Friday, August 18, 07:50:03 PM

Did not like this one at all.

Sunday, August 6, 08:40:17 PM

Would watch again for sure...

Sunday, August 6, 08:39:18 PM

Friends and I like it, definitely worth a see ...

Sunday, July 30, 05:39:52 PM

People...listen up.....don't go see this.

Sunday, July 30, 02:02:53 AM

Why did I ever go to this movie?

Friday, July 28, 07:39:31 PM

one of the worst movies I have ever seen

Friday, July 28, 02:14:38 PM

I enjoyed it ... Great Movie ...

Thursday, July 27, 12:39:14 PM

Happy to see I was the only one who was disappointed.

Tuesday, July 25, 10:21:34 AM

Pretty lame!

Monday, July 24, 07:45:47 PM

Why? Just Why? There were no scares, nothing. It wasn't even on the opposite side-no laughs either. What a POS. Stick to Mission Impossible films, Tom. I still like ya, but this made me think twice about that. I fell asleep and I NEVER do that cause I love movies too much.

Monday, July 24, 04:00:36 AM

Such a complete waste of my time. Tom is horrible in this.

Thursday, July 20, 11:46:01 PM

Did not like this one at all.

Saturday, July 15, 07:35:07 PM

I don't understand what ppl were expecting from this movie that they have given it such bad reviews. I almost didn't watch it after all the terrible reviews I read about it. But I don't know what ppl are talking about, the movie is awesome. If you're not a Tom Cruise fan, then why are you watching a Tom Cruise movie?? Why would you go to a Tom Cruise movie and expect Tom Cruise to not be Tom Cruise, that's just stupid. Also, I watched the Brendan Fraser movies and I liked those too. But if your expecting THIS movie to be like those, well... then you obviously set yourself up for disappointment. Again, a totally foolish move on anybody's part. If you watch the trailer for the movie, you will see that it's nothing like the Brenden Fraser ones! So yeah, seriously movies awesome. Loved the concept, loved how different it was. Granted, theres a few cheese lines in there, but what action doesn't have those?? My opinion, you like action? You don't expect this movie to like the others before it? Then go watch it! Cuz you'll love it. Don't listen to all that other crap about how crap it is because of Tom Cruise.. blah, blah, blah... Go watch it! The one you should avoid is Transformers! Terrible movie!! And this coming from a HUGE Transformers fan.

Wednesday, July 12, 11:22:34 AM

no thanks

Monday, July 10, 12:00:35 AM

Out of the top 10 already? I can see why.

Thursday, July 6, 08:56:36 PM

Cruise hasn't been this good since All the Right Moves.

Thursday, July 6, 04:15:42 PM

I decided to waste my money and go see this despite the bad reviews about Tom. They were absolutely right....he was horrible.

Wednesday, July 5, 11:35:43 PM

It's hard to believe we are all watching the same actor and seeing totally different things. Cruise is NOT entertaining in this movie.

Wednesday, July 5, 08:48:11 PM

Loved the movie...... Hollywood doesn't like cruise, he delivered.... Could have been was adventure.. Come on ppl

Wednesday, July 5, 08:20:02 PM

Horrible! Not worth the $

Tuesday, July 4, 03:31:32 AM

Ok, I thought I would give TC one more chance at redeeming himself, and he hasn't. He is so boring.

Monday, July 3, 11:24:11 PM

I'd give it a zero if it was allowed. I was very disappointed. TC is no longer the box office wonder boy. They've lost millions & millions on this on.

Monday, July 3, 03:08:11 AM

Just shows you how bad this movie is when cartoons annihilate this bad movie. Please don't spend your hard earned cash on this disaster.

Sunday, July 2, 01:17:24 AM

Bad movie because of Tom's so called acting ability. He was awful.

Saturday, July 1, 04:50:09 PM

I loved this movie from start to finish. I was interested way back when the trailers came out but put off going to see it because of the critic reviews. That was a mistake on my part. I am definitely not a Cruise fan but went for the story, effects and Sophia Boutella who is awesome in everything she does. It was great entertainment for 2 hours and I can't wait to buy a copy when it comes out on DVD. I have no problem with Cruise's performance in this film - he got the job done and if the film is still playing in a couple of weeks then I may go see it again. Great movie!

Saturday, July 1, 04:01:16 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. I liked it better than the Brendan Fraser movies and I really like Brendan Fraser. I don't care for Tom Cruise's Scientology background and his judgment of non-Scientologists but this has nothing to do with enjoying a movie for its content. It was good to see Russel Crow. I like how Dr. Hyde was brought in as part of the evil's curse. I really enjoyed the Egyptian princess and her portrayal of the character. I just didn't care for the crusader zombie-like characters... too many and seemed unrealistic that anyone could get away from them. Simplistic review, I know, but too many negative reviews just because of dislike of Cruise do had to say something.

Saturday, July 1, 12:27:35 AM

The movie was alright. Fun with a couple moments that had me leaping out of my seat. I felt that it didn't quite measure up to the hype of the preview, but it was just as fun to watch as the original Brendan Fraser series.

Friday, June 30, 06:21:27 PM

Great special effects!

Friday, June 30, 06:21:26 PM

Great special effects!

Friday, June 30, 05:41:40 PM

bad movie made terrible by Tom's acting. The original stands out as much much better.

Friday, June 30, 07:22:19 AM

Director Kurtzman put in much effort to make such a disjointed movie! Terrible film!

Thursday, June 29, 11:44:05 PM

I'm surprised it even has 2 stars. TC made it so UNenjoyable for me. I hope the studios have learned their lesson on this big flop.....DO NOT use TC for anything again because I will now never go to another movie he's in.

Thursday, June 29, 04:19:35 PM

This movie was not as bad as all the negative hype. I enjoyed it. You will too. I'm usually quite critical. Definitely better than Pirates or Guardians. Just escape.

Wednesday, June 28, 09:17:06 PM

The story was horrible and it progressed in a sloppy manner.

Wednesday, June 28, 02:18:24 AM

So bad I left after 25 minutes. I'm surprised I lasted that long.

Tuesday, June 27, 05:42:14 PM

Well, my rating probably sez mo bout me then the movie; in my 70s I have just tired of the one man saves all et al. Cruise....well, his shelf life is nearing its end no matter how much ado given. If your young, not jaded and have not seen dozens of predictable tripe, see it. For me, I would be just as happy as to have seen Abbott and Costello meet The Mummy. Good special effects, so so acting; most people will probably enjoy or tolerate it with a nice three star rating.

Monday, June 26, 11:31:21 PM

Awesome movie! I loved every exciting moment. Great plot, amazing special effects. Can't wait for a sequel. Tom was incredible as always.

Monday, June 26, 11:20:58 PM

This was absolutely a disgrace to the original. Bring back Brendan!

Sunday, June 25, 10:01:04 PM

I'm laughing because a cartoon has dominated the movie going people more than this flop has! Tom is boring, plain & simple.

Sunday, June 25, 12:49:11 AM

Very enjoyable and entertaining movie. I didn't go to see an oscar winner, so those who reviewed it as such should go for a check up! I wanted to see some entertainment, a fast moving story, and this delivered and i was surprised with some fairly scary scenes. Sophia and Tom Cruise were great. Russell crowe as Dr. Jekyll not so great but overall a good summer entertainer. Don't judge it for anything more!