Saturday, November 17, 08:51:36 PM

Great movie

Wednesday, November 7, 09:33:58 AM

TWO THUMBS UP!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 6, 03:47:24 PM


Sunday, November 4, 05:15:37 PM


Friday, October 26, 08:22:42 PM

Lots of action for a shark movie, it was enjoyable.

Saturday, October 20, 12:57:38 PM


Friday, October 5, 02:07:58 PM

Great movie, good special affects, good all around movie

Sunday, September 30, 12:07:25 AM

One of the best shark movies since Jaws and deep blue sea

Sunday, September 23, 03:31:17 PM

I liked it, lots of action.

Friday, September 21, 11:16:46 AM

This movie is great i love everything about it my 10 year old enjoyed it very much and in general it was a great movie mostly because jason is the star

Tuesday, September 18, 06:14:04 PM

Unbelievable. Poor Jaws spin off!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 11:57:07 PM

Enjoyed the movie

Wednesday, September 5, 05:25:19 PM

Fun movie , kind of JURASIC PARK under water . No bad language , nothing scary for younger kids. Good guy's win.

Tuesday, September 4, 03:19:20 PM

Don’t look for anything deep here and you will enjoy this’s summer fun, exactly what you would expect from the title, not rocket science??

Monday, September 3, 07:51:29 PM

OMG WOW. This movie was action for sure but an excellent thriller all the way. I was alone and I could not help letting out a small scream, Oh, No! Just when you thought it was over and they got the Shark then there comes another huge Shark and more tragedy. The little Chinese girl is cute. And the respect and love grew between the hero and the girl's mother is heart warming. The movie had everything in it. It is true the movie lost its creditability when the Shark went in the beach area where there were swimmers. Perhaps, the Shark was mad by now and sought revenge for anyone evading his territory.

Monday, September 3, 06:23:19 PM

Good Movie, enjoyed it, went by fast. Yes its another Jaws but it is enjoyable.

Sunday, September 2, 05:04:31 PM

Almost better than JAWS 3-D. This should do for sharks what Snakes on a Plane did for Delta Air.

Sunday, September 2, 01:30:54 PM

Another Hollywood rip off. The movie wasn’t released, it escaped!

Saturday, September 1, 01:09:46 AM

Formulaic, predictable, and not so good.

Thursday, August 30, 04:47:12 PM

A piece of junk, but well made junk.

Tuesday, August 28, 04:20:58 PM

Wow this movie was super cool. Oh yeah!!!!

Sunday, August 26, 06:14:56 PM

Excellent movie. We know is fake lol but it was an amazing action movie.

Sunday, August 26, 05:16:58 PM

Jaws on steroids. Lost credibility when Meg is cruising thru waters where swimmers are wading. A + is when you see Longmire star Robert Taylor in a supporting role/hero.

Sunday, August 26, 02:07:54 PM

I’m pretty tired of all the fake reviews on this site. The movie is predictable and tiresome. I wanted to throw something at the screen. You will forget all about this movie by tomorrow

Sunday, August 26, 01:22:29 PM

*LeTs tAkE sOmeThiNg tRue anD cRaP AlL oVer It*

Saturday, August 25, 01:24:54 PM

Great movie. It had my wife jumping in her seat. It has a lot of good action parts thru out the movie.

Saturday, August 25, 08:12:46 AM

I really enjoyed this move,great action movie, a few times I was at the edge of my seat.Good story for a shark movie.

Friday, August 24, 11:06:18 PM

I Really enjoyed this movie. Great comedy moments a few feels moments and a lot of well timed jump scares and startles. Had to subconciously dodge a flying plastic cork/door at one point as I watched it 3D. Everything you want in a shark movie.

Friday, August 24, 02:19:05 AM

Absolute thriller! Every character very good! Casting is awesome. Literally jumped out of my seat four times!!! Can’t wait for the sequel. I am definitely going to see it again. Adore Jason Statham and the billionaire oh yeah and the little girl and her mom and grandpa and the guys..... well crap I loved the whole dad blame movie!!! Go see it you will love it!

Thursday, August 23, 08:03:10 PM

This movie in my opinion a great summer thrill with good acting, impressive CGI and unlike most shark movies thats been released over the years it doesn't go with stupid gimics like tornados, hybrid sharks , zombie sharks and any other shark movie that made no sense , not only does the meg execute the shark well but also how its there and is still alive instead of just saying its there cause its there , is it flawless no every movie has flaws even amazing box office movies like jaws but in my opinion the meg is 5 megalodon corpses being chomped by a bigger one out 5 (#deckershado)

Monday, August 20, 05:34:55 PM

I thought movie was great, few surprises in it and I love Jason Statham. Lots of action. Would even go see it again.

Sunday, August 19, 08:32:06 PM

Fun movie, I tried the D-Box seats and it made the movie super fun, took my grandson and we had a blast. The movie was done well with good action and side action. We were up and down and definitely startled many times. The D-Box rocks

Sunday, August 19, 05:08:41 PM

Awesome movie!

Saturday, August 18, 07:17:46 PM

Great movie! Must see.

Saturday, August 18, 03:58:43 PM

Not unpleasant but utterly preposterous. One he-man escapes far, far to many brushes with death to go one-on-one with a mammoth ( but dumb) eating machine. Guess who wins?

Friday, August 17, 10:01:37 PM

A good summer flick. Really enjoyed!

Thursday, August 16, 03:55:26 PM

Just enjoyed it! And the "Pippin" seen was classic!

Wednesday, August 15, 05:07:02 PM

Ok, not that exciting. Good summer movie with a shark.

Wednesday, August 15, 05:05:57 PM

It was ok, not blood and body parts.....different than I expected. It was more about the scientific aspect. Honeslty, not that exciting, but I liked the cast of actors, and then, 2/3's through, you thought it was over, and of course, more of the shark.

Tuesday, August 14, 12:20:49 PM

This movie gives you everything you want in a 'shark' movie! I really liked it and thought it was very well done.