Monday, November 23, 07:09:51 PM

When I see 20 posts which sound exactly the same on every movie, always saying it's a great movie, I stay away. A 5 star rating is the kiss of death to me.

Thursday, October 8, 09:41:38 PM

Excellent movie

Thursday, October 8, 09:40:38 PM

Had no expectations and was not disappointed. Great storyline, excellent movie.

Monday, October 5, 03:59:41 AM

I personally enjoyed this one, also don’t call people morons because they liked something you didn’t don’t be a **** alright?

Sunday, October 4, 11:08:03 AM

Nothing but teen angst and not very good at that. I like X-Men movies. This is NO X-Men movie. A potentially interesting plot mired in disconnection. I don't recommend it.

Saturday, September 26, 06:00:32 PM

Junk movie. Slow pace. Last 20 minutes things become exciting. Only a moron would rate this movie 5 stars or people that have no taste in movies.

Tuesday, September 22, 01:50:28 PM

it was not as good as i thought it were to be it was kinda obvious of the mistakes of this movie

Saturday, September 19, 09:30:29 AM

in and out of sleep. the last 15 mins was the only part that was good!!

Thursday, September 10, 09:18:34 PM

dope a f

Tuesday, September 8, 03:36:08 PM

I don't know what you people keep posting one star two star the truth is the movie was amazing it was nice based on marvel comics I like the I like the movie so I give it five star five hearts I hopefully they will be a part two be safe take care of each every one of you

Monday, September 7, 01:59:31 PM

cheap, low quality movie

Sunday, September 6, 02:33:38 AM

Are you kidding? This was such a waste of money. Have to shove ideology down our young people's throats. Just tell a good story, get rid of this rubbish underlying undertones. This is supposed to be a comic movie not this junk. Would rate it negative stars. Going to theater for entertainment, not this. I love superhero movies. Not this garbage. Marvel should be embarrassed.

Saturday, September 5, 02:25:19 PM

The character chemistry was amazing.

Friday, September 4, 09:20:04 PM

This movies had sooo much potential!! But it's like they filmed it, did one edit and said, "It's finished!" 🤦🏾??? The main girl in the movie could not act!! The best character and actress was Magik, the Russian girl. Game of Thrones chick was so unnecessary. The boys were just there. The doctor was okay. One of the problems with this movie is that you didn't care about the characters really, you didn't care what they were going through. Everything felt rushed. The only one that had a heartfelt storyline was the Russian girl. Download the movie or wait for it on VOD.

Thursday, September 3, 05:17:15 AM

It was ok

Tuesday, September 1, 12:04:43 PM


Tuesday, September 1, 11:04:18 AM

Another junk Tenet

Monday, August 31, 08:55:18 PM

Not great but way better than expected.

Sunday, August 30, 01:30:39 PM

Wouldn't have been too bad if it wasn't laced with Leftist social/political brainwashing. Guys take a hint, Leftists can't make movies!

Saturday, August 29, 12:39:08 PM

The mutants are cursed with extraordinary powers. It's an irony that they are supposed to be next evolution in human race yet outcast. The real curse is that I don't care anymore for further X-men permutations. Or is this the curse of the "Game of Thrones"? Emilia Clarke (Terminator, last Christmas, Solo), Maisie Williams (TNM) and Sophie Turner (X-men) have not fared well. All their movies were par or sub-par. Sometimes the actors are subpar but the material like (GOT) is so amazing that the actors are elevated. But subpar actors + subpar material = save your money and go see something else.

Friday, August 28, 10:36:36 PM

The first hour is as slow as frozen ketchup. The last 30 minutes is when all the action happens. The entire movie can be condensed by 45 minutes. You would think that the delay in release date would give producers time to make an exceptional movie. Is Hollywood lost?

Friday, August 28, 06:48:46 PM

Mediocre at best

Friday, August 28, 05:59:56 PM

It is a one time flick movie. First hour kinda slow pace not much action. Last 30 min things become exciting lots of special effects. Not a horror at all more like an action thriller with some creepy parts in it. All in all save your money watch it in Netflix

Friday, August 28, 10:52:57 AM

Not your typical superhero movie. I am not a Critic, but I thought the acting and writing were top notch. The relationship between characters was very organic and felt natural. Especially Maise Williams and Blu Hunt.

Wednesday, August 26, 12:20:07 AM

The music

Monday, August 24, 01:21:23 PM

Watered down crapfest.