Thursday, September 28, 10:05:51 AM

Great Movie

Wednesday, September 20, 02:01:23 PM

Very good movie that will have you in stitches and has a plot plus adds some old classic movies scenes from the past and the cameos are great. This movie got overlooked and should be one of the top movies to watch. I am going to see it again...Fun for the people who enjoy a good laugh and some good old fun and action.

Monday, September 18, 04:08:08 PM

This movie far exceeded my expectations. I laughed literally out loud from from start to finish of this movie. I was apprehensive but my husband wanted me to see it with him and I’m glad I obliged. This movie did not disappoint. I’m disappointed that it didn’t show in more theaters that were closer to home. Loved this movie and I would definitely watch more than once 💕

Sunday, September 17, 04:43:17 PM

This movie had me laughing from start to end, with a thought provoking premise, excited perfectly by Michael Jai White & Company.