Monday, January 2, 04:36:15 AM

Terrific remake!

Sunday, December 18, 12:28:01 AM

This is one reboot I enjoyed almost as much the original.

Wednesday, December 14, 09:48:16 PM

I wasn't wild about the Carrey or Cumberbatch remakes of the Dr. Seuss classic, but this one offered a refreshing take and is likely to become a Seasonal favourite. Give it a chance.

Monday, December 12, 06:33:09 PM

W H A T kind of movie was T H I S anyways......... i DID NOT like it oh no no no no no

Monday, December 12, 06:29:03 PM

Horrible movie, the scenes were awful and the film was so low budget. There was no need to even make this.

Monday, December 12, 06:28:30 PM

This movie was terrible , the action was so low budget. Would not recommend. One star

Thursday, December 1, 11:26:02 AM

Dr. Seuss' beloved Grinch gets another reboot just in time for the Holidays.