Sunday, April 25, 11:33:38 AM

But, it veered off into one of those stupid 1960 moralisitic themed movies, you know, where crime doesn't pay, no one cares about money, typical liberal writers. When they tossed several million dollars of "cartel cash" into a campfire and they gazed adoringly at each other, both of them very poor and needing money, full of satisfaction that the filthy money was burned up, I deleted the movie in disgust, amongst many other reasons, and did some thing more useful in my life than waste time watching this putrid moralistic cheap and dumb movie.

Monday, March 22, 05:11:06 PM

Unlike some other reviewers, I didn't think this movie came off as having a political agenda one way or the other. The plot just happened to be what could be just One of many reasons why people try to illegally cross our border. While it's hard to beat "Taken" (where you can learn a lot about human/sex trafficking in general), it was still a good action-packed movie. "I have skills".

Sunday, March 21, 08:54:09 AM

I thought this was a good movie, pretty true to life which is sad. Never disappointed in actors movies.

Wednesday, March 17, 01:55:46 AM

A "bleeding heart action flick"; joining the likes of schizophrenic actioners as DEADPOOL 2; BILLY JACK (this is NOT a good thing!)

Tuesday, March 16, 04:17:55 PM

This movie is pretty much how Mexicans are crossing the boarders to escape the corruption of Mexico. And Mexican mafia has control of everything including the police department. So sad.

Monday, March 15, 02:23:17 PM

Don’t watch this stupid movie made by those with an open border agenda; those bleeding hearts who would love to see anarchy at our southern border! These are the same people who love MS13 gang members flooding our border!

Saturday, February 13, 05:37:30 PM

Loved it all. It's the real Deal!

Friday, February 12, 02:35:41 PM

The negative portrayal of Border Patrol is not appreciated

Saturday, January 23, 08:21:11 PM

The negative portrayal of Border Patrol and Police officers is not appreciated. The plot has some big holes filled with highly improbable events.