Tuesday, February 17, 02:56:18 PM

I watched all of The Muppets Shows; also LOVED them ALL!!! :) :) :) You must watch. So funny and amazing! :)

Monday, February 16, 07:43:43 PM

This is a really funny sad and awesome movie.It is good for all ages, I watched it at the movies with some friends there is lots of singing dancing and crying I loved it and hope you love it to.

Monday, February 16, 07:41:17 PM

This movie is my FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME! We went to see it for my 11th birthday and it is so funny! You really should watch it!

Wednesday, January 7, 05:36:00 PM

I watched all of The Muppets Shows; also LOVED them ALL!!! :) :) You must watch. So funny and amazing! :)

Monday, May 19, 11:27:15 AM

Haven't seen the Muppets since the 1970's. Brought back good memories. Funny movie. Enjoyed it.

Sunday, March 30, 11:27:37 AM

It's the Muppets, brings back great childhood memories!

Sunday, March 23, 11:23:21 AM

5 out of 5. Jim Henson would be proud.

Sunday, March 23, 11:17:29 AM

A heartfelt and hilarious tribute to The Muppets.

Saturday, March 1, 01:38:00 PM

Love all Muppets Movies.

Monday, April 30, 08:25:04 AM

cute movie....fun for the whole family

Tuesday, April 10, 07:40:38 AM

cute and loveable. solid entertainment for the entire family.

Friday, March 2, 10:51:49 PM

grew up with the muppets. there were a couple of funny parts. i kept waiting for the good parts to happen; they never did. if you don't get to see this movie in the theatres, your really not missing much. this was a disappointment.

Friday, February 3, 09:29:53 PM

these days, he’s a grammy and international bluegrass music association award-winning banjo pkcier.don’t know if “emmet” is gonna be on tv, but it’s out on dvd. it’s so much smarter and sweeter than most of the christmas specials out there.

Monday, January 9, 12:02:24 AM

Wish there were more character 'antics'like in the televsion show. That would have made this movie superb. but other then that it was quite good

Sunday, January 8, 07:41:18 PM


Saturday, January 7, 08:30:01 PM

Grew up with the Muppets and loved the movie!

Friday, January 6, 06:12:52 PM

Very well done!

Thursday, January 5, 05:20:18 PM

The movie was fun and campy. I think the older folks who actually saw the old muppet show appreciated it more. My 7 year old like the singing and dancing.

Thursday, January 5, 04:00:35 PM

Lots of fun with the Muppets. (And the kids will like it too!)

Thursday, January 5, 12:10:49 PM

loved seeing old friends again and animal rocks of course. just a cute happy movie

Thursday, January 5, 08:24:10 AM

muppets rule

Tuesday, January 3, 01:41:32 PM

The Muppets are back and they were missed! Hurray for Kermit and the gang!

Tuesday, January 3, 02:44:30 AM

Funny and heartwarming. Good to see the Muppets on screen again

Monday, January 2, 04:32:48 PM

The guy who said that they should've used cgi... that's the worst idea I've ever heard. Loved this movie; VERY MUPPETY!!!

Monday, January 2, 04:23:41 PM

It was great to see the gang all back together in 2011. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh those were the days!!!

Monday, January 2, 10:17:25 AM

Great movie! Lots of fun if you love the muppets!

Monday, January 2, 01:09:57 AM

They really should have used CGI as you can tell these are puppets. 0 stars.

Sunday, January 1, 12:28:11 PM

Loved the movie, great for all ages. Every generation needs a Muppets movie.

Sunday, January 1, 11:26:08 AM

This movie didn;t do anything for me but I'm not a fan of the muppets.

Saturday, December 31, 03:01:24 AM

These stuffed shirts are Muppets-In-Name-Only. Stick with the originals!!!!

Friday, December 30, 07:26:45 PM

Great movie for the whole family. The muppets are back and Jason Segal brings a new shine to a product that was almost all but forgotten. My 4 year old son was captivated and even our 13 year old enjoyed it. Hard to find in a movie.

Friday, December 30, 11:23:23 AM

Great show for all ages...brings back memories

Thursday, December 29, 07:34:25 PM

No real stand out stars, unless you consider Jim Parsons a star.

Tuesday, December 27, 05:54:34 PM

Segel rocks !

Monday, December 26, 06:38:13 PM

My 5 year daughter wanted to give this movie 5 stars. Our family loved it. Great for kids as well as adults. The cameos were great"

Sunday, December 25, 06:14:10 PM

Muppets movie good holiday fare

Sunday, December 25, 04:05:13 PM

nice movie to the holiday, good story line

Sunday, December 25, 09:32:39 AM

Loved this movie - brings back memories of Childhood :)

Saturday, December 24, 12:55:14 PM

great family show and takes the parents back in time too!

Thursday, December 22, 01:52:03 PM

Loved it, classics are great for the parents to relive and for the kids to see what we were into at their age!