Friday, October 21, 11:29:11 PM

Typical day in America...

Tuesday, August 2, 11:51:25 AM

Just Stop. Stop now. It's done. Great idea the first time, but now...not so much. And seriously why was there so little clothing on some people. It's still March in Washington, not July! It still would have been cold at night, idiots! And the lingerie kiddies seriously that upset over a candy bar PLUS why were the girls trying to steal the day before all crime is legal?!??!? The movie just didn't have the same feel. Really, a guillotine in the middle of an ally? When did they erect it? So stupid.

Saturday, July 16, 12:49:30 PM

Too Scary

Thursday, July 14, 03:56:14 PM


Wednesday, July 13, 11:20:19 PM

I liked it

Sunday, July 10, 07:51:08 PM

Okay movie. Not as great as the other two.

Saturday, July 9, 10:03:43 PM

Nothing new, much like the first

Saturday, July 9, 02:30:09 PM

Worst idea for a movie this month. Should please many people with no brains. Very popular in Amerika where violence is king.

Tuesday, July 5, 10:26:13 PM

I loved it so much!

Tuesday, July 5, 02:40:46 PM

In honor of diversity, the next installment will be called Ramadan.

Friday, July 1, 06:37:43 PM

A typical PURGE movie. Nothing new, hoping it is the last one.

Friday, July 1, 02:05:27 PM

Wasn't expecting much and thats about what we got

Monday, June 20, 05:28:44 AM

wasn't one enough?