you can`t have it exactly like the novel, but then why add things that were never there, kill off characters that never di

Tuesday, July 8, 04:39:00 PM

It was an amazing movie! Lord of the RIngs The Two TOwers, has given "movie" a different meaning. It was possibly the best movie ever made, and made flawless to the very end. A truly amazing movie!

Tuesday, July 8, 02:47:52 PM

Incredible and breath-taking!! - builds anticipation for the next one yet ends well

Sunday, July 6, 04:13:27 PM

it was good!!

Saturday, July 5, 03:44:18 PM

It was the coolest movie I ever saw.

Saturday, July 5, 02:27:53 PM

Really Amazing! Better than the FIRST! More ACTION & ADVENTURE!

Saturday, July 5, 02:14:06 AM

this is the bets movie i ever seen

Thursday, July 3, 03:18:09 PM

i thought that it was a really good movie

Thursday, July 3, 01:00:12 PM

so AMAZING!, the special effects are INCREDIBBLE! A MUST-SEE!

Sunday, June 29, 04:14:44 PM

it was a very good movie i want to see the third movie.

Saturday, June 28, 05:09:44 PM

Possibly the best movie of all time. Peter Jackson has set a new standard for all producers in the movie business. It was an awesome movie, and the cinematography was unbelievably good. The actors/actresses did a stunning job. The anticipation for #3 is absolutely unbearable. I can`t believe some people out there didn`t like this movie... they must be insane!

Tuesday, June 24, 08:32:02 PM

I think this movie is great

Sunday, June 22, 09:48:01 AM

I was amazing but it added some parts that werent in the book. O well it still ruled, I enjoyed it because I am a total LOTR freak I have read all of the books except The Silmarilion. It had good special effects and the orcs look real Helm`s Deep was just how I imagined it! Anyways it was definitely the best movie ever (so far anyways). Can`t wait til Return Of The King

Friday, June 20, 05:52:53 PM

The Special effects are unbelievable and the cast is perfect for their roles.

Friday, June 20, 04:39:36 PM

It was an awesome movie...

Friday, June 20, 11:08:03 AM

It is like one of the best movies of all time. I can`t wait till the third one comes out. It`s going to be even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 03:25:05 PM

great movie, cant wait for the 3rd installment.

Monday, June 16, 10:28:10 PM

the best movie since 1980`s Empire Strikes Back

Saturday, June 14, 06:48:35 PM

I LUV THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!THE TRILOGY IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!my friend loves it just as much.she loved it so much that she started talking elvish and got me hooked!!!!!!!!!i also agree with her that "light the fire within" by leann rimes is a more fitng song to the movie.but it still rises above all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 09:41:05 AM

It was brilliant. The visual effects were amazing.

Tuesday, June 10, 08:43:23 AM

A brilliant masterpiece. Peter Jackson will be hard pressed to out do himself after his work on the trilogy. I can not wait to see LOTR-The Return on the King.

Monday, June 9, 08:50:34 PM

It was the best movie ever!!!!!There`s no fantasy movie better than it!!`can`t wait `til the last one!!

Monday, June 9, 04:12:18 PM

It was the best movie I ever saw. You can count on me to be there on the premiere of «The Return of the King»! I wouldn`t miss it for the world! Other producers and actors will have to work real hard to beat these movies of «Lord of the Rings».

Saturday, June 7, 09:12:47 PM

It was the best ever!! Especially Legolas

Tuesday, May 27, 01:37:52 PM

I thought it was awsome!

Sunday, May 25, 07:10:13 AM

a visual treat .. wonderful ..viggo mortensen and ian mckellen are outstnding cheers to peter jackson ..he`s next to speilberg !

Saturday, May 24, 02:23:07 PM

It is incredible how Peter Jackson has lived up to making my trilogy an even greater masterpiece. J.R.R. Tolkien

Friday, May 23, 09:55:07 PM

excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent excellent, excellent excellent. that is all that I will say. I think it explains for itself

Friday, May 23, 11:38:09 AM


Wednesday, May 21, 10:52:03 PM

it was cool

Monday, May 19, 03:15:16 PM

2/5 hope part 3 is better

Monday, May 19, 02:27:19 PM


Monday, May 19, 10:13:33 AM

its the best movie i ever seen..They picked the right actors for the movie .

Monday, May 19, 02:31:41 AM

Books were a lot better, hope part 3 lives up to the novels

Sunday, May 18, 07:11:59 PM

It was a great movie, even better then the first one, it had great graphics.

Sunday, May 18, 08:28:26 AM

Great action from start to finish and the plot was simple to follow ever for people who haven`t read the books. Probably one of the best movies in a very long time. Go see it if you can because you will enjoy it completely. A whole lot of fun. From, Movie Fan

Saturday, May 17, 02:52:03 AM

I haven`t been this impressed by a movie since the original Star Wars back when I was a kid. Peter Jackson does a terrific job translating what is a very hard book to bring to the screen. These movies have got me back into reading fantasy books and brought back my belief that great movies can still exist. This xmas can`t come soon enough for ROTK.

Wednesday, May 14, 06:22:16 PM

The Lord of the Rings 1 and 2 by Jackson are absolutely brilliant and I expect the third will be no less. Excellent work and an excellent experience.

Wednesday, May 14, 01:31:43 PM

What A Girl Wants - #1???? How? Anyone who saw Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers would agree, that this movie was the best yet. Peter Jackson done an awesome job of bringing the books to life. Of all the fantasy genre movies out there, LOTR: The Two Towers was the most accurate. J.R.R. Tolkien would be proud.

Tuesday, May 13, 11:23:48 AM

This was a great movie. I read the lotr trilogy and loved it. This movie was a great adaptation. I seriously recommend that people read the books before watching the movie so they can appreciate tolkiens brilliance and then watch the movie. But whatever you choose, it cannot be denied that LotR is one of the best movies of all time!