Tuesday, February 13, 06:50:02 AM

Larson gives another terrible non-performance in this crappy movie.

Tuesday, January 23, 10:44:02 PM


Saturday, January 13, 04:57:54 AM

Too boring. How does the no-talent racist idiot Bree Larson keep getting work?!! Is she blackmailing somebody???

Tuesday, January 2, 04:55:33 PM

Couldn’t continue watching it was so bad

Friday, December 22, 09:03:54 AM

I'm a big fan of Brie Lason and she didn't disappoint. All three Marvels were excellent, as were the special effects and story.

Friday, December 8, 06:58:11 PM

It was OK. More or less It what I expected from this kind of marvel Movie. They are running out of dialog.

Thursday, December 7, 02:35:38 PM

Picking my nose is more entertaining than wasting 2hrs watching a crappy movie...Nice going Disney another shitty movie...

Wednesday, December 6, 08:44:25 PM

bad acting..... bad storyline ...... and bad humor.....

Wednesday, December 6, 04:30:06 PM

More of the same....

Tuesday, December 5, 06:35:55 PM

Don't believe all the hate being manufactured about this movie. It was a very entertaining movie.

Monday, December 4, 03:39:57 PM

After watching 15 minutes of this movie, I realized I would never understand anything in it. I know Disney lies and manipulates the ratings and reviews on their movies, but I have seen 275 hundred million budget, which means their actual budget probably exceeded 300 --And I don't get it. at all

Thursday, November 30, 05:42:43 PM

Garbage of a movie. I hope the director and company go bankrupt. Lately Marvel movies SUCK. Good way in making people join DC

Wednesday, November 29, 02:42:16 PM

Chick flick maybe?? IDK cause girlfriend hated it to.

Wednesday, November 29, 02:36:54 PM

Come on. Enough of this garbage. I'm done with marvel

Wednesday, November 29, 01:24:16 AM

I need to cut down the humor And make the film a little more serious and balanced. The plausible believability is reduced when they throw in too many jokes. I thought the cats were interesting but overdone. That being said I still found the movie enjoyable.

Tuesday, November 21, 04:38:47 AM

This movie SUCKS. Jumps all over the place. For the morons that give it 5 stars they have no idea what a good movie is. Compare this movie to other Superheroe movies like the Avengers or Black Panther or Spiderman those are 5 star movies. Yet this Junk of a movie is what you give 5 stars? MORONS

Monday, November 20, 08:31:13 PM

Worst movie ever! Just look at the box amount then you know why!

Monday, November 20, 06:50:07 PM

The marvels is about new comic characters, the directors did a great job introducing Monica Rambeau and the teenager Miss Marvel in her new role, awesome story line about the cree and skrulls again this is a super hero franchise movie, if you are not into following the timeline of MARVEL movies don't waste your time and our time with negativity about the movie, all the negative comments are all bogus people need to stop complaining, again it's a movie about Captain America being a team player joining the ranks with Nick Fury etc. Good job marvel team.

Sunday, November 19, 11:41:39 AM

The storyline if you can call it that, is so garbled and non sensical it takes you out of the movie every 15-20 minutes. Sometimes the entanglement works, sometimes it does not. Stealing suns and atmospheres by sucking is hilarious, thanks Mel Brook's Space Balls the movie. Being saved by being eaten and then shot out of a kitten's portal an*s by the millions, I don't want to reflect on how retarded. However, the prize goes to the gay singing husband. The second being unmanning of Nick Furry. Just more examples on a long list of neutering males in the MSHE-U phase 4. Snuck into seeing this one, they got me back with a slight itch on my balls, so done with Disney. How many woke flops can you make in a row before you collapse and die of Igerism. No women are going to see this one, again proving in a weird way they are the smarter sex again, in this case. What a world, what a world, right Brie.

Saturday, November 18, 04:20:47 PM

Very fun

Saturday, November 18, 12:37:02 AM

To include all the marvels in 1 movie was very smart. The Kree-Krull war was pushed aside to finding the bangle bracelet. Still thrilling action. Crazy alien cats. Great fun

Friday, November 17, 04:11:58 AM

I think I'm done with marvel. WTF was that?

Wednesday, November 15, 09:18:15 PM

I am being generous with the 2 star rating. haphazard plot somewhat similar to 13 going on 30, which was horrible. Even though it is a comic book movie...I was pretty dissappointed

Wednesday, November 15, 08:26:35 PM

Very entertaining. Lots of laughs. Our group of 3 all really enjoyed this movie. Go see it for yourself and don't let the negative reviews stop you from going to see it.

Tuesday, November 14, 06:51:05 PM

The critics gave this 62%. The audience gave this 83%, the same as Barbie.

Tuesday, November 14, 04:28:40 PM

The year's best movie.

Monday, November 13, 02:56:02 PM

the movie is Funny and well done.. Not as great as The avengers and Captain America''S movies but pretty good and well placed in the MCU'S future.

Monday, November 13, 01:36:19 PM

Some funny moments, but mostly awkward with weird musical numbers, and a plot copied from "SpaceBalls".

Monday, November 13, 10:37:59 AM

So good I saw it back 2 back!

Monday, November 13, 09:16:23 AM

I smuggled in some pork and beans thinking it might help; it didn't.

Monday, November 13, 09:09:52 AM


Sunday, November 12, 09:48:07 PM

I love this movie. The best movie ever!

Sunday, November 12, 05:12:37 PM

Ignore the one star, that's Steven and Todd. This movie was great marvel is back!

Sunday, November 12, 03:10:09 PM

Good movie. FUN movie and a lot of action. Plenty of flash you may want sunglasses.

Sunday, November 12, 12:27:28 PM

It was smart, funny, and action pack with great visuals. What more can you want from a Marvel movie.

Saturday, November 11, 07:57:52 PM

Brie Larson as Captain Marvel is great and Ms Marvel Vellani is good, great chemistry between all actors. The visuals are very good. Script could have been better written but very entertaining.

Saturday, November 11, 07:17:34 PM

Ah, let's see - make the theme of a movie around a group of characters who all happen to have similar names... is this really the best the Hollywood writers could come up with? They shouldn't have had the chance to go on strike, they should have been fired first. And I'm sorry, but "Ms.Marvel" - a chick with big hands... c'mon, that's not even a power. She can come by my apartment later, but don't be part of a superhero movie.

Saturday, November 11, 05:56:43 PM

It's not all bad. Massive amounts of girl power is awesome. The usual chaos in superhero movies was toned down to a tolerable level. Interesting Disney touch with song and dance. Loved the ordinary family in the living room. Incessantly puking cats not so much.

Saturday, November 11, 05:04:52 PM

OMG. The worst super hero movie yet. I didn't think they would get any worse than the last Antman movie BUT Disney hit a new low. So low I doubt they can recover. The singing and dancing and rope jumping was just embarrassing for the actors. These directors and producers should all be fired and then start new

Saturday, November 11, 09:28:34 AM

Awful movie. Seen one of these kind of movies seen them all.