Sunday, May 12, 02:24:48 PM

Parasitic loser of a film won't fool anyone who truly knows the genre. Someone should be sued over this.

Saturday, March 9, 04:36:34 PM

This was very well performed with great atmosphere. The boy was the Best.

Monday, February 18, 06:16:27 PM

Well done. It was suspenseful, and well acted, especially the young boy. We haven't seen the last of him.

Sunday, February 17, 10:00:58 PM

This was a decent thriler with a refreshingly new take on possession.

Sunday, February 17, 02:23:01 PM

Jagged, ineffective and plagiaristic. It rips off earlier -and MUCH better- horror films badly. Seek out those earlier quality works instead of settling for rehashed trash like this.

Wednesday, February 13, 06:24:26 PM

This senior really enjoyed this thriller!

Monday, February 11, 10:44:52 PM

A pretty creepy horror /thriller with a few make you jump moments. It could've had a bit more character development ,but all in all a pretty decent flick with a nice little twist at the end .

Monday, February 11, 06:14:56 AM

Above and beyond the best horror film I’ve ever seen! So chilling, horrifying, gruesome, and creepy. Amazing acting and story line. It’s so nice to see a new take on the killer, instead of the typical demonic possession we’ve all grown tired of

Saturday, February 9, 02:19:44 AM

I will never forget this movie! it was a great film ! suspenseful ! this is something new to me that i never seen before - no, its not an exorcism , This is a reincarnation of a worst Serial Killer. Genuinely frightening with Unexpected Twist! i jumped and screamed from my seat a few times . Delivered powerful performances by all actors and I have to give 5 stars - I Love to see the part 2.

Friday, February 8, 07:27:22 PM

Best movie I have seen in my life! Terrifying and will have nightmares tonight lol.