Thursday, September 19, 12:12:51 PM

It appears I am about the only person here who didn't like this film. Frankly, I enjoyed recently watch the old George and Lenny Looney Toons cartoons than this which shows how insensitive and uncultured I am. Frankly I am surprised after the success of Forest Gump they didn't put this film out three decades ago as Tom Hanks adrift on the river of Tom and Huck with Morgan Freeman as the narrator.

Tuesday, September 17, 10:17:18 PM

THIS IS A MAGNIFICENT MOVIE! GREAT ACTING, SHIA LEBOEUF, AS ALWAYS MOVES US TO A HIGHER LEVEL OF ARTISTIC EFFORT! DAKOTA JOHNSON, was a great compliment to her character, and was genuine in her performance. The exceptional person was the centerpiece that made this movie rewarding and on of the best of the year! Don't miss this one. GREAT.

Sunday, September 15, 10:05:04 AM

This movie was really great! It had a strong message, was unique and heartwarming, we laughed and cried. Was a great date movie for my hubby and I. It was well written in a simple way of relating the message with a surprising ending. I am so glad we went to see this. We really got into the story, one of those movies that you get lost in and forget about time til the movie is over. Well done.

Saturday, September 14, 05:22:43 PM

You’ll like it. Is one of the best this year.

Saturday, September 14, 10:46:40 AM

Great "story telling" Story. Enjoyable from start to finish. Nothing in the way of special effects so if you are a special effects junkie this is not for you. You have to enjoy an intellectual movie telling a story. Worth seeing in between movies dealing with the destruction of mankind !

Friday, September 13, 06:33:00 PM

What an awesome movie! It really highlights the plight of some people with disabilities. It gives hope and uses humor as it teaches the people within the movie, as well as us viewers, to learn to look for what people CAN do and build on that. Everyone with a disability should be treated as another human being vs. a lesser person.

Thursday, September 12, 03:29:22 PM

Wonderful, just what we needed...feel good, great ending!

Sunday, September 8, 12:14:55 PM

Best movie of the year! Well written and the acting is amazing. It’s gritty, emotional, funny, real and inspiring. Shia was lucky to be able to act with Zac. Highly recommend.

Saturday, September 7, 09:07:53 AM

A beautiful sensitive insightful piece of spiritually uplifting, narrative artistry from start to finish! Clearly develops characters you care about. You want to step into their world and support each one. They are uniquely different but ultimately and eloquently shown to be the same. The viewer needs to accept the vernacular of the drifter and the runaway young man as authentic to their story and necessary to develop story of love and need for compassionate and powerful family companionship that can conquer our many differences. It is an awesome film and hysterically funny as well!

Friday, September 6, 07:43:43 PM

Great movie - love two main characters. No more swearing that you hear almost anywhere these days. Lots of warm and funny moments.

Friday, September 6, 06:40:40 PM

Loved this movie!,,need to have more movies like this !,,bring them on!,,

Thursday, September 5, 06:49:10 AM

It was awarm hearted and kind of funny movie i enjoyed it

Wednesday, September 4, 02:39:07 PM

The movie was cute. Would have really enjoyed it if the language was not so foul.

Wednesday, September 4, 08:17:42 AM

A very enjoyable movie from start to end!

Tuesday, September 3, 07:43:42 PM

Very much disliked the foul language, wasn't compatible for PG 13. It would have been a very good movie without it.

Tuesday, September 3, 12:47:27 PM

I really enjoyed this movie. It was different than all of the other kinds of movies out at this time. It had great stars in it and was an enjoyment to watch. I felt good when I finishes seeing it.

Monday, September 2, 09:22:26 PM

We looked at the reviews before we went to this movie and they were pretty good reviews so we trusted the reviews and saw the movie, but BIG MISTAKE. This movie was so SLOW! and not that great of a story. Also the bad language was so unnecessary. I don’t know why they think a filthy mouth makes a movie better, it doesn’t. It’s mostly about red necks.

Monday, September 2, 05:42:07 PM

My little brother has down syndrome and this movie was so awesome i can't wait to tell him when he gets older his first movie at the theater was peanut butter falcon!!!!!

Sunday, September 1, 05:39:48 PM

An absolutely amazing movie! Zack does an amazing job. Very touching. Worth seeing. Inspiring

Sunday, September 1, 04:59:37 AM

FROM a song in toy story YOU HAVE GOT A FRIEND IN ME just listen to the words in that song because it is a perfect narrative of this movie. Check this movie out!!

Saturday, August 31, 04:58:47 PM

Excellent film! Worth seeing multiple times. It was that good.

Saturday, August 31, 04:49:45 PM

This was a great movie, beautiful, thoughtful and sensitive. Loved the actors portrayal of their characters. Shia's, Dakota's and Zac's acting was perfect and quite believable. Nice to see a movie that makes you feel good!

Friday, August 30, 05:40:17 PM

This movie was inspiring. That a disabled young person could come into himself with help from a down-and-out but skilled man, who became the younger person's collaborator, exhilarated the film. It was sweet and thoughtful. Find more, just like this one.

Friday, August 30, 04:30:07 PM

Loved every minute of it, can’t wait to see it again and have told everyone I’ve come in contact with to please go and enjoy such an uplifting story from tears and laughter to total enjoyment and about real life and forgiveness. The world needs more movies of this kind!!

Friday, August 30, 10:07:45 AM

5 plus stars. Shia deserves an academy award for his genuine, believable. The morals he has and ethics are so warm, welcoming, truly felt...something tells me this is how he believes n lives his love....superb performance. And all the supporting casts, right up there. A beautifully told story about life. I never wanted to see a movie a second time as quick as this...hope to go again w others to share this heartwarming experience. Great movie for all ages, good lesson on how to live life.

Monday, August 26, 06:16:26 PM

I most liked the authenticity of contemporary rural life from the Eastern Shore all the way down through the Outer Banks. Cinematography was stunning, a major factor for me. The portrayal of the Downs Syndrome adult by a Downs Syndrome adult was, of course, flawless. This is a movie where raucous laughter erupts in the theater over and over, while the feel-good ambiance is punctuated over and again with tears, or a lump forming in your throat. No sex. No nudity. No gore or death scenes.

Monday, August 26, 04:48:15 PM

Shades of Rain Man, Lord of the flies, Huck Finn, and even a little Rocky at the end. The plot ambles along ok but never really gets interesting until the final 15 min or so. Just missed being a contender.

Friday, August 23, 07:59:11 PM

Five stars hands down. Actors, accents, backgrounds were perfectly natural and this just seemed to be sooo realistic. Simply loved every minute.

Friday, August 23, 04:31:31 PM

A love story that doesn't quite make it. A young widow social worker falls in love with a 'good' bad boy while trying to 'retrieve' a down syndrome young man who has escaped for his nursing home 'prison.' I like happy endings and in this one, they all three cross over the line into the great state of Florida and live happily-ever-after. My problem is that I'm tired of violence--guns, revenge, and getting hit over the head with a tire iron for example. Can, for once, tone it down and make a love movie--A love movie. Definitely worth seeing.

Tuesday, August 20, 12:43:53 PM

A fun and heartwarming story! Great character development with excellent acting, cinematography, and music! One of the best movies I have seen in a while!

Monday, July 8, 02:36:24 PM

Wonderfully entertaining movie, with optimistic and engaging story and characters, fine acting, beautiful cinematography, action, adventure, humanity, relationships, and humor, all artfully and warmly interwoven. Saw it at SXSW film festival in March - a real audience pleaser with standing ovations. Fun to watch in a theaters with others as sensing their reactions to the human interplay and humor makes it feel like a shared experience.