Thursday, April 27, 10:09:40 AM

A must see for everyone...

Thursday, April 27, 09:58:33 AM

A must see for everyone. Just to see what kind barberic atrocities people can do

Thursday, April 27, 09:36:15 AM

Such a great and touching movie.

Thursday, April 27, 09:31:28 AM

What a movie ! Learned a lot about the armenian genocide.

Thursday, April 27, 09:31:03 AM

Really recommend it

Thursday, April 27, 08:17:44 AM

A must see movie! Thank you Kirk Kerkorian and the entire production team too!

Thursday, April 27, 07:17:35 AM

It was an important film which depicted the Armenian Genocide. An important part of history that needs to be told in order to prevent future genocides. Christian Bale was amazing along with the rest of the cast. Great Movie! Must see!

Wednesday, April 26, 11:29:07 PM

This movie tells the story about a tragic event that happened a hundred years ago. The story needs to be told and we need to understand that if it happened once it can certainly happen again. Much like the Holocaust - never forget.

Wednesday, April 26, 11:23:22 PM

Unbelievable story and great production. Amazing cast and awesome presentation of Armenian Genocide. Did not show blood and torture but the story tells you the atrocities of that era! I saw it twice. Going to see it again with friends.

Wednesday, April 26, 11:06:42 PM

Superb! The film is interesting and full of action and suspense. It is very well prepared and directed. The historic scenes, locations and costumes for real events which happened more than 100 years is amazing! There were about 2.1 million Armenians living in the Ottoman empire in 1914, and about 387,800 by 1922, according to The University of Minnesota’s Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies. Where are they now? A must see.

Wednesday, April 26, 10:27:03 PM

It's a powerful movie based on true events, it is entertaining, tragic with historical facts and educational at the same time... A must see movie!

Wednesday, April 26, 10:15:47 PM

Powerful and historically important film while at the same time a beautiful but sad love story. Watch it for the brilliant storytelling, great acting. Great cinematography.

Wednesday, April 26, 09:56:53 PM


Wednesday, April 26, 09:55:09 PM


Wednesday, April 26, 06:21:34 PM

Daughter of Survivor, of the Genocide perpetrated by Turkey and continuously denied by Turkey. I honor the memory of Kirk Kirkorian for funding, and thank all involved in the production. The movie has mitigated violence compared to eye witness accounts and experiences. Death in Historic Armenia, deportations, river colored red with innocent blood and do much more absent from the movie. Excellent acting and production.

Wednesday, April 26, 05:53:26 PM

Excellent movie ! Everybody should see ...

Wednesday, April 26, 05:38:29 PM

This was an amazing movie that portrayed the Armenian genocide. We will never forget or forgive what the Turks did to us. Everyone must see this movie, including all Armenians and non-Armenians

Wednesday, April 26, 05:18:48 PM

A film that presents the deeper meaning of the Armenian Genocide

Wednesday, April 26, 03:48:30 PM

Don't miss it! Best movie I've ever seen with a deep message!

Wednesday, April 26, 01:43:53 PM

OMG !!!! I loved it !!! A must see!!! Tells all the truth about the Armenian Genocide, despite the denial machine going against the movie! Kudos to Terry George and the wonderful cast!

Wednesday, April 26, 09:42:13 AM

Excellent movie

Wednesday, April 26, 08:10:52 AM

Amazing movie about The Armenian Genocide! Loved the fact that real historical characters were also included ! A must see to get a sense of the enormity of this inconvenient & forgotten Genocide!

Wednesday, April 26, 01:25:20 AM

Must see!

Wednesday, April 26, 01:14:17 AM

Amazing film !!!! A must see movie

Tuesday, April 25, 10:47:08 PM

Absolutely great! I would have loved it if it was just a fictional story, but to know that it's based on the truth of the hardships endured by the Armenian people made it even more heart-wrenching! A must see by everyone!

Tuesday, April 25, 08:01:42 PM

Extremely touching! I would recommend everyone watch this movie. I had no idea what armenian people have gone through, absolutely cruel and inhuman.

Tuesday, April 25, 07:51:28 PM

Great great movie

Tuesday, April 25, 03:29:46 PM

This film educates those individuals who are unaware of the Armenian Genocide and its atrocities that took place from 1915-1923.

Tuesday, April 25, 02:56:27 PM


Tuesday, April 25, 12:48:04 PM

It educates people about horror of genocide committed by Turks against Armenians, Greeks and other minorities in Ottoman Empire.

Tuesday, April 25, 11:55:12 AM

Very interesting and emotional movie.

Tuesday, April 25, 10:52:29 AM

Something to talk about ! Yes!

Tuesday, April 25, 10:50:36 AM

We went with 15 members of the church choir, the all loved it! Great movie.

Tuesday, April 25, 10:46:38 AM

I encourage all Berkeley professors to go watch the Promise. Take all your students treat them to this powerful eye opening movie!

Tuesday, April 25, 10:41:14 AM

You do your best to watch the PROMISE with all of your family. Owe it to humanity! Don't waste your time watching other Hollywood movies till you see this. Beautiful! Powerful!

Tuesday, April 25, 10:35:27 AM

Background music from the beginning of the just melted my heart! Great actors. Very touching. My 14 year old loved it. The Greek lady sitting next to me broke in tears:( be strong, you need to see this movie)

Tuesday, April 25, 07:43:53 AM

Such an incredible movie.

Tuesday, April 25, 01:33:17 AM

A powerful artistic film crying out for recognition of the Armenian genocide at the hands of the Turks during WWI. They were murdered because they were christians! Today we see this same genocide of ancient christians once again and it must be stopped!!!! We all call upon President Trump to protect christians throughout the world!

Monday, April 24, 08:41:27 PM

Absolutely loved it - amazing movie. A must see.

Monday, April 24, 04:59:53 PM

True story. Amazing cast and masterfully done.